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Aurum Aquila
Posted - 2011.06.09 16:01:00 - [1]

Well since the patch that fixed the issue with autopiloting crashing the exe while minimized, I've gotten severe issues with fps lag when operating multiple accounts, even 2, at the same time. Especially near planets where it gets impossible to control anything, ending up with 3-5fps until I minimize one.
I haven't had a SINGLE issue before this patch with these kinds of fps drops. Haven't changed a single setting anywhere.

For me it was especially noticeable near planets when sorting customs offices but I've also had it in encounters in space tho not as severe.

Anyone else experiencing this or did my EVE decide to break itself? :)

Lork Niffle
External Hard Drive
Posted - 2011.06.09 17:09:00 - [2]

Have you cleared the cache?

Do you run in windowed/fixed window or fullscreen mode?

Spec 593357629
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2011.06.10 06:51:00 - [3]

strange this happened to back when they updated the planets. I had to turn down my game settings in order to run smoothly, try running the game at lowers graphics settings and see if the problem is still occurring. also update your video drivers.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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