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Blue Lines
Posted - 2011.05.16 20:47:00 - [1]

Hello all,
Do to tough financial events I'm living at a halfway house and my internet time is limited. I can log in to update my skillplan but have no time to run missions, etc. I'm training this character in the hope that when I do get back online properly I'll be set to earn some isk to support a pvp character who is also in the oven.

The problem is, I'm starting to wonder whether I've made the wrong choice of PVE pilot. I've heard that droneboats can be slow for missions, if otherwise solid. I'm debating if perhaps I'd be better switching to Amarr of Caldari, even though my current skillset might not support them as well.

Here's my current skillsheet:

It's a bit lopsided due to me re-mapping for drone skills early on. I'll be switching back to Int/Mem later.

Any advice on what I should do? Drone pilots would be especially welcome to reassure (or condemn!) my chosen way into PVE. Is the Ishtar/Domi fighting style worth following or should I cut my losses and get a Tengu like everyone else?

Sonya Kranz
Posted - 2011.05.16 21:04:00 - [2]

While the gallente droneboats are excellent for pve theyre not always the fastest way. A well fitted dominix can spew out up to around 750 dps without going into blasters and stuff, and the ishtar is a nice little ship for many purposes, ratting, exploring etc.
Downside to these ships is, that contrary to a gun/missile boat you will have to reel in the sentries to be able to deal with small stuff if you cant snipe em from afar.

Its still a good way to do missions, and the guristas jamming doesnt affect them too much, which is handy at this particular moment.
But if you want absolutely the fastest way of doing missions, i would recommend adding minmatar to the mix, and going for the angel ships, especially machariel is a great ship, as well as the cynabal & dramiel, plus you also get acces to the serpentis ships.

Forum Alting
Posted - 2011.05.16 21:14:00 - [3]

Caldari are not the only race that can PvE. I'm a minmatar pilot and wouldn't trade my maelstrom for a raven if you paid me. All the races have battleships capable of running lvl 4s. Fly what you want to fly. Most battleships can run lvl4s if flown properly.

CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2011.05.16 21:18:00 - [4]

Moved from Missions and Complexes. You should be able to get some good answers for your skill plan here.

Capitalist DeSandre
Posted - 2011.05.17 02:01:00 - [5]

My first instinct was to say "Switch off of gallente, right away" but I had no-where near the investment in drone skills that you do. I did have slightly better gunnery skills, and Gallente battleship V. Enjoyed flying a navy mega in both rail and blaster setups for many, many L4s.

Despite that, Caldari offers much faster clears. I swung from Gallente battleship V to the same for Caldari and have no regrets. It is simply a much, much better weapon system able to apply steady DPS at any range.

You might do pretty well with a Navy Dominix, however. I have no experience with that boat.

Test Build
Posted - 2011.05.17 06:44:00 - [6]

Originally by: Blue Lines
Do to tough financial events I'm living at a halfway house and my internet time is limited.

Dude...log the hell off, cancel your accounts, sort your life out. Come back when you've got atleast non-emergency shelter secured.

Miniature Giant Space Hamsters
Posted - 2011.05.17 08:42:00 - [7]

Train what you enjoy. Drone skills are a good investment whether you do PvE or end up with PvP. Dominix is a great battleship under many circumstances. Also, presume goal posts will move and today's best mission runner ship will be tomorrow's also-ran.

Finally, good luck sorting out your RL PvE. I'm not gonna say stop playing EVE until you regain your footing, 'cos life goes on and you gotta grab what pleasures you can.

Posted - 2011.05.17 17:16:00 - [8]

I'd stick with the drones for now. The DPS may be on the low side, but you have selectable damage and are pretty resistant to EWAR. The choice is do you want to go hybrids and armour with the Domi? Or missiles and shields with the rattlesnake?

My only advice would be to finish your drone skills, and any other memory primary attribute skills you want now. You don't want to return to a mem/per remap, there isn't enough skills to squeeze 12 months out of it.

Posted - 2011.05.17 18:47:00 - [9]

Why not just go for a Proteus? You have Gallente Cruiser 5 already

Blue Lines
Posted - 2011.05.17 20:07:00 - [10]

Thanks for the answers and suggestions.

I'm pretty pleased with my drone skills as it is and as I'm a sensible sort I wont be looking to step into a Carrier any time soon, although I would like to get into them (and Wormholes) down the line. I still have the uneasy feeling that Drones don't fully hack it as a DPS platform so I'm mulling over switching to a Mael or Tempest. This will also free up the Mach later as also mentioned. I have yet to hear anything positive about the Proteus concerning PvE; seems like a solid gankboat though.
Essentially I just want something that'll quickly clean through some NPC's by the time I get back online fully.

Originally by: Test Build
Originally by: Blue Lines
Do to tough financial events I'm living at a halfway house and my internet time is limited.

Dude...log the hell off, cancel your accounts, sort your life out. Come back when you've got atleast non-emergency shelter secured.

Thanks for the counselling champ but things aren't as dire as I might have made out. I'm fully employed, I've simply been living with family whilst I look for a new place to rent. My Gran is still reeling from the invention of the wheel, let alone Broadband, so I get by by only logging in occassionally when I visit my folks. Skills seem to train a lot faster when you're not actually playing the game Wink

TheSpamMan Doshu
Blue Waffles
Posted - 2011.05.26 14:47:00 - [11]

Good luck on the house hunting my fwend

Cunane Jeran
Posted - 2011.05.27 22:28:00 - [12]

Firstly good luck on finding a new house!

Onto the meat of it, I see gaps on the skills you currently have

- Energy Systems Operation (5% to cap recharge per level)
- Jury Rigging, Armor Rigging, Drone Rigging (and whatever else you wish to throw in) which lets you rig your ship for a sizeable bonus to performance
- Armor Compensation skills, a small bonus but if your using EANM's just adds a lil more tank even if you just train them to lv2
- Controlled Bursts and Surgical Strike in gunnery I'd highly recommend if you do decide to go for a shooty ship, also it should be noticed even a drone boat can benifit from guns, every bit of DPS you do after all makes for a faster mission.

As far as missions go a drone boat is pretty darn fast, a Domi is a solid choice if you want to stick with what your good at currently.

Blue Lines
Posted - 2011.05.31 14:47:00 - [13]

Yes, my current skill set is pretty one-eyed. Luckily, I've still got 2 remaps left, so I'm still on track (in a sense).

After mulling over the ship line up I'm going to train up projectiles and shield tanking. I'll use the mem/int remap to plug all those little nooks and crannies.

I've been very tempted by the Tengu but I have almost no skills relevant to its useNeutral. I'm staying true to this new plan by looking at the Machariel model repeatedly. I'm a bit clueless as to where to mission; I'm assuming that Matar space is best for projectile ships.

My Domi skills should see me through for a while until I can fly something faster. Thanks for all the help.

Posted - 2011.05.31 16:45:00 - [14]

Yeah def gl with the rl crap happens to everyone.

As far as the missioner, I'd stick with domi if you're already speccd that way. Going uber in one direction is best way to isk/hr so with a start on Gallente you are headed the right direction imo.

Besides the fact that I haven't figured a way to afk lvl4s with a drake :) and a raven don't make me lol


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