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Posted - 2011.06.23 10:15:00 - [1]

I know there are several hundred threads on incarna already, and there is a proper thread for feedback somewhere else... But this isn't really dev feedback, its just an opinion piece.

So I logged in last night after reading the forum reaction, and tbh I was expecting a slow motion train wreck. But I have to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised. I didn't try it on test so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But for me the captains quarters have added to the immersion to the game.

Yeah there isn't much to do right now, but I'm looking forward to being able to push that station access button and wander around the interior of the station its self. And I really like being able to wander across to the balcony and look at my ship in its hanger, it adds some scale that was sadly lacking before. Sitting back and chilling on my sofa and watching the monitors is actually pretty cool too, its just nice to have something other than ship spinning to do tbh.

A few criticisms though; walking speed is a little slow and not spawning back where I was after leaving and re-entering station is frustrating. And also the vanity goods are WAY over priced, honestly it just smacks of greed. If CCP dropped their prices to around $5 per item they'd probably sell allot more, and probably make more money over-all in the process. But with pricing as it stands I just cant see many people going for it, and those that do will just be laughed at. Rightly so.

Performance for me is pretty good, docking and un-docking don't take any more time than they did before, and when I need to I can do things within CQ just as fast as I could previously, so I see no reason to disable it. But I do have a fairly high-end PC though, so I'm not sure what its like for those with less powerful machines. Forum talk has it that its hideous. But I've learnt that forum rage should nearly always be taken with a pinch (bucket?) of salt. /shrug

The new agent finder rocks, as does the corporation recruitment tool. But the best part for me has to be the turrets, they do look awesome.

So yeah, over all thanks to CCP for making EVE a bit more immersive. And I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop. Just please CCP, if you really feel you need to do it then try to be smart with the micro transactions, because atm they are anything but micro and no one particularly likes being conned.

Flame on.

Tldr: Why all the rage? Most of its actually pretty cool.

Flynn Fetladral
Royal Order of Security Specialists
Posted - 2011.06.23 10:32:00 - [2]

The rage is not about many of the things your talking about. It's actually a shame because this expansion has introduced some really good stuff. The CQ as part of the wider New Player Experience is seriously MASSIVE improvement. CCP did a really good job with this. I've seen an overall improvement in loading brackets undocking from Jita 4-4, previously it would totally lag out for me for a fraction of a second as it loaded, now it's pretty smooth and lag free. The rage is about some of the things in CQ which force you out of your ship. But mostly, it's about how CCP seems to be handling the whole micro-transactions and the actual cost of these items, which should be called major-transactions. Now some of this as always IMHO is over reaction, that is how it always is. But to be honest, there are some legit concerns here, which many members of the community are talking about.

Ore Mongers
Posted - 2011.06.23 10:36:00 - [3]

Same for me.

Finished installing yesterday, and from what I read on the forums, I was expecting a total trainwreck.

After trying it I'm pleasantly surprised. Performance is a bit meh, certainly needs improvement but it's running smooth on my 3y old system at max details - as long as i run 1 client, multiple clients in a station are pushing my system to the limit, still running fine as long as i disable HDR and AA though.

WASD controls are similar to some adventures i played, easy to get used to them.

Not a lot of functions in the Quarter overall, but i hope that CCP will fix that over time.
The current functions are working well for me, organizing ships or items is no problem for me.

I agree on the NeX, but I'm not to concerned about it as i never intended to use it anyways.

What i'd like to see changed:

- old hangar view when the station environment is disabled, as well as a button to embark from the ship if i docked with the station environment disabeld.

- exchangeable interior and gadgets (like holoreels, magazines, chairs, tables, etc.. !produced by players, not to be bought over Nex!)

- a better TV program since the current one does get dull after a while

- actual sound from the TV when it's turned on (and a button to turn it off!)

- more functions in the quarter (let me sleep in that bed)

- being able to run in the quarter

- an option to pull the turrets in or drive them out manually

besides that it's pretty smooth so far imo. (at least compared to Dominion...)


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