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Posted - 2011.05.30 21:17:00 - [1]

Edited by: Gothikia on 30/05/2011 21:22:29
Wow, after nearly 5 years of keeping the corp dormant, I have once again opened up the doors to Regeneration.

Those of you who will remember us from back in the day will probably remember that we were one of the weirdest, yet awesome corps to be in with much of the old wink-wink, nudge-nudge. At least everyone in the corp got laid by another corp member and thats quite scary considering I can't remember having any women in the corp! Ah the bond that forms between blokes in nullsec.

Right, to business.

Arrow Minimum 20 Million skillpoints. No exceptions unless kinky time is offered.
Arrow Self sufficient!
Arrow Not be offended by anything - at all.
Arrow We need a black guy again. Even though Kezz wasn't in my corp, but the alliance, its always good to have a black guy kicking around. So you matari - get your apps in.

And the usual stuff - US/EU/AZ Timezones, leadership oppertunities available and so on. Trust has to be earned since I'm building up a new leadership team.

Lovers of midgets is a bonus.

Well what will you get out of it? Well, it depends on what you put into it! Just like forced intercourse.

Here are Regeneration's goals.

Exclamation Strictly PVP. You must have previous PVP experience. Killboards will be searched to verify.
Exclamation Build up our numbers and a new empire.
Exclamation I am a dictitorial beotch. What I say goes. If you don't like, you go.
Exclamation Limited API access is required to verify skillpoints. Nothing else. After that I will remove your API key from my system or you can change it. I don't believe in monitoring my pilots. Regeneration was, and always will be about personal freedom.

Oh and did I mention we were founded by a dev? ♥ (he'll kick my ass for this I know it! xD) Twisted Evil

I really want this to be a corp where you feel like it is a family again. Myself and many former members of Regeneration (and the alliance we were in at the time) are like brothers. I hope to add to that list with fine pilots!

The best thing to do is to drop into channel R-GEN and have a chat. If you join, you'll be defining a whole new chapter in Regeneration's history.

Lastly, about me.

I'm often drunk, always laughing and taking the peepee out of someone. The main goal for this corp is to have fun in EVE. Bring in the peeps, go find targets and have fun whilst doing it.

Much love ♥

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2011.05.30 23:06:00 - [2]

Regen still holds some of the best memories I've had in EVE.

Go forward Gothie! Revive and make it a proud name again!

Posted - 2011.05.31 08:14:00 - [3]

Thank you good buddy =] Yeah some pretty messed up memories at that haha. Twisted Evil

Join us folks! Oh and forgot to mention, we have a "bring your own lube" policy these days. YARRRR!!

Posted - 2011.06.01 03:19:00 - [4]


We love you all; please join! I promise we don't bite.

Posted - 2011.06.01 13:24:00 - [5]

Damn right we do Cool

Join us in R-GEN channel and have a chat with us and we'll answer all your questions. Apps, in, now! Very Happy

Posted - 2011.06.11 14:27:00 - [6]

Bump for the weirdest corp in EVE!


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