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Deleros Revo
Posted - 2011.06.25 14:00:00 - [1]

Edited by: Deleros Revo on 25/06/2011 14:01:08
Upset. At firsts that's what I felt when Incarna was launched due to the sensation of being tasting a half made expansion: Only Minmatar CQs, wrong focus positioning at some windows and dropdown lists in input boxes not shrinking back after selecting the text, no more ship spinning (sounds trivial but I really miss it), drones behaving erratically after being put into the turret group internally code-wise, my avatar's face looking weird at the CQ as he was non expressive and didn't resemble his portrait, the docked ship at the station when seen from the balcony looked way too elevated and didn't seem to keep relation with the docking platform (at least at gallente stations), the NeX economic system's sky-high prices, and seing once more that features working good becoming broken after a patch. However I also felt satisfaction and excitement with the new turret models and their animations, and the concept of the NeX system as a whole if oriented for any vanity customization. I also felt my EVE client starting up faster, which is good. All in all I still liked EVE, and still remained as the best videogame I ever played, the one I spent the most hours into. Hell, after all it was CCP who was behind it, it had to be good in the long term.

Sadness. Concern. This is what I feel now with the recent events of anger, misinformation, controversy, personal offense, speculation, and riot-like rebelliousness towards CCP and even between the comunity due to different opinions.It truly amazes me how some people addresses to CCP in a first-name basis-like manner, as if they were their family or friends. CCP aren't our brothers, and while it's true that its crew holds a tighter link with the comunity compared to other companies in the field, that doesn't grant us the right to speak disrespectfully in any way to them. Respect and politeness at least, is something they deserve. They've put a lot of effort and undeniably made personal sacrifices to achieve the goals set and complete the job in time, I'd even say that for some of the devs and designers constructing EVE has become something personal. Let me say that Walking in Stations, the new turret models and animations and upgrading the shader model has to be a god damn lot of code and extra hours work. So when the launch day comes, they go to the forums to see the reactions expecting some feedback, and all they get is the lamentable trashtalk and even personal offenses towards them, be it written or graphical, for executive reasons they have nothing to do with. Just for an instant, do the effort at put yourself into a CCP dev, designer, or comunity manager's place. How would feel receiving such a unrespectfull treat? CCP offers a product, they do it to earn money, not for us to become their pals. If they decide to change directions for the sake of economic growth and you don't like it, just leave the game. Just do it, as if you were unconfortable at any job, where would go find another. Don't stay only to throw gazillions of trash and put the forums in fire mindlessly, charging against CCP doesn't help the comunity, talking louder isn't talking in the right. Plus, CCP has proved more than once to listen to the comunity (CSM, Q&A thread, Assembly Hall, popular demands), but doesn't mean them to do whatever we ask them to. There are just ways to do the things, to ask for things, and while this micro-transaction future ahead is blurry and an unpreceeding change to EVE, parley, dialog and constructive feedback is the way to go, but always with respect and politely.

I myself fear EVE ending up being a Pay To Win videogame model, I have played PvP intense videogames with that infrastructure and it turns out that PvP-wise it kills competitivity while fomenting irritation between players, some them leave the game in pure impotence. RMT has been present in EVE in the form of PLEX for some time now, IMO tha's the bearable limit, if surpassed I will stop playing EVE, but for now I still trust in CCP.

Eliza Capri
Posted - 2011.06.25 14:11:00 - [2]

Actually the only REAL issue with this expansion is the loss of tha hangar view. I mean I love the CQ and after a patch or 25 I can see it becoming something really beautiful and useful. It's just that there are moments when I don't need immersion. I just need to dock, grab some ammo and undock as fast as possible.

If people would focus on giving loads of constructive feedback on the hangar view instead of going off on tantrums, I'm pretty sure CCP will bring back hangar view within the next patch. The same thing happened with portrait editing last time around. Open constructive tickets and post constructive suggestions on the forums. The hangar will come back.

Everything else is moot at best or just speculation. CCP also said that they were going to focus on bringing smaller expansions more frequently instead of having a large one every 8 months or so. With that in mind we can expect more content to come pretty soon along with bug fixes.

It's not like this is the first time stuff got broken on the initial release of a new expansion.


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