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Helena Ashcroft
Posted - 2011.06.27 04:05:00 - [121]

Originally by: Akita T

Imagine Player A with loads of cash and player B with loads of ISK, both desiring some specific NEX items.
Player A buys GTC/PLEX with cash, converts to AUR on the spot, buys whatever he wants with it - it's "PLEX neutral".
Player B buys PLEX from the market, converts to aur, gets what he wants - it's "PLEX destruction".
At no point in time have you got any "net PLEX creation" that was incentivized by AUR/NEX.

Would the incrased relative isk value of PLEX (due to the reduced supply by AUR and greater demand from the traditional PLEX market + AUR) not cause more players to then sell PLEX for isk? I'm thinking that the fluctuation of a popular item on the AUR market would tend to cause a short term rise in PLEX stocks afterward as the players selling them attempted to cash in on the relatively greater value.

It just seems to me that the PLEX market will self-correct and AUR cannot have a significant effect on it.

Magnus Carter
Posted - 2011.06.27 04:10:00 - [122]

If I could use Aur to get Gold in WOW that would be handy

Posted - 2011.06.27 04:19:00 - [123]

AUR for improved insurance payout, especially t2. (just another way for people to fund new ships that doesn't generate new plex)

AUR for jump clone timers (okay, does sound iffy to me, but this is an throw ideas thread)

AUR for permanently anchored cans in space, for guys into spaceart

AUR for a spaceship "lock" that lets your ejected ship not steal-able to others unless they have the password (but they can still blow it up, of course...this is mainly for ship transfers)

AUR to bid for the creation/removal of mission agents at certain NPC stations. (note: agents accessible to all)

AUR to bid for the addition/removal of sci-indy slots at certain NPC stations Twisted Evil (note, newbie stations will have modification so that jobs not from tutorial missions is not accepted)

Huge amounts of AUR allows you to bid to change station orientation (more guys stuck at amarr undock, yay for ship scanners Twisted Evil !)

MASSIVE amounts of AUR allows you to relocate gates for some systems, within reason

Sri Nova
Posted - 2011.06.27 04:24:00 - [124]

Edited by: Sri Nova on 27/06/2011 04:45:21
Originally by: Akita T

IDEA #2 - THE INCARNA-BOUND (DIGITAL) "Eve: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game"

This one is much easier to explain.
For those of you that don't know, "Eve: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game" is an actual trading cards game that CCP has published at some time in the past in the real world.
As far as I know, production has been discontinued thanks to relatively low interest, since you're not likely to be too close (geographically speaking) with too many other EVE players that are also CCG enthusiasts.

I would argue that this idea is what kept starwars galaxies alive for so long (those not familar with this idea see Star Wars Galaxies The Trading Card Game

to see the effects of the card came you could login to swg and see in almost every player city items from this card game for example the Fallen AT-AT player home it required 4 loot cards in order to get the house but once acquired you had a pretty cool vanity item .

there was also special vehicles (pod racers and ships among others), clothing, and player altering items such as glowy eyes (which was lame in my book) . They even played with experience point boosting items that gave a short xp boost for a period of time although they were very few and far between .

One critique would be that these items eventually junked up swg. Out of the place items like the AT-AT home scatted across the land scape, yoda's hut here and there, glowy eyes, mini snow speeders flying around characters (other wise known as familiars ) and im not sure if wings was a loot card but yes wings. so you had chars running around with glowy eyes, sporting wings, and some miniature snow speeder hovering around their head, The card game is a perfect example as to how vanity items could add win to eve and also add a whole lot of loose to it also .

Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2011.06.27 04:36:00 - [125]

Originally by: Akita T
If somehow miraculously, the playerbase would have spoken and CCP listened carefully...

If, indeed.

silona sparx
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:08:00 - [126]

hmm some ideas that might/might not work :-

a slot machine in the walk around station that takes aur tho im not sure this wouldnt req a gambling licence of some sort and could have issues where under 18s are using ?..

character transfer fees etc. could be in aur since they are real money anyhow

Id also say it might work making the existing capital ships available on the aur market as well as the normal market because if you cant afford it in isk you,ve spent years training for it so you deserve to have it any way, you could say ppl will buy just to sell but they can do this with plex already, would it hurt to have more capitals owned by rich ppl to blow up in low/null sec, i also think this one would combat r.m.t as its prolly these higher value ships that get bought

interface stuff - alternative screens,dials,icons etc.

merc services - maybe merc corps could opt to be paid in aur - (could already be tied in with dust )?.

system name tags in 0.0 :- big alliance wants to add an extra tag to be shown when jumping into its systems they could do it with aur, though would have to be done via an application that would need to be approved for obvious reasons, they dont want to no problem doesnt affect them or gameplay in any way

ship names :- not really important as has virtually no effect on gameplay but the registry of ships has to be updated so make a charge of a few aur, we do it in real life if we want to change a registration.

just a few random ones.

Vintage heavy industries
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:13:00 - [127]

CORPORATE UNIFORMS designed to your standards and only available to your corp members

Posted - 2011.06.27 05:15:00 - [128]

almost all these ideas still influence gameplay, i would like to remove these aur completely from the game

Borun Tal
Space Pods Inc
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:16:00 - [129]

* Pink flamingos for CQ
* Awesome hull decorations ala Serenity goodness
* Hull decal of Betty Grable
* Hugh Hefner-style velvet robe & pipe for CQ awesomeness
* Nekkid, dancing Quafe Queen holograms for CQ
* "Shop S-Mart" T-shirt for real manly men
* "Rule #32: Enjoy The Little Things" T-shirt of manly men of the metrosexual persuasion
* "I brake for Minxee" T-shirt for me... screw the rest of you!

Panda Name
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:18:00 - [130]

i would pay a lot of aurum for the game to be moved from Teen to Mature.

Borun Tal
Space Pods Inc
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:19:00 - [131]

Originally by: Panda Name
i would pay a lot of aurum for the game to be moved from Teen to Mature.

You seem to have forgotten this is teh Intarwebz...

Kaethe Kollwitz
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:27:00 - [132]

ITT: Akita T continues to fight for a game that holds a rough $32,000 of his assets.

Cant say I blame you Akita.

Vierego's Junk Imports
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:29:00 - [133]

Some of these are minor ones, and some of these are for the super rich who want to be remembered. Prices are what I feel is fair, but... Then again they are selling a monocole for 70 dollars.

Basically giant ego boost.

Escort/props Able to "summon" and "anchor" for short time different ship types. They aren't able to do any damage but can fire for their particle effect. Prop ships can kill other prop ships, they are clearly labeled on overview as a prop. This would mainly be good for roleplayers/video.
50 cents for small frigates, 1 dollars for cruisers, 3 for battleship, 5 for carrier/dread/rorq. 12.50 for titan.

Low enough in price that people would be curious enough to goof around with them and go "Watch me pit these two titans at each other."

race change since race no longer matters, I started off as caldari but I feel for the Minnies now.
30 dollars

ability to rent arenas For arena tournaments, a way to open a arena in high sec/lowsec/0.0 where every members of your fleet can warp in and be free of standing hits Would be great for free for alls. Would be able to set restrictions on what type of ships could come through. Also in higher ones trackers of kills/damage/heals/ect (think stats you get for wow arena)/Set conditions

5 dollars for 4 hours, 1-10 people no killboard
15 dollars for 4 hours, 1-10 killboard/choose conditions (similar to WH effects)
15 dollars for 4 hours, 11-25, no effects/kb
25 dollars for 4 hours, 11-25 people, full effects
35 dollars 26-50 for 4 hours. no effects/kb
50 dollars 26-50 for 4 hours, full effects

monuments ability to to place a monument, and name it. Different patterns designs. Invulnerable. Certain restrictions would apply, and is broken into two price ranges. 1 year and permanent

1 year 200 dollars
forever 300 dollars

I want to be special Be involved in the naming, or lore, ect behind one of the next items CCP releases, or missions. With approval.

150 dollars.

Name change where they have an asterisk next to their name in local, and if you right click show info you can see their previous name, and a page on eve where you can see a list of name changes. This is less about escaping reputation and more changing a stupid name you choose back when you were 15.

40 dollars.

Rick Roll able to force someone to have "never going to give you up" play through their speakers.

667 dollars

I want to be part of history! Be part of official lore, as part of expansion/ect.

Price on this is iffy, for instance I remember the video of that nyx that crashed into the station. It'd be interesting if "Corke Freerunner" A notable minmitar freedom fighter of the Corporation Liberation Nation has crashed a nyx into the station. Actually I don't think that case was about slavery, but my point remains.

For something that is majorly public like that 750?

I IS WINNER Preset templates for items that are trophies (different types),metals,ect that you can name. I know this is a somewhat implemented feature but an actual trophy would be nice. Come in packs of 3(gold,silver,bronze),5,25,50,100.

Disco Fever! Disco balls in space with light effects last 2 hours but is targetable and killable. Has health of say a large tech 2 bubble. Set amount can be out in a system at once (for lag purposes) can't be on station (unless player owned)

look sometimes you just gotta dance.

10 dollars for 1, 2 for 15.

Pie in your face
Much like snowballs that are given out. Except it is a pie. 5 dollars for 10.

Arias Dren
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:29:00 - [134]

Think I'm gonna start charging CCP to actually have their software on my machine. Sort of like a 'processing fee'. I pay them for the code, they pay me for providing the hardware to run it.

I can offset any MT costs I incur against what I make off CCP.

Who says players can't learn from our favourite (*cough*) game developers.


Vierego's Junk Imports
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:44:00 - [135]

Let me test this... Get a character clone on Sisi with max skills (and a star next to name to indicate)

25 dollars.

Real life alert
I know there is a similar service, but a service that when something occurs (skill training completed, PoS attacked/running low on fuel) you get a push to your email

6.50 for month of service

Title Similar to EQ/EQ2 where you can have a custom title. Such as Akita The Supidly Rich. 70 Dollars.

Attention ***** In the list of names in local, be able to choose a color (other then the isd/gm ones) that your name appears as. This would not show up in text, just name

17.50 1 month.

Rainbow pony contrails out of back of ship that last for 20 minutes that are rainbow form and "streak" for a bit.

15 dollars 5 charge.

Borun Tal
Space Pods Inc
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:45:00 - [136]

Originally by: Kaethe Kollwitz
ITT: Akita T continues to fight for a game that holds a rough $32,000 of his assets.

Cant say I blame you Akita.

Someone sounds butthurt.

Posted - 2011.06.27 05:53:00 - [137]

- Expanded and pimped out CQ
- Stuff you can put in your pimped out CQ

Antimatter XS
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:02:00 - [138]

race change

Panda Name
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:05:00 - [139]

Edited by: Panda Name on 27/06/2011 06:08:09
Edited by: Panda Name on 27/06/2011 06:07:46
-alliance tournament feed to your captains quarters. naturally you would need to have a huge tv P) (we need a monocle'd emoticon)
-real eve news. it would be cool to pay for live feeds of the conflicts that actually make the news. perhaps when a node is requested to be reinforced, such monitoring and feeding could be automated. i'd hope for the feeds to be subscription based, with varied packages (by day, week, month, etc.) would be kind of sweet when incarnia actually comes out, and you could have buddies over to rage at the news.
-a nice fireplace

Zofe Stormcaller
B4D W01F
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:05:00 - [140]

Originally by: Wedding Peach
-Classic Maller
-Classic Scorpion

This. CS3 was the swan song for the old scorp.

Also adding...

Nathan's beer ship (something else we can use ORE industrial for)
pink and flowery paint for my machariel.

Panda Name
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:10:00 - [141]

dude we are well aware. good job shiptoasting, though.

Posted - 2011.06.27 06:27:00 - [142]

A decent couch would be nice. But I can imagine CCSparkle Monocle would charge more than a REAL COUCH, so that's probably out. A stripper pole for all my exotic dancers maybe. My prostitute would certainly be useful on that too...

But on a slightly serious note: most of the protest has been about 'Golden Ammo'. But what if they actually did? Something along the lines of Faction Ammo. Slightly better damage factor ( because you ARE paying real money for it ). And before everyone goes ballistic - most ammo doesn't stick around. It gets used. It's a consumable after all, so it's certainly going to get used up.

As long as it's not a complete faceroll/I WINZ item, but something maybe slightly better than Faction ammo: is that really so terri-bad? I can even see not having a basic t1 flavor of ammo as a turn-in. After all: how many 100 stacks of ammo drop out of wrecks as loot? Those materialize out of thin air, so having NeX ammo 'materialize' probably isn't going to break the Eve economy any more than it already is.

It's something to think about. We know CCP is bound and determined to shove P2W down our throats, but IMO something like this, while going against ... quite a lot of things, at least in basic theory - isn't that game changing. The 'Golden Ammo' is only slightly better than Faction Ammo. Say an extra 5% damage bonus. CCP gets what they want, and ... Eve players don't get screwed quite so badly. And since we've already seen how CCP prices items like you've walked into a high end exotic sports car dealership: it'll be so damn over-priced -> nobody will buy it anyway. Laughing

Troy LS
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:47:00 - [143]

Still very suspicious of the whole MT thing. I'd like very much to see non-strategic mt in the EULA (with retroactive sub refunds if its violated - the poison pill).

I CCP can allow players to set up shops. Players pay for services/items in Aurum, the shop owner gets paid in isk.

Also, Aurum to hire mercinaries to protect your planetary assets (when dust comes out)

Aurum to bribe concord? (too much of an ingame advantage? nothing to say that concord has to tell the truth - especially if they're corrupt enough to accept bribes)

As long as we're approaching the precipice, how about aurum for POS space in high-sec (replaces charters).

I really like the idea of corporate advertisements on the billboards and CQ monitors. Aurum seems to be a good unit of exchange between NPCs and corps or rich players.

Oh Takashawa
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:54:00 - [144]

Engine trails/old cyno effect. Pay AUR, have flag put on a character that gives whatever ship he/she flies engine trails/old cyno effect. Or even just buy it for certain ships if priced appropriately.

Tekka Otichoda
Posted - 2011.06.27 07:11:00 - [145]

1: Casino. Since the $ to Aurum transfer is one way (in theory), this type of gambling is not regulated by most laws.
2: Ability to rename systems that a corp/alliance have sovereignty on.
3: "Premium" clone vat access at major trade hubs.
4: Automated concierge services at stations that auto-repair all docked ships and deducting the cost from your wallet automatically.

I can only think of these at this time of the night.

Posted - 2011.06.27 09:59:00 - [146]

Edited by: Raid''En on 27/06/2011 10:05:23
a list of all the nice things i saw on this topic :

Originally by: Namura Kautsuo

  • Ship interiors. Part of Incarna should be that instead of going to my captains quarters I instead go inside my ship. Which means that there needs to be an option of where I go when I dock. So yes to all the whiners out there, give us a dropdown setting that gives us the ability to select CQ, ship interior, and of course the super lame spinny ship interior.

  • would be really nice
    seeing your ship from the inside, with NPCs on it ; would be funny seeing the crew of your BS, stay here 30mn, undock and got instaganked, and thinking of all this crew dying :p

    Originally by: Thaya-rens Ostus
  • a "better" and "faster" autopilot multiple destination optimizer

  • A "forever" clone - i.e., one that doesn't need updating

  • NPC seeded skillbooks (i.e., delivered to your 0.0 hangar)

  • would really like an autopilot more reactive... just put it still below manual piloting ; not quick enough to avoid gatecamp, but who don't take a while to move.
    forever clone is nice ; no risk to forget.
    skillbooks at your hangar is nice also but need them to be 2-3x more expensive than normal one, so won't hurt trader doing it.

    Originally by: Ded Moroz
    Another idea - we all enjoyed shooting statues during the protests. How about let us "buy" and place these statues by NPC/player stations? The more popular the system, the more expensive the statue.

    For example a "greek-god-like" statue of Ded Moroz in Jita worth 250 monocles. Yes, i am that sexy.

    being able to create statue on outspot would be nice

    Originally by: Jacob Kelbrand
    Corp/Alliance owned billboards or similar in 0.0?

    lots of agreement on this one, just do it

    Originally by: Zag'mar Jurkar
    A remote Skill queue updater from your cellphone!

    with only that CCP would make a lot of money

    Originally by: Galigonge
    What about 0.0 system renaming?

    free tears, i'm sure they would love that

    Originally by: Jules Asner

    9) Add the ablilty to buy a BIGGER CQ for $5-$100 where as you scale up you add a bigger room or add extra rooms.

    current CQ is either too big or too small, i'd love to have a bigger one.

    Originally by: Internet Knight
    Edited by: Internet Knight on 27/06/2011 02:38:26

    • The ability to purchase things in the EVE store (eg, real shirts, ship models, etc) for AUR

    • Fanfest tickets for AUR

    • CONCORD billboard / captain's quarter's advertisements for AUR, subject to GM approval

    as i said before you can even suggest virtual + real clothes bundle

    i'll add from myself :
    - reskined shuttles
    - incarna pet

    and the classic :
    - more char customization stuff (i really need more haircuts)

    and one noone was foolish enough to say, but who know :
    aurum for playstation 3.
    you may be able to get a deal with sony after all, it's to buy dust after :P

    Citadel Enterprises
    Posted - 2011.06.27 10:22:00 - [147]

    Customisable items for CQ

    A 4 pack on my cq tabel,
    Dancing pole,
    Wanted posters,
    Jolly roger flag (pirate flag) for my wall,
    A jukebox so i can play music in my room,
    A weapons rack,

    Customisable items for character

    Pirate hat,
    hook for hand,
    Wooden leg,
    eye patch,
    Cutlass or Saber in hand or in a belt,

    Most of all i want a f#cking good scar across my cheek/eye that doesnt leave me with a white bleeding eye.

    Posted - 2011.06.27 10:48:00 - [148]

    Edited by: Nilanea on 27/06/2011 10:50:27
    I thought this would be easy at first, but looking at the rules you put forth... It's pretty hard to think of something that's not considered vanity or gives you an in game advantage.

    1) Allows the user to use custom wallpaper for the generic CQ or allows a player to select various themes to change the look of the UI. This shouldn't be considered vanity as it only can be seen by the player using that account.

    2) Mini games in the CQ. While at the CQ, you can play Slots, poker, basic generic video games... that do not require a license which CCP has to pay for. No money is won, it just for fun and maybe a record of high scores is put in place to keep track of wins.

    That's all I could think of... The following might be considered giving a player an in game advantage.

    2) Upgraded dock manager. When a user docks at a station, for a small fee the dock manager will tell you if your ship (drone/mods) needs repair, any drones lost, #### ammo threshold has been reached and require resupply. Notifications are automated, you still have to manually select repair and drag items to ship.

    3) Market spotter. For a small fee you can keep track of an item or two. If it falls into a certain buy/sell range it will send you an in game mail letting you know that item has reached whatever price you put on it.

    Meh. This idea most likely not work... but an idea.

    For Plex or Aur, allow user to place a corp or website (related to Eve) at the log-in screen. At the same time, allow users the option to disable non CCP ads from showing. This allows the player the freedom of not looking at the additional ads placed there.

    Akita T, thanks for the thread.

    I Love Boobies
    All Hail Boobies
    Posted - 2011.06.27 11:27:00 - [149]

    Just thought of something after reading through this thread.

    Aurum for warp to zero when auto-pilot is enabled.

    I don't see how that would actually give people an in-game advantage that would matter much since auto-pilot is mostly used to move stuff around Eve. Except maybe get their product to market a little faster. People usually only use auto-pilot while AFK or tab-alt into another client anyway.

    Sarina Berghil
    New Zion Judge Advocate
    Yulai Federation
    Posted - 2011.06.27 11:43:00 - [150]

    How about out of game products for PLEX?

    CCP could team up with partners to supply ship models, magazines, T-Shirts, ties etc. The PLEX has been paid for, so its not like they are giving things away for free.

    If the issue really is simply a matter of inconvenience for accounting, CCP could in this way show that its not solely a matter of trying to make old debt (PLEX) vanish.

    Products with physical substance can be way more 'classy', than any in-game vanity items.

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