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Posted - 2011.06.26 02:56:00 - [1]

Edited by: Akrosi on 26/06/2011 02:58:12
First i'd love to hear how many staff CCP have on their EVE team, i believe CCP is in total around 700. So barring Customer reps, Gms, accounting, server maintenance, security, etc we're left with maybe a 20-50 person Eve team. But if anyone has a closer estimate please let me know :)


I hate to say it but this expansion is unbelievably unprofessional when we take into account the amount of work put into new content. It could very well be a one man team that has produced all the assets for it.

FOR A SINGLE MEMBER OF STAFF: The clothing is a couple of weeks work to create, model, texture and test and the station environment is a good month or so for a single person. The new guns take possibly 2 days per weapon type, modelling, texturing, animation. (Come on it takes 5 minutes to rig a mechanical for animation.

Were left with around 4 months work for a single person. That's pretty generous in my opinion too.

Eve has an entire team devoted to this. What on earth were they doing? Its really telling of either the work ethic or creative process at CCP when things take such a long time to complete and lack the polish of a widely regarded developer. Ill be honest its pretty embarrassing.

I really hope CCP consider a staff review after this debacle.

(I personally do not get involved in the UI field but from other guys in my office presume that its a few weeks worth of work, testing should be down to another team so i do not include that in my assessment of timescales. I'm being incredibly general so i havn't included the tonne of minor tweaks that are present in incarna. But then again i'm comparing the timescales of a single person doing the work to 50!)

With love. A fellow from another large MMO studio.

Edited; sorry posted with alt by accident.

Posted - 2011.06.26 02:57:00 - [2]

It's not just depressing. It's biomass-inducing.

Sardaukar Terror Troops
Posted - 2011.06.26 03:01:00 - [3]

6 years of an unpaid intern to play with an obscure lighting engine and some level design software.

6 months of full staff focus to realize they can't accomplish anything more than 1 over-accesorized broom closet in an untested graphics engine because they spent most of the last 4 years of 'big project time' screwing around with amateur fanfest videos.

The Revenge of Auntie Freeze
Posted - 2011.06.26 03:03:00 - [4]

Their teams are working on Dust and World of Darkness.

A CCP employee's take on this:

"The Atlanta office is a different place and doesn’t suffer from the serious unprofessionalism as much as the Reykjavik office. The sad thing is that they too pay the price by seeing their work halted for years at a time to jump ship and bandage EVE up."

Eve is a thing they have to deal with, not their main focus.

Posted - 2011.06.26 03:08:00 - [5]

Relax...CCP is on the BALL...Once they sell enough monocles then we can get the TWILIGHT GAME!!!!

Akh'Vehlr Industries
Posted - 2011.06.26 03:08:00 - [6]

Complaining for a free expansion while other mmo pay to play games charge everytime a new expansion comes out is a bit ******ed. If you dont like it, then leave. The bandwagon is heading out, hurry and jump on it before you miss it.


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