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Shilo Ticondrega
Posted - 2011.07.18 01:09:00 - [151]


Posted - 2011.07.18 01:19:00 - [152]

I chose Intaki because it seemed like a good back story. At that time Caldari would have been better, more base perception and that was less training time overall, but I did not know that. After all this time I have enjoyed the back story more than the reduced training time. I spend my time in Minmatar space mostly and until fairly recently they sucked in combat. It seems like it all evens out over time.

Cadela Fria
Posted - 2011.07.18 02:26:00 - [153]

Because I liked the idea of enslaving an entire subset of people, and oppressing the rest for purely religious reasons. Lets face it, theres nothing quite like indiscriminate slaughter, murder, oppression, theft, torture and terror in the name of God. By definition you're morally superior and have an excuse no matter what you do.

Sphit Ker
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.07.18 08:34:00 - [154]

I rolled Amarr because we fervently hold onto our faith.

Posted - 2011.07.18 08:50:00 - [155]

Amarr holds the most space, back in the day there were ABC ores even in hisec, and mining was the best income source, so made a smart choice and went amarr, or so I thought.

Now its irrelevant ofc, Im glad I could give an original look to the toon, most folks just look like generic caucausian western ppl.

Vintage heavy industries
Posted - 2011.07.18 08:55:00 - [156]

Because of ' Amarr Victor'
And how could i resist RP ing a B EATCH like R Brooks ( except for she s a readhead)

Ciar Meara
Virtus Vindice
Posted - 2011.07.18 09:27:00 - [157]

Because slavery: Get's **** done.

David Estarra
Starside Lost
Posted - 2011.07.18 09:31:00 - [158]

Because none of the other races could make me look this hot! Cool

Thomas Orca
Posted - 2011.07.18 09:39:00 - [159]

I was told Gallente was a good race.

I was lied to terribly.

Posted - 2011.07.18 10:04:00 - [160]

I went Gallente because Amarr are religious nuts, Caldari are fanatically capitalist, and while I kinda liked the underdog rebelliousness of Minmatar, they were too much like zelots themselves.

Gallente seemed the closest to my own ideals, so it was a natural fit. Plus historically I've enjoyed pet classes. Of course it wasn't till later I realised that Gallente were the bastard race of Eve so far as CCP seems concerned (hybrid tracking issues, drones having no implants, no damage mods, drone AI being bugged for years now, etc). So I now fly Minmatar ships 90% of the time.

Inir Ishtori
Posted - 2011.07.18 10:50:00 - [161]

My first character was actually an Intaki. Democracy and freedom sounded nice and gallente ships appeared as best looking to me back then in 2006. I was pretty happy, until after a week or two i discovered what a 3 in perception actually really means Shocked

Looked for the race with most balanced attributes for combat character, chose Achura. Tried to create a male one, but they were so incedibly ugly despite all my efforts... Always secretly envied Khanid(arr, best looking females back then, awesome clothing options, imo), pure Gallente and Deteis females. Now, after the new character creation... ehehe, naawww Laughing

Also it's kind of nice to incidentially have picked a name that does not start with an "A".

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.07.18 11:19:00 - [162]

I started as Gallente, realized they were the good guys and changed to Caldari. Then realized Caldari ships were bad for PVP and went Minmatar.

TImora Fosty
Posted - 2011.07.18 11:24:00 - [163]

Read the racial weaponry guide, loved missile concept...

Inserith Peon
Posted - 2011.07.18 11:27:00 - [164]

I choose Deteis, because of Falcon.

But also because when I started playing each bloodline was unique in that it had a nice set of starter skills and you really felt that the decisions you made at that point were personal and significant. It gave me an attachment to the character that you cannot get since they removed this and made every character pretty much the same.

Homogenisation is a bad thing. Bring back the variety, plus we had decent hairstyles then too.

Y Berion
Posted - 2011.07.18 11:34:00 - [165]

Liked the background story related to Minmatar tribes, their appearance (well... before introduction of new avatars), and especially the look of their ships.

William Walker
House Aratus
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.07.18 11:40:00 - [166]

Because Amarr have slaves. I only paid attention the lore. Devout space racists with slaves? Fun! Turns out I chose wisely, as they removed all the starting setups eventually.

Ava Starfire
Teraa Matar
Posted - 2011.07.18 12:28:00 - [167]

When I rolled this character, you started with specific attributes and skills, based on race, bloodline, and background, and I was planning to do industry/R&D.

When I found out how ungodly boring industry and R&D were, I began pewpewing, thankfully Sebbies had an ok attribute spread for that. I only joined EM and began RPing a few months ago, but luckily, everything sort of fell into place.

If I could do-over? Probably would have gone Vherokoir.

Andreus Ixiris
Mixed Metaphor
Posted - 2011.07.18 12:31:00 - [168]

Because at the time (late 2005) it was the race I could get looking most like myself.

Dr Karsun
Coffee Lovers Brewing Club
Posted - 2011.07.18 12:38:00 - [169]

Gallente was my first choice and I stayed with it. I didn't really care about the looks (also that's why before the remap of the character portrait, I looked terrible), I did care about the fact that the gallente represented a federation.

I really loved it and at first I even tried roleplaying it. Later I didn't really care that much when I left FW, but that was also the reason I loved gallente even more - fighting for the federation!

In general, liked their storyline and loved their political system.

Brotha Umad
Posted - 2011.07.18 12:47:00 - [170]

Out of total random.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.07.18 13:06:00 - [171]

There's two answers to this for me :

First time was May 2003. Took the afternoon off and went into town to find a new game, Barrysworld (if any of you UK/EU guys remember that) was in the process of being canned by Game so a few of us bought Eve. Anyway got box, went to pub and had a pint while reading manual. Mining sounded epic (no joke) with pirates attacking etc etc.

So I went Gallente-Intaki which at the time was basically industry. I got the arse shot off me repeatedly Very Happy No remaps or implants, slog it out if you want to fire a gun...

Second time was 2008. Decided to go "hard mode" which at the time was Minmatar. Result = woohoo! Got it right for once Razz

Capital Enrichment Services
Posted - 2011.07.18 14:32:00 - [172]

So I could've been a hardass slave owner.
Or a freedom fighting terrorist.
Or a meritocratis hypercapitalist mercenary.
Or a descendent of the french.

Yes, that last one, that sounds like it'll **** people off.

Posted - 2011.07.18 15:49:00 - [173]

Edited by: KingdomKnight on 18/07/2011 15:50:58
Gallente. It was quite an easy choice. I was not going to be an outspring of religious crazy people who can't shut their filthy little mo(u)ths. I am neither a big fan of savages who build weapons out of rock and always are on the run from a greater force who are just _that_ much smarter than themselves. I never was a capitalist and never, ever wanted to be a part of an offspring of the originalé.

Gallente > All. The crocodile never lies. It always walk on. Gallente> All. It's getting closer.

Interstellar Whine Brewery
Monocle Overlords
Posted - 2011.07.18 16:08:00 - [174]

Originally by: Miilla

Now since the changes.
I regret chosing Vheriokor

Can not agree more.
Your character looks like ****.

Nomad Vherokic
Posted - 2011.07.18 16:36:00 - [175]

Originally by: Jasdemi
Originally by: Miilla

Now since the changes.
I regret chosing Vheriokor

Can not agree more.
Your character looks like ****.

Says the man with a butt-plug for an eye.

Terram alWathani
Ragnarok Rising
Posted - 2011.07.18 16:58:00 - [176]

I joined long after the starter skills era, and really had no briefing on the racial playtypes, so I chose Minmatar Vherokior drifter since I love to play the wandering Gypsy sort. Low and behold, roleplay isn't as prevalent as I thought, but at least their ships are fun YARRRR!!

When I got my wife to sign up, I explained that the character background was all flavor, and we could spec her in whatever race's ships/weapons she wanted later. After watching her scroll though the various bloodlines, she settled on Vherokior mystic. I asked her about her choice, and her response remains in my bio to this day:

Me: "So I see you've chosen Minmatar as your race, any particular reason for choosing them?"
Her: "Because the other three sound like doucebags"

Posted - 2011.07.18 17:02:00 - [177]

Gallente, cause the flavor text sounded cool. A woman because the guys looked stupid. The blood line/etc same reason: flavor text.

Now i say....
GALLENTE FOR LIFE. fly their ships and use their weapons all day everyday D:<

Posted - 2011.07.18 17:07:00 - [178]

I chose Minmatar because I didn't like the whole god worshipers crap the amarr have, the gallente were french in space and the caldari sounded like a big bunch of drones.
And I chose a female because I simply don't like creating men in the char creators.

Posted - 2011.07.18 22:01:00 - [179]

Edited by: Toovhon on 18/07/2011 22:02:12
Originally by: Nomad Vherokic
Originally by: Jasdemi
Originally by: Miilla

Now since the changes.
I regret chosing Vheriokor

Can not agree more.
Your character looks like ****.

Says the man with a butt-plug for an eye.

I guess he went for the a***hole ethnicity.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.07.18 22:12:00 - [180]

Originally by: Nomad Vherokic
Originally by: Jasdemi
Originally by: Miilla

Now since the changes.
I regret chosing Vheriokor

Can not agree more.
Your character looks like ****.

Says the man with a butt-plug for an eye.

Well it looks funny but on his portrait it doesn't look bizarre. There are some avatars with monocles that look like the person has a blind eye or a smaller eye.

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