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Brit Green
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:17:00 - [1]

Last one locked for me taking to long to supply content :P

Lets try it again.

The SOE thing is the last straw.

Lets start with my ships.

Name the ship you want and the reason you should get it.

Anyone who has posted in the massive quit thread need not ask for anything.

True Enlightenment
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:18:00 - [2]

i sent you a mail...

I want the curse for solo low sec roaming...

or/and pilgrim for solo wh roaming...

Damnations and ashimus would fit in nicely in my hangar :D

Sakagami Miyuki
Amarr War Industries
Empire Industry
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:18:00 - [3]

Edited by: Sakagami Miyuki on 26/06/2011 18:21:46
Ill take the nightmare and 2 vindicators

Twisted Xistance
The Grief Wave
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:19:00 - [4]

I could defo use the absolution for when I inevitabley lose my absolution again :( which going by past experiences will likely be soon

Mr ChowBox
Chowabunga Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:19:00 - [5]

Edited by: Mr ChowBox on 26/06/2011 18:19:58
I would love the cynabal because I like cynabuns.

I would love the hulk so I can try and make another Hulk movie because the ones they made sucked.

I would love the ashimmu because my middle name is Shamoo.

***Edit: And the Providence, because I actually live in Providence, RI and have never owned one!

Project Nemesis
Moar Tears
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:19:00 - [6]

Megathron Navy Issue, I have almost maxed skills for it, including lvl 5 gunnery across the board, and if given to me, I will most certainly kill things with it. Killmails will be provided via out-of-game contact if necessary.

Tir Zhik
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:19:00 - [7]

Edited by: Tir Zhik on 26/06/2011 18:21:31
Edited by: Tir Zhik on 26/06/2011 18:20:50
Omen Navy and Vengeance/Retribution please.

Edith:// Almost forgot, I'd also like a Noctis, as I need a proper salvager. :/
Edith²:// Also forget to say thanks again.
So thanks again.

Uhura Dennkhar
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:20:00 - [8]

Edited by: Uhura Dennkhar on 26/06/2011 18:20:25
could you give me the provi (providence) and the obelisk because I'm a noob and i dream to have one....


Captain Sonic
Mentally Unstable Enterprises
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:20:00 - [9]

Sent u a mail, stating how deeply i want to loose a vindicator in a blaze of glory :)

Holly Cleland
Special Operations Foxhound
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:20:00 - [10]

Pilgrim, it's my aim to fly one <3 been training just for it... but i r a poor scrub Embarassed

Jint Hikaru
OffWorld Exploration Inc
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:20:00 - [11]

I'll take the proteus if its going.... thanks!

Onsa Boo
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [12]

I gave 4bil to newbs when I ragequit four months ago, true story, I would like nightmare or rattlesnake please.

Huyai Tsukurit
Grau Foundation
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [13]

i would like a vindicator for mining.

Copper Pipe
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [14]

I will take a Drake and a Kronos why cause I aint got the ISK to buy either

Nahia Senne
Initium Malum
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [15]

Nightmare, and it will be put too goooood use :D

Lilith Velkor
Heretic Army
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [16]

Edited by: Lilith Velkor on 26/06/2011 18:21:57

Cynabal + Fleet Stabber, because I will treat them with the respect they deserve. Very Happy

Ed: Oh yea, fully maxed skills and proper implants ofc.

The Black Shell
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [17]

One of these Navy Ospreys.

I fell in love with that ugly hull. :(

Comy 1
Ore Mongers
Indecisive Certainty
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [18]

Edited by: Comy 1 on 26/06/2011 18:21:54
I would love the Sin(s) and /or Navy Geddon

Sin(s) for obvious black ops, and the navy geddon makes awesome bait for it.

Spacing Cowboy
Rule of Five
Vera Cruz Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [19]

Edited by: Spacing Cowboy on 26/06/2011 18:29:58
A Sin would be quite -win- to have
And as my gila got accidental.. well.. you know... *poef* ,
that would also be damn nice.

(and a chance to pvp in one without *fear* of a isk meltdown) ermm, the Sin that is

Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [20]

Damn it. No charon. ><

If there would've been one, I'd probably could come up with something to get it. ><

Tack Skjem
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:21:00 - [21]

Rattlesnake, since it's too shiny to give to anyone else.

Posted - 2011.06.26 18:22:00 - [22]

Mind if i took the Hulk? If not i'd be happy to take that obelisk off you :V

Judicator Saturnius
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:22:00 - [23]

Edited by: Judicator Saturnius on 26/06/2011 18:22:24
I could use a spare nightmare and orca.

For uh... purely scientific pursuites.

Syncs Alt
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:22:00 - [24]

Edited by: Syncs Alt on 26/06/2011 18:23:08
I'll take all the minnie ships,

Reason being I would rather kill myself instead of flying an easy to keep alive Abbadon or Drake.

These ships in jita?

Posted - 2011.06.26 18:22:00 - [25]

Can I have the Eos, as the only reason I'd get one is if I get yours :S.

Inner Conflict
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:22:00 - [26]

The vigilant(or both) cuz i'm one of those maniacs who still bother to fly Diemost and other blaster ships on solo tru low and 0.0

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:23:00 - [27]

Edited by: oolk on 26/06/2011 18:34:57
Noctis,for the simple reason that I dont have one...

But mainly because you will come to your senses,use them to wreck havoc and have fun and i`ll be there following to salvage your wrecks with assiduity.

hunky dory3
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:23:00 - [28]

Dominix navy fir missions

Lucilla Giulia
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:23:00 - [29]

Christos Hendez
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2011.06.26 18:23:00 - [30]

Machariel to pewpew with :D

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