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CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2011.06.27 19:38:00 - [1]

EVE Online: Incarna 1.0.1 is scheduled for deployment during an extended downtime on Tuesday, June 28. Downtime will begin at 11:00 UTC and is expected to be completed at 14:00 UTC. The Incarna 1.0.1 patch fixes issues introduced with the Incarna 1.0 patch.

Patch notes for this release, including Macintosh client notes, are available here.

Revenent Defence Corperation
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
Posted - 2011.06.28 15:54:00 - [2]

Ok everyone, whats the verdict? I don't feel like logging in to another mess of a patch which breaks more things on the mac client than it fixes. Anybody brave it yet?

Ayuru Kurotani
Posted - 2011.06.28 15:59:00 - [3]

in-client auto patch does not work. suggested 'generic' patch also does not work. really starting to feel like a second class citizen right now.

Merasa Tro
Posted - 2011.06.28 17:35:00 - [4]

Autopatcher worked.. But they had the extra downtime.

Then got an optional client updated.

Installed that, now logged in.

Seems ok here.

Ghosts of Ragnarok
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.06.28 18:11:00 - [5]

I have less than 1 FPS while docked, everything on low and no station environment. I don't know, I'm not logging in anymore since I'm afraid to undock.

Antares DeWolfe
Parabellum Diligentia
Posted - 2011.06.29 02:05:00 - [6]

Autopatch downloaded but gives an error when updating "some files have been altered, re-install" Can't find the patch file to delete and try redownloading as some others have said doing multiple times worked for them. Downloading the full client now. Skeptical that it will work, even though logic says reinstalling the full client should be fine. *crosses finger for luck*

Two Guys Mining
Posted - 2011.06.29 02:50:00 - [7]

Undocked works fine. in station, even with everything disabled, you can't view your items. Sometimes it comes up in list mode but thats it, very laggy, and can't scroll.

Josh Othello
Posted - 2011.06.29 13:14:00 - [8]

Getting 4FPS in station with the loaded environment. Sort it out CCP.

Posted - 2011.06.30 03:43:00 - [9]

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Kleinrock Heavy Industries
Posted - 2011.06.30 16:52:00 - [10]

Fixed nothing, if anything it made the bugs worse, i cant even undock and i don't fancy playing RDO (rusty door online)

Vincent Athena
Posted - 2011.06.30 17:15:00 - [11]

So far all updates and patches installed fine for me. I still got the borked turret BPO bug, along with its associated icon view screw-up effects that spread to all other items in the container.

With an alt I flew out from Jita in an Obelisk to service my PI factories. Somehow the client seemed snappier, less client lag. CCP, was there a stealth buff? Its not perfect (for example, clicking in a window, then hitting cntrl-a real fast does not select all, you got to wait a beat between clicking and hitting ^a), but its better.


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