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Ikki Phoenix
United Imperial Fleet
Posted - 2011.05.18 03:58:00 - [1]

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About Us

Launched in February 2011, United Imperial Fleet (-UIF-) is a new PVP oriented, anti-pirate corporation. PVP oriented means that we emphasize the PVP aspect of EVE Online.
However, being PVP oriented doesn't mean that all the other aspects of EVE are ignored. And let not "PVP oriented" scare you.
It is my strong belief that for a corporation to succeed and be a viable entity in the long run, a corporation needs to be proficient in all aspects of the EVE life. Not only that, but a corporation needs to be fully independent and self sustaining. And this is where missions, mining, industry, production, trade come in. The United Imperial Fleet is involved in all aspects of EVE (missions, mining, PI,industry/trading/production....).
So all pilots are welcome to join the corporation and contribute to our growth.

The United Imperial Fleet is a mature organization, newbie friendly, family friendly organization. The corporation is not only about accomplishing goals, but it is also about having a family type atmosphere, with members trusting one another, working together for the better of the corporation.

ArrowDo you have a website/forums/killboard/eve channel/voice comm?

-The main website is here
-Yes, we do have a killboard
-Our Eve channel is -UIF-Public
-The corporation is using GSC as voice/text communication software.

ArrowWhere is the corporation based?

Our corporation HQ is in Amo II, with offices in Tourier and Stacmon
More offices coming in the future.

ArrowWhere is the corporation operating?

Until recently we were operating in Gallente space, however we just moved to Minmatar territory to join the ant-pirates efforts.

ArrowIs the corporation involved in Faction Warfare?

The corporation has just joined the Minmatar Militia for Faction Warfare.

ArrowIs the corporation in an alliance?

We are not in an alliance. However, we are working on joining the coalition of Anti-Pirates. We do keep an eye out on alliances for the future.

ArrowWhat are the requirements to join?

1.Have a full Eve account and a 1 Million SP minimum

2.A positive, friendly, and mature attitude.

3.Use GSC as voice/text communication and possess a mic.

5.Activity in forums and on GSC (voice comm) required. In game activity is very important. Forums and GSC activity are also very important and it all contributes to building a great community.

6.No scamming, smacking and most importantly, absolutely NO pirating.

7.Expected to be polite and helpful to any member of the United Imperial Fleet at ALL times

ArrowWhat type of pilots do you need?

We need all types of pilots. Are you a miner? Do you run missions? Do you love PVP? Or maybe you like to build/produce?
We want you!!!

ArrowProbation Period

Effective April 2011, UIF has a 1 month probation period. During the probation period, new members will have limited access to corporation items. This will allow corp and new members to get to know each other better.

ArrowHow to join?

For detailed information about the application process, please check here

Please feel free to check our recruitment post on EveRecruitment

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Ikki Phoenix
United Imperial Fleet
Posted - 2011.05.20 04:57:00 - [2]

United Imperial Fleet has joined the Minmatar Militia for Faction Warfare.

Join us today!!!!


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