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Gerth Dopple
Hole Spectors
Posted - 2011.07.03 22:39:00 - [31]

Edited by: Gerth Dopple on 03/07/2011 22:47:48
Ville gerne, men konen har føs'dag :(

Posted - 2011.07.05 07:58:00 - [32]

I'll be comming :D

Varu Fey
Posted - 2011.07.06 13:37:00 - [33]

Gonna be a maybe from me.

Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2011.07.10 10:00:00 - [34]


Sjus Bar
Pilestræde 44
1113 CPH DK

Doors open at 20:00 - Be there early so we can camp the seats :-)

Once more we'll hit Sjus Bar.

Slowly becoming traditional - We need to change that for next time I think Razz

Ma Talune
DaZeD and ConFuseD
Nabaal Syndicate
Posted - 2011.07.12 21:45:00 - [35]

Perfekt. Det godt nok et par gange siden jeg var med sidst - håber det stadig er lige så godt som.

The Condemned and Convicted
Posted - 2011.07.14 12:49:00 - [36]

Edited by: Blackcamper on 14/07/2011 12:49:40
super så kan jeg få pos tårn igen.

så skal der fule i

Cornexant Research
Posted - 2011.07.15 08:13:00 - [37]

Doh! Only weekend all summer where I am not in CPH.


Arx Io
Posted - 2011.07.20 08:52:00 - [38]

I'll be there for a short while.. ;-)

Sral TBear
Shipwreck cove
Posted - 2011.07.23 07:36:00 - [39]

Originally by: Beerhoff
I'll be there for a short while.. ;-)

:) c ya there m8

Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2011.07.23 17:48:00 - [40]

Heading out the door now - C ya'll in 15 minutes :-)

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2011.07.24 02:06:00 - [41]


Posted - 2011.07.24 02:27:00 - [42]

I was there.....

Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2011.07.24 08:01:00 - [43]

Gank ended about 4am local (give and take).

Last handful of people.

I was expecting more... So more I did. (10 AM local now)

Time for bed Razz

Was a blast as always Cool

Malcom Vincent
Posted - 2011.07.24 11:13:00 - [44]

I hope you all had a great time!

I had to skip it due to illness :(

Posted - 2011.07.24 17:03:00 - [45]

Thank you for the friendly environment and lack of gate camps ;-).

Will visit again.


Ma Talune
DaZeD and ConFuseD
Nabaal Syndicate
Posted - 2011.07.24 18:28:00 - [46]

Great time... To bad the only dev coming was sick... will post his "text message" later... Specifically when I get of my behind and proper removed his number from the pic.

Ulrich Lang
Posted - 2011.07.25 20:50:00 - [47]

hey i think i was there ... to damm drunk to know for sure Embarassed

When is next time ??

Mashie Saldana
Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.07.29 13:44:00 - [48]

I was there and it was a blast.

Ma Talune
DaZeD and ConFuseD
Nabaal Syndicate
Posted - 2011.08.05 18:32:00 - [49]

Edited by: Ma Talune on 05/08/2011 18:33:16
Yeah... even when just normal NR aka Ovour aka the big boss
With the beer drinking like a boss...
Types like boss...
Fails to show like a boss...
Fails to repair eve like a boss...
Makes a joke like a boss...
Enjoy the cake:
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

P.S. he was actually sick and in other end of Denmark according to text messages cut away from original picture we took with my phone to prof it, just as number and other private info due to idle threats of perma-ban and piracy from certain VETO members. And I'm a well reputed ugh after all: so in case I still get banned and/or hunted by VETO despite my best efforts to censor this let it be known that my last wish was to let ISS Providence Outpost be renamed back and never be destroyed so I still have some legacy ugh Also yes Denmark has another and its actually quite a few hours of driving despite several NA people I know likes to refute that - claiming they are the new Russian apparently. Think about it guys... think about...

Fly safe and meet me in the WH!YARRRR!!

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