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Posted - 2011.07.06 18:26:00 - [1]

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Moving out of this lovely hole and am therefore selling it.


Contains all PI for POS, has one abandoned offline large minnie tower which went offline within a week of us moving in over two months ago and the owner has not been seen since.

The static C1 is ideal for a starter wormhole corp. Hi exit is perfect for logistics.

Price 175mill or best offer

Mail this character with offers/questions or reply here.


edited to include price

Posted - 2011.07.07 05:12:00 - [2]

Still for sale, make your offer today!

Posted - 2011.07.07 20:33:00 - [3]


Greyson Wolfe
Posted - 2011.07.08 06:27:00 - [4]

I am interested at 175m

Posted - 2011.07.08 07:45:00 - [5]

Mail sent to Greyson Wolfe.

The Wors
Posted - 2011.07.08 07:49:00 - [6]

200m bid if not sold yet

Posted - 2011.07.08 08:10:00 - [7]

Edited by: FeartheBunny on 08/07/2011 08:10:19
Thank you The Wors, I've already began proceedings to make the sale later today. However if you are able to complete the sale and move into hole before DT today I will accept your offer. Let me know.

<--- Jigster Rolling Eyes

The Wors
Posted - 2011.07.08 08:21:00 - [8]

sorry, but im at work until later tonight. Guess I have to look for another one.

Posted - 2011.07.08 08:27:00 - [9]

That's fine, I would have accepted but I'd only just mailed Greyson Wolfe stating I would accept his offer and give him the bookmarks later tonight. Would you like me to contact you if that sale does not complete?

The Wors
Posted - 2011.07.08 08:37:00 - [10]

yes please


Posted - 2011.07.08 09:20:00 - [11]

Very well, mail sent to The Wors.

Thank you both for the interest.

Posted - 2011.07.08 21:21:00 - [12]

Still open for offers, sale not yet completed.

Posted - 2011.07.09 06:34:00 - [13]

Current exit is located in a pocket surrounded by low sec. New exit is due to cycle after roughly 1700 EVE time.

Will bump then, still open for offers.

Posted - 2011.07.09 11:34:00 - [14]


Dread Schad
Posted - 2011.07.09 19:43:00 - [15]

is it still open for sale ?

Posted - 2011.07.09 22:03:00 - [16]

Thank you to all those who took interest, sorry for all those with which a deal was not made and congratulations to the new owners.


Dread Schad
Posted - 2011.07.11 00:08:00 - [17]

Smoth buisness everything worked fine happy with it allways again


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