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Symbiosis International
Moose Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.13 00:29:00 - [1]

I've played EVE for many years... and I'm beginning to see a problem. As time goes on, this problem gets worse and worse, until I fear it will consume our game. It is changing the way people act, what they do, and making the game unfair for the rest of us. I have watched for the past month, and there have been over 200 cases of this. In this month alone.

I am, of course, talking about people trolling with their alts. These people have come and made it difficult for us legitimate trolls, who accept the consequences of their words, to compete. They abuse the anonymity your game provides, and use that to make snide remarks on the forum without fear of retaliation or backlash from corpmates or other posters. I say this cannot stand. They unfairly gain all the jollies of trolling, without any of the accountability. EVE is supposed to be about risk-v-reward, yet these people get all the reward, at no risk.

Again, over 200 cases of people using their alts to troll or whine, on this forum, in the past month. Too scared to accept the consequences of their actions, they act like immature snobs, and this must be fixed.

My solution is simple: If anyone ever posts on the forum, if they are not the most-skilled character on the account, the names of all the other characters on that account will appear. Alternatively, make it so only the most-skilled character on an account can post on the forum.

I hope you all see reason.

Alara IonStorm
Posted - 2011.05.13 00:33:00 - [2]

I agree, make this troll a Mod now!

Posted - 2011.05.13 01:34:00 - [3]

Jaina Sunspot
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.05.13 01:37:00 - [4]

Originally by: Spurty


Killer caught by Police naked sobbing under a rainy overpass screaming he shouldn't have popped my CNR.

Suspects Lawyer has put forth an insanity plea.


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