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Interstellar Whine Brewery
Monocle Overlords
Posted - 2011.07.09 11:00:00 - [1]

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Gwenywell Shumuku
Posted - 2011.07.09 11:20:00 - [2]

Yea, as long as you pay your aurum for a bar-slot in a station.

Charles Javeroux
Posted - 2011.07.09 12:02:00 - [3]

Indeed so, the winter expansion opens up the stations.
The station establishments rental mechanism is probably the same as with the station offices.

Posted - 2011.07.09 12:39:00 - [4]

oh i'm so excited, i'll be able to drink some booze in a crowded bar..

Posted - 2011.07.09 13:12:00 - [5]

Yeah, seeing is believing with CCP. They tend to forecast liberally.

Lady Natacha
Water and Power
Posted - 2011.07.09 13:18:00 - [6]

Using CCP's definition of certain words and going by how much they actually finish vs. what they say, that could simply mean there will be "bars" over the Door, and not what you are expecting.

Clan Sammy Trade Empire
Posted - 2011.07.09 13:20:00 - [7]

I predict aurum fees for a key to open the CQ door.

Bruno Capri
Jamaican Zombie Flying Squad
Posted - 2011.07.09 13:25:00 - [8]

Come to Bar Bruno

Where anything goes, well mostly...


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