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Posted - 2011.06.25 22:15:00 - [1711]

Edited by: Krennon on 25/06/2011 22:15:32
-1 cancelled

I Legionnaire
The Tuskers
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:16:00 - [1712]

-2 They don't run out until October though

Lahha Kata
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:18:00 - [1713]


Vile Oblivion
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:18:00 - [1714]

-3 all set to expire next month.

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:19:00 - [1715]

3 accounts unsubbed

posted in the parley thread so don't know if you counted me yet or not.

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:19:00 - [1716]

+7 -7

Drilski Zaytsev
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:19:00 - [1717]


Pathetic, from the devs I've heard so much greatness about, to suddenly come and crush my newfound enjoyment in EVE.

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:19:00 - [1718]

Originally by: Tir Arsil
Originally by: Tobiaz
1150 people cancelling or not renewing a total of 2572 accounts.

So out of 300K+ accounts that's what, 8/10ths of a percent?
While it may not seem much, EVE can't afford to bleed players at this rate for long.

I think they can, and regardless, THEY think they can. The only people really sweating this at CCP are the CSRs dealing with angry customers. Welcome to being a "calculated loss". We are the predicted churn, something not to be avoided or appeased, but actively planned for.

What do you think that recent customer survey was all about? You think it was something ordinary, something that CCP frequently (or ever) did in the past? That the questions about things like how much time you played per week (calculating addiction), how much money you spent on gaming and other hobbies (calculating pricing) were just because they wanted to provide YOU with :better EVE:?

Read Hilmar's email again. This is all part of the plan.

FWIW, I cancelled my two accounts and my three characters are awaiting their biomass countdowns. I won't be coming back. This game is addicting but in the end, not that addicting that I can't find something more worthwhile to do 20+ hours a week.

It was 2572 accounts at post number 1200. You are post 1680, so it's probably around 3000 now. But these are only the ones announcing it here. On other fourums, like K u g u or FHC, there are also announced cancellations that are not being posted here, such as Larkonis Trassler, the guy who ran Ganknight.

The majority won't even announce it. They'll just unsub and go do something else. It's only us obsessives who are making a noise.

Interrobang Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:19:00 - [1719]

-1 expires in August

Jonn Stryker
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:20:00 - [1720]


florian 100254
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:21:00 - [1721]


Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:26:00 - [1722]

-2 here (main and alt)

I actually cancelled the renewal before Incarna and all of this broke out, because I was tired of waiting for ship balance that wasn't happening.
Feel free to add me to your stats though it makes it look more impressive :)

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:26:00 - [1723]

Edited by: Encala on 25/06/2011 23:25:43
Edited by: Encala on 25/06/2011 22:28:59
Originally by: Bardan Asoto
Edited by: Bardan Asoto on 25/06/2011 22:14:15
-2 accounts.

Not because of MT. I don't care, as I am not willing to spend money on it either way.

Not because of CQ. I don't care, my machine can handle it.

BUT THE COMMUNITY CARES and no one is answering them. Poor customer service = loss of moneys. Hope the 52 monocles were worth it.


- 1 acc.

Will not renew when GTC expires.

EVE Online Subscription Cancelled

You have cancelled your EVE Online subscription.

Your account will be suspended at the end of the current subscription period, expiring on 04 September 2011.

Your characters will be stored safely and be ready for you to enjoy again should you decide to return.

If you feel that this cancellation has been made in error, you can quickly and easily reopen your account by clicking below.

lord orei
Blackened Skies
Imperial Directorate
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:27:00 - [1724]

I will not be extending my gametime again. CCP, you make a lot more money from people playing for years with multiple accounts than from being greedy.

-3 accounts

Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:30:00 - [1725]

-3 yearly paid subs just cancelled. eat my shorts Hilmar. btw this protest just hit slashdot

Stervin Avu
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:31:00 - [1726]

one more:

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:35:00 - [1727]

-3 accounts... -2 subs -1 plex

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:36:00 - [1728]

Updated to post 1500. Even with an extreme margin of error, this is still way more accounts then CCP can afford to keep bleeding daily.

Even if many of these people intend to return at some point, CCP can't afford so many people taking a break.

...and this thread is growing with an increasing speed.

Rekall Incorporated
The Fendahlian Collective
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:42:00 - [1729]

Keep it up folks, there a chance a n*tpunch to the wallet will finally make the red flashing `euros on critical` light activate bright enough for them to stop looking at the $1000 japanese boutique jeans. This is why I love the eve community, and if it dies at least it didnt take it up the A on the way.

Viva Le Golden Goose Very Happy

Freddie Failquitter
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:42:00 - [1730]

Failquitters Unite!!

Are you tired of the evil, corporate CCP breaking OUR game with evil MT?!?!?! Show them! Unsubscribe your accounts in this thread, and let everyone know exactly how many accounts you have, how many you're unsubscribing, how many TOTAL toons will be permanently joining the protest, and post proof on YouTube of your biomassing of your toons!! Show CCP who's boss!!

Join Failquitters United today!! All applicants accepted (as soon as I get Ethnic Relations trained up a bit further)! Join today!!

-- Freddie Failquitter

Dirty Filthy Perverts
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:44:00 - [1731]


Illwill Bill
Svea Crusaders
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:46:00 - [1732]

Edited by: Illwill Bill on 25/06/2011 22:52:18
Account expires mid-August. -1.

Nahte Lee
The Scope
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:48:00 - [1733]


I'm still pretty new to this game. It was sweet at first, but the idea of MT leaves a bad taste in my mouth. One of the things that drew me to this game was the complexity, and how it seemed "above" other games. Microtransactions puts EVE on the level of cheap free to play MMOs, except it's not free to play...

My sub runs out in 2-3 weeks, and if I don't hear anything positive from CCP by then, I'll just let it run out and go looking for a new game to play.

Modahn Etch
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:50:00 - [1734]


Benri Konpaku
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:51:00 - [1735]

Looking forward to seeing how the numbers go in 2 weeks from now. I want to see some heads roll at CCP. Twisted Evil

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:52:00 - [1736]

This account and my Main account will expire in 23 days. Thank you CCP, you have shown me what this "real world" is, and it is good.

Thats +2 to the unsub. I am honestly disgusted on how the playerbase has been treated over this. Nice job CCP, you want to "wait out" the storm? That's fine, don't expect anything to be left when you come crawling out from underneath your blanket of greed and fail.

Sarah Moonshine
doMAL S.A.
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:52:00 - [1737]

3 cancelled. This one runs for almost another month (T.T), but it's been cancelled 'till further notice

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:53:00 - [1738]

2 accounts cancelled.

I hope CPP confirms that MT will not include game affecting items. I don't want to leave Eve.

Posted - 2011.06.25 22:55:00 - [1739]

-2 accounts

I love the idea of Eve the reality of it doesn't stack up. I hear lots of great talk from ccp but NO action. If I saw real development in EVE then I would come back, all this other stuff they are doing is great but I'm not paying 15 a month for a game that doesn't progress or change and still has glaring bugs. This last patch was a real let down for me, a bunch of new eye candy with no real substantive changes.

Feline Ferocity
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:57:00 - [1740]

not renewing my 2 accounts once my current gtcs expire.

you done goofed up real bad this time CCP Smile

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