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Posted - 2011.07.04 21:47:00 - [1]

(From the outset. this is a sensible question in order to satisfy my understanding of wtf is goin' on)

(Oh and trolls and Monocle wearers (you look ridiculous btw) need not reply)

Right... Am I to understand that there is some community in-difference as to what "Immersion" actually means to either the player as an individual, or the community as a whole?

What I mean by that is forget about MT/Nex/Plex P2W and all that bunty for a minute...
Would the community (or Individual) feel perhaps slightly appeased if the "Immersion" or focus was back on EvE in is Fundamental form...that of Internet Spaceships.

Ask yourself "What originally drew you to the game". I'd wager a fair bet it was doing something,(even mining in your noob ship) with awesome graphics and levels of immersion and stuff to do in your Spaceship

Whether to PVE/PVP/Mine/Haul/Gank/Pirate... whatever you choose to do in this awesome game, it's been done in your Spaceships of choice, and yeah you've prolly worked hard (or stole!) to get into that Spaceship

Now does anyone see a pattern emerging yet?

Good...So why on earth are some folk so hell bent on (potentially) ruining the game by allowing this folly of making us walk in stations?
Thatís quite strong language but again...I ask you, what got you hooked into playing this game?

The Point...


There's a bit of a saying in the EvE Community "Internets Spaceships is serious business"

...Does the community feel that "Walking in Stations is serious business" ???

I personally donít. You of-course may beg to differ, which will help me ( and perhaps others) understand what you class as "immersion"

Thank you for reading and your sensible feedback.

Regards, Chum

Posted - 2011.07.04 21:54:00 - [2]

For me, I always found it kind of wierd that there were 200 pilots docked in my station, and I couldn't see a single one of them. I personally don't fly that many space ships, or undock that often.

Immersion is about the entire game experience, from when you approach your ship, to when you engage that big ship, and personally, enabling interaction between pilots (Ignoring the current CQ) adds to that. What better after a successful fleet op, or day on the market, than hitting the bars and raising hell?

Alara IonStorm
Posted - 2011.07.04 21:55:00 - [3]

Edited by: Alara IonStorm on 04/07/2011 21:56:22

I am happy with the amount of content, I just wish it was finished or balanced.

CCP Fallout said that a Screen in Incarna is useful because it tells you about stuff you may not know about like the Pirate Epic Arc's.

Which 2 completed Arcs of the 5 is he talking about... Confused

Also they picked the FOTM Race of CQ and released it, that is one loooong Month.


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