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Technodyne Ltd.
Posted - 2011.05.29 08:18:00 - [1]

Hello, I hope someone can shed some light into my issue :).

I have reworked my character through the station re-customization service multiple times in the last 2 days, but since the first time I did it (friday afternoon, generation of the server of the new portrait took about one or two hours) my portrait isn't changing any more. Tried new re-customizations friday evening, saturday morning and saturday night. I still have the portrait I have createt at friday afternoon.
I do get the "un-rendered" versions of my new portraits, but it isn't changed serverside any more. So no one besides me can see any of my new portraits.

I know that it can last a while until the portrait is rendered by the server and placed there. In most cases the new portrait is on the server in a few hours. But in my case I'm waiting now more than one day for my new portrait.

Is it possible that the portrait system can be confused by submitting two or three new portraits in a somewhat short period of time? May twiddling with my character and the re-customization on Duality influence my portrait generation on Tranquility? Has anybody a similar problem than me or also waited for such a long time for an portrait update besides me? Could it be a bug and should I sign a petition? Or maybe I'm just a bit impatient ;).

I hope someone can help me, thanks :).


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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