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Vaya DeLopasz
Posted - 2011.06.30 15:42:00 - [31]

Originally by: Zhula Guixgrixks
Lulzsec == CCP

that would be a surprise. :D

Electus Matari
Posted - 2011.06.30 16:06:00 - [32]

What woud surprise me is if the CSM come out of the meeting sounding all satisified. A joint statment that all is well.

Then in the next day or two Mittani and the usual nullsec suspects leave the game en masse.

....that would surprise me.

What I expect:
We are re-evaluting the prices on the Nex. In the next several weeks we will be adding new content to the Noble exchange at more reasonable prices to give all pilots easier access to vanity content.

CCP and the CSM have had serious constructive dialogue on the importance that MT items remain vanity only.

We assure all the players that the CQ will remain optional until performance issues have been dealt with.

In the next couple of weeks we will begin sending out DUST514 beta invites to all currently subscribed players.

CCP understands the need to be open and transparent so the minutes for this meeting will be provided shortly.* In additon there will be serveral Dev blogs covering the key issues brought up over the last week.**

and that will be it. A whole lot of nothing. Those that are already inclined to distrust CCP will continue to rage, those that are inclined to trust CCP will be satisified.

*3 months later a heavily redacted version will finally be released.
**There will be one devblog about some minor point of contention released in the first week. No other devblogs actually addressing the key points will be posted.

Anna Maziarczyk
Posted - 2011.06.30 21:44:00 - [33]



Myth and Peace Lords
Posted - 2011.06.30 21:50:00 - [34]

A new hat for Malibu Stacy.

Deadly Intent.
Posted - 2011.06.30 21:52:00 - [35]

CCP owns up to completely failing at PR and customer service while letting pandering, greedy shills sail the failboat to valhalla.

Posted - 2011.06.30 22:04:00 - [36]

CCP move HQ to the Haugue to represent Colonel Ghadaffi...

Also this....

"#6 – Sony’s Botched Launch of the PS3 & PSP
Specifically the “blog”. It was an attempt at viral-marketing by people that obviously didn’t understand the concept – predictably it failed miserably. Readers were supposed to believe it was made by fans but the edgy-style writing came off forced and fake and the downloadable material was so sales-y that is was quite obvious Sony was behind it. So obvious that perhaps they were going for a sort of inside-joke type site…whatever their intentions it didn’t take gamers/readers long to figure out the blog was a fake and they took it personally. The angry backlash was only made worse by Sony’s handling of the PS3. Their response to consumers’ concerns about the $600 price tag was “It’s probably too cheap”, they also insinuated that anyone who loves gaming would work the extra hours needed to be able to afford one…ouch. When the Wii started outperforming PS3 instead of considering why this might be, they dissmissed the better selling console as an ‘impulse buy’.

Sony’s management was arrogant and completely out of touch with their core consumers. This is the one blunder on our list that is almost entirely due to bad PR."

(Taken from 10 biggest PR Blunders in recent history)

Uncanny! ...What? ..Just sayin'

Also those with a Monocle should be able to read the irony with improved clarity. Rolling Eyes

AkJon Ferguson
JC Ferguson and Son Ltd
Ferguson Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:07:00 - [37]

I will be surprised if CCP announces the development of a human centipad. I know, they have a prototype, with the role of Mittens being played by Kyle Broflovski.

Elrica bloodbane
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:10:00 - [38]

If the csm supplied there own lube

Sidrat Flush
Eve Industrial Corp
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:17:00 - [39]

They'll release a 'I survived the forum drama bomb of 2011' t-shirt for 1,600 aurum.

That would be sweet, and they could release one every year, OR EVEN replace the year with the patch name.

It could work.

Morgana Invictus
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:20:00 - [40]

"I survived Exitus" shirt.

Seriously though, I would be surprised if CCP accepted responsibility for their actions. I would be even more surprised if they actually addressed player concerns and listened to us for once.

Posted - 2011.06.30 22:21:00 - [41]

Originally by: Anna Maziarczyk
EVE Becomes F2P?

Sunshine and Lollipops
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:22:00 - [42]

The Domi now comes with a polka dot party hat and party blower.

Also, the Scimitar will have gold and red tassels.

Posted - 2011.06.30 22:23:00 - [43]

If its predictable - it wont be a surprise.

Talocan Scrap Metal and Recycling
Talocan United
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:25:00 - [44]

Originally by: jackaloped
I will likely be surprised at the number of players that will actually praise ccp for this obvious pr stunt of a meeting.

You will?

Posted - 2011.06.30 22:25:00 - [45]

Originally by: Maplestone
A new hat for Malibu Stacy.


Apollo Gabriel
Etherium Cartel
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:27:00 - [46]

Getting ship spinning back.

Caiyuga Onishi
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:29:00 - [47]

There are no surprises - only very predictable feedbacks.

Titus Phook
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:35:00 - [48]

Edited by: Titus Phook on 30/06/2011 22:35:37
The big surprise will be if anything at all gets resolved.

Oh and any active subscribers left by christmas will receive gift vouchers for the NEX store, face value 1AUR

Posted - 2011.06.30 22:36:00 - [49]

CCP will make a deal with Blizzard and dust will be actually wow.

Navajo commandos
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:41:00 - [50]

Edited by: killmc on 30/06/2011 22:42:39
that due to poor sell in NEX store eve will be shut down forever

Posted - 2011.06.30 22:45:00 - [51]

Edited by: Lederstrumpf on 01/07/2011 23:23:37
deleted due to announced enforced forum "update"

Tron Flux
Midnite Madness
Posted - 2011.06.30 22:56:00 - [52]

What would surprise me is any of the rage-quitters actually quitting.

Serene Repose
Posted - 2011.06.30 23:06:00 - [53]

Interesting question, really, amidst the pomp and strain of war. The big surprise will be eventually moving to F2P; not immediately, but slowly like immersing yourself into a steaming bath.

The first move will be to see how much $$$ comes in with an up and running, full-blown in-game store. With that clipping along, going F2P will certainly (like it or not) generate a flood of players.

The flood of new players will so outnumber the so-called "community" that at present vests itself with so many imagined rights, that their departures won't be a blip on the screen.

Not only is this a realistic assessment/prediction, it's empirical observation. F2P with micro-transactions is the way of the future. People who don't like it, or want it, will be sidelined waiting for that special, suicidal crew to develop that perfect game...and likely die of old age, self-righteous as ever, waiting.

A corporate takeover of Western Civilization is just that. Now, where did I put that alarm bell...I've been carrying it thirty years...seems I'd be able to find it now...

Yuki Hiroshima
Posted - 2011.06.30 23:09:00 - [54]

"What will surprise you about CSM outcome?"

I don't know it will be a suprise won't it?

Anna Maziarczyk
Posted - 2011.06.30 23:12:00 - [55]

Do you really think they can create *that much game* to attract the new casual playerbase AND keep their attention?

When you first start playing EVE, and finish tutorial/Sisters of EVE, you get hit in the face with "this is it?".

Then you start to see the community in everything and you get it.

I really dont see how this game appeals to, and holds the attention of, casual players.

They have to completely change the game.

Which means loosing the established players. Which means nothing has any value.

Which means NO ONE is gonna pay 70 bucks for a monocle.

Can you really see a new casual player joining EVE and paying 70 bucks for a monocle. serious?

Posted - 2011.06.30 23:14:00 - [56]

Originally by: Anna Maziarczyk

Can you really see a new casual player joining EVE and paying 70 bucks for a monocle. serious?

You look hot without monocle!

Mars Theran
EVE Rogues
EVE Rogues Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.30 23:18:00 - [57]

If the CSM doesn't vote pro MT on behalf of the entire community, but find it in there best interests to hand out specific MT that they like, while ignoring everything said here, landing us with MT that helps Alliances, and massively pricy vanity items, while also making all vanity items destructible, including clothes.

We'll end up with MT Sov upgrades, and all sorts of good stuff I'm sure. Laughing

The HypnoToad
Posted - 2011.06.30 23:57:00 - [58]

surpise ~ CSM * Lube / Soapdrop - Looks * Egofeed / Impressionsionable noobs + patsy

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2011.07.01 00:12:00 - [59]

Originally by: Apollo Gabriel
Getting ship spinning back.

^this would really surprise me.

Of course, what would surprise me even more is EVE players realising that the main reason for low retention rate of new players is old players being trolls and ********s, and deciding not to be trolls and ********s to new players Laughing

Yeah I know, I'm dreaming.

The HypnoToad
Posted - 2011.07.01 00:14:00 - [60]

god bless natural selection

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