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Anakin Pubcrawler
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:24:00 - [2101]

Got up to go to work, read blog with my coffee.

Day ruined now. Zulu's blog is the most pointless, worthless piece of crap I have had the misfortune to read this year and I my job I get to read loads of drivel

1st Steps Academy
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:25:00 - [2102]

Originally by: Sakaane Eionell

The thing is, CCP had an opportunity with this devblog to set the record straight regarding what was actually decided regarding MT. If the newsletter was just internal debate that may or may not have preceded the public promise to restrict MT to vanity items, fine. But it is not hard to say so. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. All you had to type was:

"We would like to confirm our stance that MT will remain restricted to vanity items. The directions proposed in the newsletter were abandoned."


"Despite what we said earlier, we decided to revisit the topic of non-vanity MT items. So sorry, we lied, but it is our prerogative to change our minds."

See how easy it is?

THIS! ^^ +10

The Revenge of Auntie Freeze
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:25:00 - [2103]

Joseph Gallo:
June 2009 – Present (2 years 1 month)
"As CFO of CCP Games, Joe oversees the financial positioning and reporting of CCP. He is also responsible for the strategic initiatives of the Company and relations with its investors."

His previous work history:
"Managing Director, Investment Banking

Public Company; C; Financial Services industry

1994 – 2008 (14 years) "

Lets see what his performance at his past job resulted in:

"Citigroup suffered huge losses during the global financial crisis of 2008 and was rescued in November 2008 in a massive stimulus package by the U.S. government."

As we can see, things really started sliding around the time this guy came around. Looking at his previous work history, its no wonder that EVE is in the state it's in.


I worked to help build a company IRL which was eventually sold to a publicly traded company. I ended up in a management position right below the C level people in this company.

Before we sold to them, our ideals were to build a great company and it would speak for itself, causing the money to come in and our clients to love us.

After we were merged with the publicly traded company the company ended up running flat. The "C" level people were more interested in how they could spin buzz words to investors than making a great company. They would open more offices not because they were needed, but because investors like seeing a bunch of offices nationwide as a showing of their presence, even if we could do the same performance from a single office.

In the end, I left my six figure salaried plus bonus position at the company because I knew I could not fight the mentality of spin the C level management was putting out. 2 years later the company became another Enronesque scandal and imploded into nonexistance.

This same spin is what we see here in CCP. Suddenly Gallo and others take over in upper management, and they brings around investors. They don't play the game. Their job is to spin to investors reasons to invest. Rich investors like words like "Microtransactions" or even fancier ones like "Virtual Goods Sales". The FOTM money making idea. Of course the lower grunts that develop and do play the game won't all share this mentality, so they either leave or are pushed to believe it by documents like "Fearless".

EVE is no longer the game we signed up for long ago. It is being twisted as a tool to raise share prices and get investment dollars for their other games. Whether that is successful for CCP remains to be seen. Perhaps they will get lucky and attract more new customers than the old ones they shed. The problem is, until those mythical new customers are actually signed up and paying, then all they are is mere projections, not reality. The current player base is real income in hand.

Ranka Mei
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:27:00 - [2104]

Best vid on the matter:

CCP after Incarna deployment

So incredibly applicable!

Kal Aith
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:27:00 - [2105]

Originally by: boeboe joe
Don't know if I'm the first to say this but here it goes, thank you CCP Zulu. I also want to give a much needed and overdue thanks to CCP Pann and CCP Fallout for being on the frontlines of this whole thing and dealing with/tanking the trolls.

I really do have a better understanding of what the company newsletter was all about. If I did understand it correctly it's more of a brainstorm on big ideas currently in the industry, for employees to go back and forth to develop those ideas that could be used to enhance EVE/CCP.
"The opinions and views expressed in Fearless are just that; opinions and views. They are not CCP policy nor are they a reliable source of CCP views as a company. The employees who submitted articles to that newsletter did exactly what they were asked to do, write about theories and opinions from an exaggerated stand."-Zulu

As far as the NEX market goes, personally I won't be paying (I lol's at my puns) any attention to those things unless, someone happens to put one of those on market for less than 10 mil isk, that would probably be my limit. Therefore, "NEX market combat group of vanity items completely miss boeboe joe, doing 0.0 damage to his wallet, yay!"

A good feature to have on the NEX market too would be to display the original price beside those item(s) on sale, like 900 AUR then 1,200 AUR in strikethrough. But I digress, that is a another topic for another thread. Again I cannot thank you all enough for explaining this in further detail, and from mature players everywhere I would like to say I'm sorry for the crap you all have had to deal with. Now go make us some moar CQ's! YARRRR!!

agreed, hate that we can't have a nice discussion right now :(

can't wait for the dust to settle around here. CCP - serious question: any idea when we'll see missile launcher animations? Very nice work on the blasters etc!!

Sax Delphinus
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:29:00 - [2106]

I've been in this game for less than a week and this happens.
40 FPS drop in your damn station.
A bunch of overpriced vanity crap when you could be making, oh I don't know, SHIPS for your STARSHIP game.
A company policy of funding all your games by gouging your customers for necessary items.
Spokesman who can only speak in the most political, condescending, and arrogant tones.
And now there's this email with one of your top guys just saying to ignore any complaints from your PAYING customers, cause hey, you bastards know better than us?
Awesome job at creating a New Gamer Experience.

Jules Asner
Van Diemen's Demise
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:30:00 - [2107]

Callimminniss Prdsk
Cyrix Ltd.
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:30:00 - [2108]

Goodness, Zulu, that is some mealy-mouthed claptrap.

What on earth was going through your mind when you added

- which by the way is one of our more smooth and successful expansions, not to mention absolutely gorgeous -

Now, the whole ‘to clarify’ thing: it would be easy to take the cheap view (easy to say, ‘Ah, poor Zulu, it’s late, he’s busy, he’s a developer / programmer, not a speaker, mistakes happen.’) but it’s been happening a lot recently with various CCPs, and I have to say it’s looking more to me like policy:

Send out plan A, see if we get away with it. If not, we can ‘clarify’. If ‘clarification’ fails, we can ‘re-clarify’ later.

Seriously, you can’t all be that bad at saying what you want to say, can you?

As a PS, I think you should have a pre-blog for all of your blogs,

‘This blog is going to be awesome!

Constantinus Maximus
Paxian Expeditionary Force
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:32:00 - [2109]

Edited by: Constantinus Maximus on 25/06/2011 05:34:32
Originally by: zapthemrocks
Dear CCP:
Please hire a real economist

They did. (not economist, banker) His job was to analyse every mechanic in Eve and see how it could be squeezed for money.

Likely the genius who decided they could remove features then add them again for MT.

Joseph Gallo - Chief Financial Officer

edit: haha poignant name if he's the voice that poisoned Hilmars brain and hung CCP

George Wilkes Hill
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:34:00 - [2110]

Originally by: Anakin Pubcrawler
Got up to go to work, read blog with my coffee.

Day ruined now. Zulu's blog is the most pointless, worthless piece of crap I have had the misfortune to read this year and I my job I get to read loads of drivel

Sasuke Rukh
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:36:00 - [2111]

Funny thing. If I wanted to spend real life money, I'd spend it on real life things. That's the point of a game.

Posted - 2011.06.25 05:42:00 - [2112]

What CCP employees have to say

"Fun game play is not a priority, promises made to investors and aesthetics are. ‘If it looks good then it is good’ is an often heard motto. CCP is committed to use technology in EVE as well as WoD and DUST, so certain features are made and used in EVE knowing they will not be fun, nor fit EVE and no one expects them to be appreciated by the playerbase. Alienating the playerbase of EVE further. Objections from employees who point this out are waved away.

CCP does not take criticism well and often ignores retrospectives. Criticism is considered to be a negative attitude and is severely frowned upon. A lot of effort goes into maintaining a good morale with a lot of internal PR. After all it’s cheaper to print posters than pay an average salary to employees.

Several years now CCP has predicated insane subscriber goals that cannot be met. Naturally this is met with scepticism by the employees but it falls on deaf ears. The result is that the company is suffering because we cannot sustain the development of EVE, DUST and WOD. EVE is not creating enough revenue which means that solutions are sought, solutions that CCP was vehemently against a few years ago."

Delta Jax
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:49:00 - [2113]

Originally by: CCP ZULU
While it‘s perfectly fine to disagree and attack CCP over policies or actions we take, we think it‘s not cool how individuals that work here have been called out and dragged through the mud due to something they wrote in the internal company newsletter. Seriously, these people were doing their jobs and do not deserve the hate and sh!tstorm being pointed at them.

first.. no one really cares about the AUR/monocles prices, yea they are high so what, but it's the other stuff your talking about selling with AUR that has us raging.. seriously get off you soapbox about that

Oh.. so.. you want to play the corporate game, well at my corporation, fortune 500 company where I'm a high level admin, You regard all communications, statements, as if they were addressed to and read by the general public.

This is communications 101 here.. this stuff, even if it was just opinions, is nuclear material, and should never.. never ever be put in a newsletter to stimulate employees creative thinking. I'm not even going to touch on that your ceo sent out an all corp email with moar said nuclear material...

For those not so corporate inclined, or don't know how the politics work in this setting, this wasn't a newsletter, it was to convince other employees to slowly accept this corporate vision and direction.

Don't get p!ssed at us because we caught you with your hand in the cookie jar.. i've already canceled all my accounts, you still have some time before they run out to convince me to resub

And stop with the covering up/back peddle I work at a financial company, if you even attempted some of the stuff you tried there.. you would have auditors/regulators foaming at the mouth.

Integrity, Honesty, are better corp value than "fearless"

Nova Lux
TalCorp Enterprises
TalCorp United Federation
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:50:00 - [2114]


*shakes head*

I've bought in advance so there's some time until I need to make the decision whether to resub or not.

My biggest worry is that it *seems* that the direction CCP wants to take EVE to the point where you're buying power *directly* from CCP.

Seemingly knowingly ignoring the direct question of MT for non-vanity items isn't helping.

Daftny Litchinova
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:55:00 - [2115]

The walk in station was something I wanted to see for ages and it finaly came out.
Even tought it is well done, it introduce what's for me the biggest mistake CCP have ever done; introducing MT

IMO, even if it would be for virtual crap, my view on that is that it should be bought with isk as any other eve online items.
Your argument (buying a faction ship and not going PvP with it doesnt stand)
So to be honest, even if this Newsletter is hypothetical, I don't care AT ALL.

What matters here, is the whole community spoke loud and clear:


So what I'm waiting for is:

"We here you out there, we appologize, in a following patch, we will remove Aurum and refund people who bought them."

just as simple as that.

this is clearly a dark time for eve.
it is time to show to your customers that you care, that you wanna keep'em.

And most importantly, that you listen to them.

I really hope you will make the good (and only) decision.

(by wanting too much, you end up loosing it all)

Ban Doga
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:56:00 - [2116]

Remarkable display of being disconnected from reality.

You might be fearless, but I am speechless.

Posted - 2011.06.25 05:57:00 - [2117]

Incarna: The moment when it became clear that CCP had indeed found a huge stash of their own ingame drugs. (Morpheus to Neo: "Blue or red pill?" CCP to Capsuleers: "Assume the position, I'm gonna give ya both.") Shocked

If I wanted to pay real money to enhance my standing for a game I'd go play Facebook's Mafia Wars. At least there's no sub cost. EVE is a serious gamers investment, not a buy-1-get-1 free. When you change the rules of the underlying investment then it's time to look for a better way to use your money.

Hey, here's an idea. Why not make MTs avaliable only on the test server? Truly something for nothing.

A gaze into the future of EVE... Some guy with uber skills is posting in 0.0 local... "Hey, where can I find veldspar? How many miners can I fit on this battleship?"

Posted - 2011.06.25 05:58:00 - [2118]

CCP Zulu a suggestion H.T.F.U. and give the player base a straight answer.

Specifically are you going to sell stuff LIKE STANDINGS that effect my spaceship game?

I can ignore your WOD proof of concept and the worthless dress up stuff otherwise.

I've cancelled my subscription until you figure out that the people you are responsible to are your customers.

Good Luck, your going to need it.

Now where do I download that Tank demo?


Pon Teyuen
EVE University
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:58:00 - [2119]

Edited by: Pon Teyuen on 25/06/2011 06:33:24
Edited by: Pon Teyuen on 25/06/2011 06:26:26

This was a severely misguided devblog post, and goes to the exact observation I had in the other massive thread: that at some point, an internal culture has taken hold at CCP that views subscribers as commodities, and has turned away from any sense of respect for their existing customers.

If you don't like mud being thrown on your employees, perhaps you should rethink the policy of being dishonest with your customers by saying one thing in public, while seriously considering reneging on those statements, all while using insulting analogies (and it's clearly a serious debate in which your Lead Game Designer and a majority of contributors are on one side). Case(s) in point:

In the internal newsletter it is straight-out said that what is being proposed, should it be implemented, should be hidden because they'd burn him at the stake. This is direct acknowledgement both that what is being proposed isn't good for subscribers and further the strategy is to lie about it. Likewise, why are you debating (I might note only one voice in the whole newsletter was against) actively bait-and-switching your customers and breaking a direct promise then trying to hide it?

I might note that another lie was that you said you had enough resources to work on your other projects, Dust and WoD, with your existing revenue model. Now, your own document clearly states that you need to find additional revenue out of EVE to support those developments. Perhaps you were too aggressive in your growth, recklessly, and have found yourself with 600 payroll checks to cut each month and didn't plan on it. That's bad planning if so, but either way -- that's strike two on the falsehood count. In that single document. And don't try to argue that this was again some mythical "extreme roleplay" position -- unless debate method has changed very much you don't debate by stating fantasy facts for arguments. Thus, I take those as the real truth, unlike many of your public statements.

Does that say "excellence" to you?

And then this devblog -- which supposedly addresses the issue -- is nothing more than a defensive, hostile dismissal of concerns in the most condescending, smug way possible. Again, doing nothing to dispel the perception of where CCP is heading.

I might note that you guys might want a reality adjustment if you think your game caters to people who think nothing of $1000 jeans and bling. I can afford it, but its ridiculous. P.S., if you are going to use ridiculous comparisons, that pair of jeans would be closer to $100,000 -- more than say a Lamborgini or a boat. (Even more extreme actually). Because the cost is relative to whole ships (vehicles).

I can't tell you how many times I held up CCP as an example of the little company that could, who succeeded and grew year after year far after other of its game contemporaries went into decline, through a commitment to thinking differently and being innovative.

Love the potential of CQ/WiS (though give options), like the turrets, agent finder is great. And I'm one of those people who has enjoyed wandering out onto the gantry and watching my ships nobly float in the hangar from a human perspective.

However, your corporate attitude sucks. And reeks of hubris.

Posted - 2011.06.25 05:59:00 - [2120]

Originally by: Nova Lux

*shakes head*

I've bought in advance so there's some time until I need to make the decision whether to resub or not.

My biggest worry is that it *seems* that the direction CCP wants to take EVE to the point where you're buying power *directly* from CCP.

Seemingly knowingly ignoring the direct question of MT for non-vanity items isn't helping.

If you bought in advance you can still play if you unsub, but the unsub sends a message. So grow a pair please.

Garwain Goodhue
Posted - 2011.06.25 06:00:00 - [2121]

Edited by: Garwain Goodhue on 25/06/2011 06:06:15
Damn it. I paid for two months already. Here's my action that Zulu, in his leaked email, prefers to see rather then read my words. Sub CANCELED.

0103 Hours, CDT:

You have cancelled your EVE Online subscription.

Your account will be suspended at the end of the current subscription period, expiring on 16 August 2011.

Your characters will be stored safely and be ready for you to enjoy again should you decide to return.

If you feel that this cancellation has been made in error, you can quickly and easily reopen your account by clicking below.

Van Flegg
Posted - 2011.06.25 06:04:00 - [2122]

Edited by: Van Flegg on 25/06/2011 06:20:30

CCP, This Dev Blog is disgraceful and disrespectful to the playerbase.

There isn't misunderstanding from us here. Most of us already knew the employees were spitballing. That wasn't the point. It's that these ideas in the Newsletter could ever legitemately be considered is the issue. This is not the direction the playerbase wants. It's that key figures within CCP think these ideas are even worth considering is deeply worrying.

And let me be clear; I'm not one to "carry a pitchfork" and ask for job loss of employees of any company, but I really don't want these out of touch people having any kind of influence in Eve Online's future.

A Micro Trasaction Store (on top of a premium priced subscription model!) is not what the player base wants. Stop trying to tell us what we want and start promising what we REALLY want. If you still don't know what we want after hundreds of pages in various topics (after just 24 hours!!!), God help you CCP, for you really are sitting with your heads in the sand.

It took nearly 24 hours for this short blog to be written. And it's the worst case of poor damage control I've seen yet. Our confidence hasn't been restored. Nothing was answered.

d o o m
Posted - 2011.06.25 06:05:00 - [2123]

PIXELS. That's all they are really and making any comparative to real life is bull****. Honestly all micro-transactions items I have ever came across have never been worth except for 2 items. Everything else has always been junk and this junk is by far the most over priced JUNK EVER!!!

Posted - 2011.06.25 06:06:00 - [2124]

Guys, your call is your call re your marketing processes. If some player wants to pay for a cool hair do in Eve my view is fool on him but it is his call.

The issue for me is that I pay you for an experience and a period of time on your platform for which I enjoy the company of like minded people in Eve. Where you have pised me off is that you have interferred in my gaming experience and that quiet enjoyment I had through the platform.

While the regulatory world has not caught up with the gaming world I would say that a risk assessment for you would be monopolistic and anticompetitve behaviours but that is for someone other than I to look at.

You are on the edge of watching a fall of Rome event and your corporate and customer service skills will now decide how you step forward from this point.

I just want to play the game with my mates I dont want to be rooted along the way or people that play will revolt and leave an we all dont want that.

I sincerely hope you have the fortitude and resilience to work through this and remember what made your company and the exceptionally gifterd techniciainas that created this game for us all

I wish you the very best in this endeavour.

Now please answer my petitions so I can get back on Eve FFS!


Huan CK
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2011.06.25 06:11:00 - [2125]

I'll try to keep this constructive, although this dev-blog is really pathetic, and anything but an insult!!!

EVE Online has always been and still is all about its community! It's a sandbox game, where you can pretty much do what you want and try to find your own way. There's soo many ways to play. An industrial side, an economic side, a social and politicial side, and a good focus on combat. No matter in which part of EVE you engage, you're always being measured by other players and their actions. Each action, no matter how small, has an influence on the overall game!

EVE Online is all about the fact that player actions are meaningfull and game changing!

With your latest behaviour, your latest expansion and the recent newsletter leak you do exactly do two things:
1) Ignore community concerns, wishes, hopes and fears.
2) Going into a direction that's game changes will mess with the way that player-ACTIONS impact the game.

If you look at my highlighted parts above, you'll see that the two things is all about are currently threatened by your actions and visions. This is why the playerbase revolts! This is why you're losing subscriptions currently!
If you don't start to realize this, then I can promise you the downfall of EVE-Online. And since this is your flagship game, probably the downfall of your company! You need to realize that we are your costumers, the ones that pay for your daily bread, saussage, sauerkraut and rotten sharks, or whatever you guys do or don't eat Wink

In this dev blog, you adress non of the main concerns of the playerbase. Of course there is some other issues we're having with the latest release, but those are by far not as pressing!
You'd have done a WAY BETTER JOB if you had adressed our MAIN CONCERNS first, and then gotten to the other, less pressing, less concerning topics!
Like the pricing of NEx Stuff. Paying as much RL money for a virtual item as for a real one is really broken, no matter how you twist it! By saying "take it as it is" and ignoring our oppinion and your costumers is not going to make it any better of you. It just strengthens our feelings about you and how you do not care for us anymore!

Also, when you have players revolting because of the general direction your game and your company is going, words from some underlings (with all due respect, Zulu and Manifest, with all due respect!!) will not help! A statement from the management, yes, even the CEO is needed!

About each action is meaningful and how micropayment transactions are threating the game balance:
Yes, there is games out there with item shops. And no, none of them charge a monthly sub fee (at least none I know of!). I have played free games with item shops before.
You HAVE to get stuff from the item store to enjoy the full game and engage in the most relevant actions and areas of interest.
--> This "payment method" looks like its a free game, but has "hidden fees". A subscription fee is more transparent and yields the same amount of money! The playerbase knows this and has little respect for such companies!
There's also always one phenomenon associated with item shops:
As soon as there's items in the shop that others cannot get access to, there's always an --> imbalance. This results that in each of those games you see a small group of players on top that just get there because they pay more than the average player.
Now, imagine this "phenomenon" in a game like EVE, where each oh so small action has an impact on the rest of the game! This will break your sandbox, your game! This is the downfall of your company!

Therefore, addressing MT and its future should be your utmost concern, nothing else!

Florestan Bronstein
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2011.06.25 06:14:00 - [2126]

A little late to the party but w/e...

Just read the devblog and, wow, any player without any inside knowledge or decision-making competency could probably have written a better one.

None of the concerns are addressed adequately.

(a) Seriously, how out of touch can you be to start rambling about 1,000$ designer jeans? Is that the audience you are aiming at?

3,000$/year golf players with Japanese designer jeans?

I thought Zinfandels "you wouldn't want to put cheap stuff into your eyes" comments were just lolRP but it seems the company in general has lost the ability to distinguish between RL and in-game values.

(b) There was one yellow question we wanted an answer for.

We want some certainty on the strategic future of EVE, we want an answer that we can rely on at least for the next 24 months.

CCP Pann ignored our questions, CCP Zulu evades our questions - when will Hilmar stand up and give us insight on the strategic direction CCP is headed towards?

.... because we are not just some summer***s, we are planning for years and investing a lot of time, love and money into this game.
You have created a wonderful game that heavily rewards and depends on long-term planning from the side of the players - I don't think I have a character with an EVEMon plan <1 year at the moment - but in return for investing years to do what in other games can be done within 1-2 weeks of grinding we need some planning dependability. How hard is that to understand?

Explain to us your reasoning and plans or you leave us no choice but to assume the worst.

Posted - 2011.06.25 06:14:00 - [2127]

CCP, you are in denial.

Posted - 2011.06.25 06:20:00 - [2128]

Well said Huan.

I don't think they are going to make it by the look of this shytstorm and curent philosophy. I will give them one week though so hang in there and see if they listen. I have two accounts all cash paying if they cant pull it together in a week I am screeming for the refund register before it all goes to crap.


Huan CK
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2011.06.25 06:21:00 - [2129]

Regarding Soundwave:

As you can see in my last post, MT is not the way to go.
Soundwave is a lead game designer! His words do mean actions, yes! His words are game changing, yes! And his words will have a huge impact on many's opinion within your company!

Having a person in such a position that has completely opposite thoughts about the future than your costumers will lead to a direction the game is taking that will separate you from your community!

I do not say fire him, or burn him for his opinion. I'm glad he has one. Everyone should have one! But if you see that one of your top guys has a vision fatal for your company and your own future, you should rethink his "position" within the company. Yes, keep him. Yes, let him have input in the future. But release him from his current position and replace him with someone that moves closer to the visions of your costumers!
The costumers need to be your focus!
CCP Soundwaves focus is not the costumer, but the money-machine!

Yes, everyone needs to earn money! Yes, we all do. Even you, back there YARRRR!! And yes, we enjoy paying for a game we love to play. Yes, we do love to support you. This is a one-of-a-kind game! You deserve getting payed for your game's visions. But hell no, we do not take kindly being only money machines and nothing more! No, we're not milk cows! And yes, we will go and take our money elsewhere if you don't appreciate the money you're already getting! Yes, we will go, if you don't turn your focus back on US!

Therefore: Yes, you need a change at your top management level!

Chuck Norris knows that micropayment transactions are a bad thing!

Posted - 2011.06.25 06:21:00 - [2130]

CCP, this spite for your 'vision' on where Eve is headed is not shared by the gamebase minority.

It is shared with the MAJORITY of MMO players, ESPECIALLY Eve players.

Smoke crack much?

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