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Christine Peeveepeeski
Rodents of Unusual Size
Posted - 2011.06.22 20:22:00 - [1]

Sorry Chribba, I took your name in vain and I apologise, none of this is in any way aimed at you, it'll be seen as a vain post for a forum n00b to get noticed but I've used your well known wealth to illustrate a point.

Does anyone in here think that the billion/trillionaires in EVE are actually millionaires in real life? Does the fact someone or a corp bought a supercarrier/titan mean they spent hundreds or thousands of quid/dollars buying it or them?

I simply do not understand why people are only choosing to look at the value in real life money for these items to flame the **** out of CCP. Up till this point no one batted an eyelid when someone bought a titan.... do you have any idea how much that would have cost in real life money? A lot more than a skirt ;)

Oh sure some buy plex to get these expensive things but most have used corp ISK and/or their own wealth to do so.

So now, CCP have released an item that you can buy for plex by converting to aurum, you do know plex can be bought with ISK right? I mean... what works one way definitely works the other after all, certainly in this case.

If you buy these shineys and clothes with actual money then you are a grade A ****** or someone with more money than I by far. If you did the same before with Titans and SC's you know you are still a ******, I fail to see what's changed. The pixels are different that is all, differently placed pixels lol. What? you think an internet spaceship in an internet spaceship game somehow holds more meaning than an internet monocle? You think a corp spending hundreds of billions on a cap ship fleet is actually spending thousands in real life..... just wow.

I am forced to conclude that those moaning either haven't quite thought it through or people are using it to push an agenda of change on Incarna itself with CCP. Or, more than likely in this forum trolls will be trolls.

The GPU issues well worth whining over, drone **** up.. whine away... all the stuff about loading times get that whine in hard but FFS whining about something that's been available and heavily used for years is utterly ridiculous.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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