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Brujo Loco
Brujeria Teologica
Posted - 2011.07.02 20:11:00 - [1]

Edited by: Brujo Loco on 02/07/2011 20:11:33
The net results smells to me as Neville returning promising great peace under the CSM, guise, Czechoslovakia being our beloved old hangar, changed forever now and never to be the same ever again, and you can guess much at who the other players in this charade are.

That's my only statement on this matter, feel free to flame,cry, ask for the stuffz I don't have, tell me to quit, unsub, cry, qq,QQ, DIAF, PEBCAK,RTFM, GTAC,GTFO, Monocle me, and whatnot.

Promises and words are one thing, real actions speak louder, much louder than any words on a blue bar thread and blog.

Peace to you all Smile

PD: as a side bonus, I will copy pasta a funny part with names switched out so you can make your own story of how this event has unfolded.

Though the Ship-spinners and Monocle-Haters were pleased, as were the Internal CCP Staff and PR diplomatic leadership, Hilmar was furious. He felt as though he had been forced into acting like a bourgeois politician by his diplomats and generals. He exclaimed furiously soon after the meeting with CSM: "Gentlemen, this has been my first international conference and I can assure you that it will be my last".Hilmar now regarded the CM with utter contempt. A Ship Spinner diplomat in Iceland was informed by reliable sources that Hilmar viewed CSM as "an impertinent busybody who spoke the ridiculous jargon of an outmoded democracy. The umbrella, which to the ordinary CCPer was the symbol of peace, was in Hilmars view only a subject of derision"

Dont hate me Very Happy

Skazmanian Industries
Posted - 2011.07.02 21:14:00 - [2]

When you actually mention "peace in our time" with Neville and all it really hits me as possibly but hopefully not the correct analogy.

Damn, it really comes off like that doesn't it?

Diomedes Calypso
Aetolian Armada
Posted - 2011.07.02 21:26:00 - [3]

+ 1 if even for the attempt at a historical analogy.

Analogies don't need to be 100% apt to make a point... but only apt enough to convey a portion of a feeling on a complex issue unable to be put into simple words.

The "peace in our time"

-- was not really capitualtion -- it was a delusional based capitulation based on hope -- a prodding to get just enough words to walk home with and even those commitments fell flat of what was needed even if they had been adhered to.

I think that's pretty fit here...
--- but of course this isn't a war
- of course its only about a game
- of course it was CCP's property to do what they wanted with
- more of the objections were based on words that outright actions(well they did steall the ship spinning view)

But, the tenor of the analogy has to do with the "hearing what you wanted to hear to justify living with a known objectional plan revealed"

and I can't think of a better analogy and analogies are usually better than words at conveying issues of human spirit and relations.


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