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Ministry of War
Posted - 2011.06.27 04:10:00 - [2401]

To the top with this. CCP needs to be able to easily see the consequences of what they've done. Sooner or later, if you keep throwing rocks at the hornets' nest, they're going to get ****ed off and swarm you.

K'uata Sayus
Posted - 2011.06.27 04:11:00 - [2402]

Already posted unsubbing, just a damn shame such a fine game has gone to he// in the past two years.

Fiye Tao
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:27:00 - [2403]

-1 subscription, this character/account.

Metagalactic Adventures LLC.
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:29:00 - [2404]

I cast my vote of no confidence.

CCP, read my actions (not my words).

You have cancelled your EVE Online subscription.

Your account will be suspended at the end of the current subscription period, expiring on 10 August 2011.

I only have one account.

See related posts:

Action: I have turned off the captain's quarters feature of my client.

Action: I will never buy a vanity item.

Action: CCP, you are fired.

- One unhappy pilot

Tiara Demir
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:32:00 - [2405]

I've been inactive for a bit due to real-world events. The current outrage was the final straw in not renewing my subscription that is coming due in about 2 weeks.

The Real OC
Cascade Probable
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:32:00 - [2406]

-2 accounts here.

Maeve Nightside
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:34:00 - [2407]

Originally by: SonOTassadar
Considering un-subbing (haven't done it yet)

Perpetuum trial is sure fun, though. And not tainted by greed.

Enjoying Perp myself. UI is a bit funky, but the depth is good and the Devs talks to the little folk.

Hikayat Langit Biru
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:35:00 - [2408]

Just added 2 months before a few days before I found out about this.

If the trend continues, will unsub my 3 accounts. A friend of mine recently unsubbed his after seeing NeX and the load Incarna takes on his com. CQ while looking nice, grew old after running a few missions. It just slows down loading and makes things a hassle.

Seen too many games go down this road. Sure it starts off small, but as they keep adding stuff over time, the game degenerates.

This game is pretty epic and has lots of potential, but the current direction seems to be focused more on new stuff instead of upgrading the current stuff we have such as FW, lag, COSMOS.

Hinata Sama
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:48:00 - [2409]

-1 account

Im really sad and disappointed. I love EVE, but it seems they wanna change it to something I dont like.
So i have to say goodbye :(

Zeta Fleet
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:51:00 - [2410]

Epic Battle video:

Raknarg Valklear
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:55:00 - [2411]

3 acc unsubed.

no monocles for me oh so sad Twisted Evil

Nozomi en Tilavine
Posted - 2011.06.27 05:59:00 - [2412]

Right now i wont sub again.

"I can tell you this is one of the moments where we look at what our players do and less of what they say."

I'am doing the same with you CCP.
I won't remove the pressure on you, because you say something.
I have a very limited trust in you right now. Only with action, you will gain my trust and my sub.

if needed i will buy one or two plex to see what you do, but i don't give you more time to convince me.

Shaira Skatan
Serenity Prime
Cascade Probable
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:00:00 - [2413]

I will be letting my 3 accounts go to waste until CCP make **yet another** formal statement declaring that items of power and items of convenience will not be producable from RMT.

Vanity items are fine with me. They give CCP money to develop, while game-balance and the economy are not adjusted.

Even PLEX are (sort of) ok, as PLEX gives CCP revenue from an otherwise black market economy, and plex-bought ISK/items exist via (at some point in their lifetime) the fruits of playing... ie somebody *played the game* to create that 360M ISK or ship-you-bought-via-ISK-via-plex.

But buying plex in order to buy aurum in order to buy (or in other words *produce*) ships/ammo/modules/skillpoints/implants... That's called shortcutting the in-game-economics. Nobody played the game to produce that item/ISK. It was spawned directly out of RMT.

So that's another $45 per month to log as lost revenue for choosing to **** all over people who want to play (rather than buy-up) some balanced entertainment. Kinda sad to say it, but Blizzard might be getting my money again soon Wink

Hamlet Dynamic
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:05:00 - [2414]

-2 accounts

Londo Cebb
Official Market Discussions Troll
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:28:00 - [2415]

shameless bump.

Posted - 2011.06.27 06:37:00 - [2416]

Edited by: vasuul on 03/07/2011 04:37:21

i shall return resolution 7-2-11

DJ Spare
Pure Skunkworks
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:46:00 - [2417]

Minus 1 account here, too!

Black Panthera
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:46:00 - [2418]

I've canceled three subscriptions active from 2009.

-3 ugh

Virancath Krikora
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:48:00 - [2419]

Another here! The last bastion of triple A game development has broken to greed.

At the same time they have crushed any hope I had for World of Darkness.

Mehta Mezhan
Posted - 2011.06.27 06:54:00 - [2420]

This account has been un-subed. -1

Posted - 2011.06.27 07:05:00 - [2421]

-1/1[for 6 months at least]

Gonna let the insult wear off and watch their ACTIONS for MY money.Evil or Very Mad

-Compromised Customer Person

Rekall Incorporated
The Fendahlian Collective
Posted - 2011.06.27 07:06:00 - [2422]

Whats the tally upto on unsubbed players now? 81 pages is pretty impressive...

Ms Lynn
Posted - 2011.06.27 07:15:00 - [2423]

Have alot of time left sadly but -3 accounts asap

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.06.27 07:19:00 - [2424]

Edited by: Othran on 27/06/2011 07:19:47
Originally by: Mitsurugii
Whats the tally upto on unsubbed players now? 81 pages is pretty impressive...

Its around 4700 accounts cancelled so far.

That equates to 70,500 monthly loss or 850,000 annual loss of revenue

Assuming CCP is making the same sort of "profit" as other years that figure is around 20% of their profit. Some guy is off to get their latest financial report (2010-2011) today in Iceland so people can see whether this insanity is driven by need or greed.

Keep the pressure on guys, CCP still haven't got the message and remember they HAVE broken their word on this already.

From P9 of Greed is Good, specifically the section entitled "Delivering The Goods : Virtual Sales in Incarna" -

Not all virtual purchases will focus on customization: some will simply be new items, ammunition, ships, etc. that can be purchased outright.

This is NOT in the head-to-head section. This is the plan and it hasn't changed.

Posted - 2011.06.27 07:22:00 - [2425]

-1 !Embarassed

Ms Cepesis
Posted - 2011.06.27 07:33:00 - [2426]

-1 here

Aeon Noblemagus
Jupiter Force
Posted - 2011.06.27 08:05:00 - [2427]

-2 account for me as well.
30 days and 60 days on my account, sad to let it go.

Lord Timelord
Posted - 2011.06.27 08:20:00 - [2428]

Unsubbed Two Accounts.

Hopefully CCP takes what the CSM says at their upcoming meeting VERY SERIOUSLY! Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2011.06.27 08:24:00 - [2429]

got one alt account which expired like month ago and iam too lazy to renew the sub .. does that count?

Audrey Fox
Posted - 2011.06.27 08:27:00 - [2430]

-1 account Embarassed

Will miss you EVE....Crying or Very sad

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