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Broc Hok
Posted - 2011.05.16 15:50:00 - [1]

There has been something that has been bugging me; itís like a little gnat that wonít go away. I try to just forget about it and pretend that there is not a problem; just use your imagination I keep saying. But my senses and reasoning just keep at me and now I guess I just have to try and do something about it. I think that all of you will agree with me that this little issue has been bugging you also. I am sure to some they have just gotten so used to the status quo, that they have fooled themselves into believing this is normal and shouldnít be fixed. Well what is it you ask, the big bomb that can and will change the fundamentals of EVE for the better, and if you really think about it for the better. Open your minds and really envision what EVE could be with some very fundamental changes. It is this: Emersion and a taste of Reality. It is what we have all always really wanted, to feel like you are actually there in the vastness of space spinning out of control hanging on to your wildly maneuvering ship by the seat of your pants. Just imagine racing through a vast asteroid field thousands of KM deep fighting another Pod pilot or NPC with the consequences of hitting a floating rock at high speed ending in a wrecked ship. Also imagine if you will, you are at full burn accelerating rapidly then you cut your engines and guess what you just float at a constant velocity, because the last time I checked there is no atmospheric friction in space to slow you down. It just makes sense to fix these little problems now that EVE is over 8 years old, but wait donít fret, the point and click system will still be there for large complex ships that have a lot going on at one time making ship maneuvering difficult.
So here is what I am thinking. Remember, keep your minds open and let me entertain you. First off is to have a fixed camera pan-able mode that is somewhat representative of where the Ships Bridge or cockpit would be. This mode would also give the POD pilot a real sense of ship scale. So when you bank, yaw, and pitch around like a crazy person on fire, you are really immersed in the action. Of course the normal camera modes that we all have grown to love so much would still be available, and frankly would still have to be available.

So how do we navigate this ship that is not really and airplane flying around in the troposphere? Ok, hold on, I am thinking 4 simple maneuvering modes (I almost said flight modesÖ oops flying is what we do in airplanes not ships in the vacuum of space). These modes would include 2 combat modes and 2 free maneuvering modes. I know what you are thinking, combat will be so hard if you are falling all over the place with no friction to slow you down or help control the ship. Well, we have the most advanced machines ever known to humans and they have control computers to help us out. Letís talk about the 2 combat modes first because I am sure all of the point and shoot pilots are shaking their heads about now.

Combat mode 1: Point and click almost like you have it now. Great for large complex ships that take a multitasking mutant like all of you Battlecruiser and larger ship pilots out there. You point and click where you want the ship to go and your ships control computer does all the work for you. There is one hitch though and that is speed control. Thrusters wonít work like you see them now, they will only burn when you are accelerating or decelerating. Here is how this goes, before you enter combat, or during if you are crazy, you will tell your mighty computer what maximum speed you want under combat situations. You see ship mass and maneuvering thrust now becomes a factor as your speed increases, so a large ship just canít swing its large fat, well you know what I am about to say, around as quickly as a small frigate. It comes down to what is acceptable to you, as the Gods of space, in turning radius and maneuverability for the ship you are piloting. (cont. to next post)

Kerensky Initiatives
Posted - 2011.05.16 18:11:00 - [2]


Kaelie Onren
Posted - 2011.05.17 09:12:00 - [3]

Are you playing the same game that the rest of us here are?
You wouldn't happen to be a Babylon 5 fan would you? Or applying for NASA?


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