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FNG Dapalolo
Posted - 2011.06.01 03:18:00 - [1]

Err, all jokes aside. What's the magic formula here? I hear many people talking about how good WHs are. How do you find WH space to kill sleepers? I've been scanning out wormholes for a while now(4-6 weeks). but it seems that in 9/10 there are people in and active, so I leave since I'm just by my lonesome self. In the ones I find where I'm alone, I can start doing sites, but 15 minutes later... sisters combat probes on DScan.

I've tried all sorts of less-populated high-sec, low-sec and some areas of null. I just can't find a place to make even a little profit from this. The fact that there are POS' and players in each and ever hole, kinda kills the immersion too. The latter is more important to me that profit, but it's hard to feel like you're exploring space, when it's so damn crowded.

Isn't it something like two years since WHs was introduced now? Time to bring more holes into EVE, so to speak? I think they should at least consider increasing the amounts of wormholes, at least low-class ones, as the player base also grows. The same goes for known space also, I guess. Anyway, secrets to share? Smile

Murtal Liven
Posted - 2011.06.01 03:29:00 - [2]

Join a wormhole corp.

Substantia Nigra
Posted - 2011.06.01 04:41:00 - [3]

Originally by: FNG Dapalolo
How do you find WH space to kill sleepers?

W-space is accessible literally everywhere. Wherever you are there will, in all likelihood, be a wormhole to w-space within 1 or 2 systems of you.

Getting into a w-system and then killing sleepers, is a whole different thing tho. It's not easy. Of course it's not easy, because the income / profits are so much greater than what is on offer to the hisec mission runner.

Surviving and profiting (enjoying) w-space requires a whole heaps of skills (skillbook and gameplay) and experience that mission-running does not give you, and some that nullsec living does not give you.

Please do not expect to one day decide you want to **do** w-space and be upset if the next day you're not able to achieve much. W-space is very different and it takes a fair bit of time and effort to understand your w-space efforts and to make the most of what is on offer.

Originally by: FNG Dapalolo
I've tried all sorts of less-populated high-sec, low-sec and some areas of null. I just can't find a place to make even a little profit from this.

For your purposes there's unlikely to be a major difference between hisec, lowsec, and nullsec exploration ... although a nullsec / lowsec K162 is probably slightly more likely to take you to an uninhabited w-system.

Originally by: FNG Dapalolo
Isn't it something like two years since WHs was introduced now? Time to bring more holes into EVE, so to speak? I think they should at least consider increasing the amounts of wormholes

You read the forums and they are full of people saying, in effect, "I can't do this, or I can't make enough money from this, so CCP needs to change it so I can". Ummm, nice try but I donít like your chances.

There are a lot of unoccupied w-systems out there although, as you have observed, most of the better quality ones (especially with direct hisec static WHs) have been settled. Of course even the unsettled ones are at risk of other people being in them, and those other people preferring to try kill you rather than kill sleepers. Eve is like that, w-space is very much like that.

If you want to get into w-space, and I can't speak highly enough of the fun and profit that that offers, then I suggest:
1. Adjust your expectations and think of it as a medium-long term effort ... don't be impatient, there's an awful lot for you to learn.
2. Look at joining an established w-space corp / alliance. This is probably the best, quickest, way to become more w-space savvy without losing too many ships and capsules. Contact me in-game and I can steer you towards some possibilities.
3. Search out and devour all the information you can concerning w-space survival. There's a very good (long) guide available by (?name) arcdragon. There are also lots and lots of shorter guides and blogs that help build up your understanding.

Once you get some experience and a better understanding of how it all works then you will be in a better position o decide how you want to approach your future w-space efforts. Some people are part of large corps / alliances that settle high level w-systems. Others settle (solo, small group, or larger group) settle lower level systems and either work those systems or harvest neighbouring systems via the static WHs. Others roam and harvest systems as they go. Still others specialise in trying to prey on any / all of the above groups, and there are even specialised w-space mercenary groups you can hire for doing dirty deeds (although certainly not dirt cheap).

Good luck in your w-space exploration. It's a great part of eve!

Test Build
Posted - 2011.06.01 04:50:00 - [4]

You're not really exploring if you're still tethered to K-Space. Go deeper. There's tons of POS laden inactive holes.

If there's ships on D-Scan & no probes, scan them out, go look, they may be empty. Even if there's pilots in them they may very well be afk for the night.

My tip is try hisec areas within 10 jumps of Amarr.

Ferealz 9/10 times thats where the hisec holes lead to when I'm looking to dump loot. (or 3 jumps from Jita)

People get bored really quick, cloak/log come back in 30 mins. Obviously don't log if there's combat probes already out. 15 min agro timer after your last sleeper kill.

Posted - 2011.06.01 11:48:00 - [5]

funny thing. i sometimes spend days finding wormholes with active people and there is noone to shoot since theyre all afk or no ships in system.

Shallow wh space, so class 1-2 will very often be occupied. class 4 rarely is, and ive heard class 5 is rarely occupied as well. also most system with static high will be occupied, while static low or 0sec usually isnt. when you jump into a wormhole, checking its static is always one of the first things to do. so your cl2 is occupied? check what the static is and move to the next one. back when i lived in a wh with a static c2 i would always find an occupied or an inactive wormhole by just going a bit deeper

and yes, the best way to get into wh life is to simply join a wh corp or alliance, who occupy the wormhole you just wanted to farm but couldnt, because wed try to kill you for farming our wormhole :) just like you will if you are part of that corp and someone else came to steal your stuff :)

Sudden Buggery
Situation: Normal
Posted - 2011.06.01 12:36:00 - [6]

There are many, many low grade (c1/c2) holes that are empty, or are all but empty. IMO an abandoned POS is a better backdrop to the feeling of a hole than emptiness :)

Your problem is scanning from highsec. By definition you are going to find the holes that are most likely to be occupied AND have random others stumble in whilst you're there.

We find holes with no highsec static and ne'er a ship or POS in sight all the time. They also tend to have 20+ anoms to run.

Scan from lowsec as a start, holes with lowsec K-space statics seem the least loved of all.

Tashiell Gao
Posted - 2011.06.01 13:18:00 - [7]

Apply lubricant first. Cool

FNG Dapalolo
Posted - 2011.06.01 16:45:00 - [8]

Edited by: FNG Dapalolo on 01/06/2011 16:48:14
I've thought about trying to find a WH corp, but my sporadic playtime, liking to do alot of things outside of WHs and that I envision living somewhat nomadic, isn't really going hand-in-hand with higher class WHs and organized fleets. Which leaves soloable wormholes, but then again it's a bit overkill to join a corp, as I alone can clear a C1 in a matter of hours. I would imagine a group of people chewing through it even faster, unless the hole has a static to farm. I'm not opposed to this idea, just seems rather difficult.

Hathrul: We could go into a trade agreement. You show me holes without people, I'll find you people to shot? :P How is it I check static again? I used to have a hang of all this.

Khanh'rhh: Well, the last days I've scanned mostly from low-sec. I started in high-sec, but have tried most security levels and population levels. I'll continue with this, tho, and I maybe my luck starts changing soon. :)

Thanks for the helpfulness, either way. :)


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