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The Black Rabbits
The Gurlstas Associates
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:32:00 - [91]

Well done, sums it up nicely.

Theviola Lin
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:33:00 - [92]

+1 ; Nice one OP.

Carmoisine Bavaire
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:35:00 - [93]

Originally by: BrundleMeth
Originally by: Carmoisine Bavaire
2. Bunch of madhatters thinking the world is burning down and desiding to help by crashing nodes
Solution; Ban them.

Yeah Jita last night was full of the truely pathetic. Never played wow but I was thinking this is what it must be like...

I have played Wow, and visiting Amarr last night i got this total flashback from playing Wow whe the LOTR movie Two Towers came out.
I dont know what brings out the uneducated, stupid emos, that are so filled with fears they can not see logic or reason. But are completely willing to believe hearsay from some anon you never met before.
Did not think I should see that in EVE though.

Distinguished Johnsons
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:35:00 - [94]

To those saying "shut up and live with it" and laugh at the idea of customers complaining to a supplier and it having an effect...

In the "real" world of commerce and industry, it has a heck of an effect, and this is commerce, is it not? It has to do with "visible status" and "branding". If the brand becomes tainted, through whatever, then that will stick. It's a lot more difficult to regain brand image once you've lost it.

I would suggest that things are, at the moment, recoverable. If things continue as some of the senior figures in CCP seem to want (assuming leaks are genuine), then a point is not to far in the future when the CCP brand will be so tainted that it will stick to whatever they try and do. It will become what they are always remembered for.

Mike Voltage
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:37:00 - [95]

the only good post on this forum


Thunder Jolt
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:38:00 - [96]


I'm amazed to see CCP letting this ****storm get more intense.
For the first time, I really hope they get what they deserve.

Victoria Valadeus
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:38:00 - [97]

Since I can't sticky, I'll do the next best thing.


Leetah Stormbringerr
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:40:00 - [98]

Ms Freak,

You get my support for a well written and well constructed thread that outlines most, if not all, of the concerns I have seen raised.

+1 This thread needs sticky!

I do like the Walking in Stations and the interaction of CQ. I don't mind the Avatar, as you can customise them to your hearts content. I do draw the line at Consumerism. I wear those $5 jeans, that $10 hoodie... do I care what the world thinks of me? Not one hoot! I find anything to do with fashion abhorrent. It is a market based on exaggerating people's fears and insecurities. So would I buy something from the NeX? Probably not. Though I might think about a custom ship skin... :o)

In reply to the odd post in here about non cosmetic items available from NeX. NO! I am presuming that items available will have bonuses/ability/performance beyond that of items in the game. As such it will produce an imbalance in the game play.

If those items were of the same level of bonus/ability/performance to the items in the game, I can't see a problem, as they would in effect be cosmetic.

In terms of the Dreadnought flying 2 day old player, yes, in effect you can use the existing game mechanisms to buy your way through to being 1337, but that doesn't make you a good pilot, and so your expensive new shiny toy will soon be vapour. If you use a non-game mechanism to purchase the char and his ships, then you are in violation of the EULA, and the full force of CCP should fall down on you, and does when ever they detect it.

I won't emoragequit. I'm quietly watching the events unfold. Yes, the leaked internal documents are a bit harsh, but then we as customers, were not the recipients. It is truth, and I've seen this in plenty of other threads, that companies in rl presume their customer base to be little more advanced than an amoeba on the intelligence scale, but turn a smiley obsequious face to customer whenever they have to face them. Read between the lines of the documents, though, and glean the conveyed content, not how that content was conveyed.

Watch my feet CCP. The moment I feel this game no longer supplies my entertainment needs, I will un-subscribe my rl money subscriptions (sic. plural), and it's pretty close to me walking. Again, CCP, how you handle this, and what you choose to fix will play a big part in my decision.

Midas Tycho
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:42:00 - [99]

Very well put Ms Freak.


Posted - 2011.06.25 12:43:00 - [100]

Edited by: ****beardThePirate on 25/06/2011 12:44:41
Originally by: Alpine 69
This is actually a good thread. CCP Listen to what the OP has to say.


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Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:51:00 - [101]


Good write-up. I hope that someone at CCP reads this!

Raddick Tseng
Everset Dropbears
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:54:00 - [102]

OP pretty well summed up my complaints.

Dr Prometheus
Gears of Construction
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:03:00 - [103]

Now this is a post CCP should be able to answer without rotating around the question faster then the fastest fan on earth.

Ian Novarider
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:09:00 - [104]

Grats to the original Poster ... good thread

You might also want to adress the following quotes from Fearless :

"...On the opposite end of the scale
to vanity goods are performancebased
items such as weapons.......Selling them though, is highly
controversial. We are planning on
doing so."

And contrary to what the dev blog claims, i am quite sure that this was NOT hypothetically speaking about extreme points of view. This IS the roadmap....

Silvetar Jones
The Amber Corporation
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:09:00 - [105]

Well Spoken, Ms Freak - There are many examples of failed companies in various industries who ignored their customers requests in order to propagate their "Vision". This arrogance was the reason for their demise.


Vanilla Ninja
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:11:00 - [106]


Jonathan Priest
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:14:00 - [107]

Well said.

Cmdr Zander
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:16:00 - [108]


ZULU blog was really insulting... i cannot believe that one of EVE developers could write those things.... WHO is ZULU ? How u dare to tell us such things ??? you are insulting me as a player, as a subscriber but worst of it... as an INDIVIDUAL.

You want me to buy such things ? GO SEEK MONEY TO ANOTHER PLACE.


Kazimir Makkar
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:18:00 - [109]

Edited by: Kazimir Makkar on 25/06/2011 13:27:45

Excellent thread.

CCP Fallout and Navigator, just print out that list and send it up to management. It quite nicely distills the ****storm down into the topics to that need to be addressed and how the community in general feels about them.

Oh, and have management listen to last night's eve-radio segment Wink

Strategic Operations Brigade
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:19:00 - [110]

Originally by: Lt Vanzi
this needs to be stickied

This needs to be in the orientation courses for new CCP employees
(and in the refresher courses for the older ones)

Posted - 2011.06.25 13:20:00 - [111]

pretty much spot on, there's only one thing missing and that's while the turrets do look good the icons do not

Ginny Xuun
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:25:00 - [112]

+1, bump, please for the love of god read this CCP.

Russian SOBR
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:27:00 - [113]


I hope that someone at CCP reads this!

Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:54:00 - [114]

Bump for good thread, pretty much covers everything from a community point of view, really hope CCP reads this.

Ripley Nostromo
Posted - 2011.06.25 13:59:00 - [115]

Edited by: Ripley Nostromo on 25/06/2011 14:02:43
Originally by: Terianna Eri
You have absolutely no basis to tell me what, or how, I think. Your opinion is meaningless to me and to everyone else.
If you would like to stick around and "adapt" to the ****hole that New Eden seems to be coming, you are more than welcome. It is certainly not my place to tell you whether you should or should not enjoy being milked for all you're worth.
You're a clown. I never told you what to think. I said CCP wont care. "Milked for all I'm worth?" I am actually worth a lot in RL. You can think what you like, you can have all the other whiners in agreement. Do you think your opinion means anything to CCP? They would laugh at you and will do what they want. Adapt or quit fewl....

Ms Freak
Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2011.06.25 14:00:00 - [116]

Thanks for all the support and constructive comments. Lets hope we can keep it this way untill CCP have a response for us.

(I had to take the wife to the Supermarket and feared for my thread!! Never leae your threads alone people!! NEVER! Very Happy)

Holly Cleland
Special Operations Foxhound
Posted - 2011.06.25 14:00:00 - [117]

Edited by: Holly Cleland on 25/06/2011 16:28:48
This is pretty much exactly how I feel, I've just been scouring these forums at the moment reading, and due to complete lack of a response am now 'pushed' enough to post, a very rare thing from me, please for god sakes listen to the OP.

Posted - 2011.06.25 14:02:00 - [118]

Very nice.

Sum Olgy
Posted - 2011.06.25 14:05:00 - [119]

Best thread so far.

Please sticky this.

The *one* over-riding issue for me is being able to buy combat items with real world cash. Words cannot express how much I dislike this and it will mean me leaving the game if/when it is implemented. Buying vanity items is just fine but being able to buy an advantage in combat with a credit card is not for me.

Nin Kimrov
Kenzi Arms and Munitions
Posted - 2011.06.25 14:06:00 - [120]

I approve this message and I urge CCP to answer it.

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