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Math'ra Hiede
Trinity's Vanguard
Posted - 2011.05.09 12:13:00 - [1]

Edited by: Math''ra Hiede on 11/05/2011 11:19:03

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Ikhnitiast resa zakhn iekhi ejed.
Dei chavn vaplatset, ta for Shaife jarru khaies dechjret.
Platsen vaplatset ta ijed mojem teynarr vedat.
ta kajiv itlech ziel vedat
- e Chorim, Buaran iekh 1:4

Meten, Ashtad, Emun.

War forged us, history defined us.
We are Trinity's Vanguard

The Trinity's Vanguard opens its doors for all those interested in RP-PvP focused on making ISK through innovative and creative Bounty Hunting Mechanic, The Khanid Mashtori have begun to recruit top Capsuleers to expand their range into the Empire and beyond so that the name Mashtori will strike fear into even the most hardened of hearts!

Where you just brutally murdered by a heathen/pirate/etc?
Do you need help getting revenge?
Willing to pay but don't want to hire an expensive Merc Corp?

The Mashtori offer bounties with the discretion of having it not broad casted to the Cluster by CONCORD but at the same time actively pursued by skilled pilots.

TR-VA Operates in Amarr FW space primarily but Bounty Targets in other arena's can be arranged - contact Math'ra Hiede for details

TR-VA Offers:
- Unique brand of RP
- Innovative Bounty System
- PvP Based
- Khanid Loyalist connections

- Experienced and interested PvP Pilots of all flavours and races:
- Executive positions for UK/US TZ's availiable.
- Main Characters preferred (Alts accepted pending CEO approval)

- Minimum 10m SP
- Dedication and passion for PvP and EVE
- Greater than 0.5 Standing with Amarr
- Limited API-Key

Corporate Focus:
- To provide a unique and rewarding bounty system, make ISK while PvP'ing!
- Furthering the unknown and shadowy goals of the Mashtori!
- To expand the power of the Mashtori into space and become a primary corp for the Khand Kingdom

Personal) From 15 Up.
Corporate) from 50m Up
Bounties are active for ONE(1) Week and can be renewed indeffinately at discretion of the client or CEO.
If the results are unsatisfactory, a 75-90% refund policy* is in effect for all bounties.

Points of Contact:
Math'ra Hiede: EVE-Mail/Convo for Recruitment and/or bounty jobs

Public Channels:
Trinity's Domain - IC Public Channel
The Shattered Arc - IC Lounge-Bar
KhanidPublic - OOC Public Channel

*At the discretion of the Senior Mashtori on duty

Math'ra Hiede
Trinity's Vanguard
Posted - 2011.05.10 10:17:00 - [2]


Math'ra Hiede
Trinity's Vanguard
Posted - 2011.05.11 11:19:00 - [3]

The Mashtori are still here, and still looking for new members.

Esan Vartesa
East Khanid Trading
Khanid Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2011.05.11 17:59:00 - [4]

Bump for a noble and innovative cause.

Sinjin Mokk
Stillwater Corporation
Posted - 2011.05.15 04:38:00 - [5]



Math'ra Hiede
Trinity's Vanguard
Posted - 2011.05.16 08:03:00 - [6]

I would like to remind everyone that recruitment is still active, having JUST joined Amarrian Militia we will now be seeking targets and making kredits!


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