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Phelan Lore
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.05.04 04:24:00 - [1]

I am looking for a home of all sorts.

Show me what you have to offer.
Just coming back to eve after a 3 1/2 month leave.
No ties, no friends, fresh slate.
Ingame mail me for more information or questions or reply in this thread. Thanks.

Daimien Hayes
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2011.05.04 04:37:00 - [2]

Hi lore

We are old and well established eve corp that aims to provide its members fun daily. We provide our members with daily pvp activities and are looking for new blood. Dark-Rising has strong leadership and our player base is mature and very friendly. For more questions join our public channel "Dark-Rising" and please have a look on our website.

Recruitment Officer

Karr Jannar
Posted - 2011.05.04 05:23:00 - [3]
low sec pvp, nbsi,
join malin recruit for a chat
we just love to blow stuff up

Alexis Prey
Posted - 2011.05.04 05:31:00 - [4]


Perhaps you would be interested in my corp/alliance. We are very new, but I am working very hard to expand as fast as I can and bring this alliance up to speed. I'd like to move into 0.0, and this requires good pvp pilots. So far, we don't really have a pvp corp as of yet. We have a corp that is miner/pvp/pve, but I don't think we have enough strength to hold our own in 0.0. I think you would be very valuable in helping with this, and sharing your experiences.

I'm very active, and you're welcome to pm me in game at any time. :)


Mortis Angelus
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.05.04 10:30:00 - [5]

Yo Phelan,

If you can consider 0,0 again please make sure to check us out.

We migth be what you are looking for:)

please visit our info channel called

Mortis Info (ingame)

there we will be able to talk and see what we have in common


DeT Resprox
Posted - 2011.05.04 10:39:00 - [6]

Hey Phelan

I mailed you ingame, feel free to ask any questions you may have about us on our Recruitment Thread or via evemail.

We have the only player built missioning system in EvE where you can take up missions much like NPC missions (supply/courier/combat) where your actions change the course of of universe. All pvp missions reward Loyalty Points where you can exchange these for Faction/Officer/Tech 2 items from our very own LP Store.

We also reward you Loyalty Points for offensive and defensive plexing and supply you with free ships and equipment for fighting the Amarr and Caldari. Our missioning system is entirely governed by a complex factional standings model - the only type in existence which will soon become a global entity in EvE.

This month T.R.I.A.D featured as the first ever corporation to be featured in EON Magazine. We are also extensively covered by ISD and the developers due to the unique nature of our corporation.

Full details can be found as follows:
Ingame Channel: TRIAD AGENCY
Recruitment Thread: CLICK

Our Recruitment Thread includes our EON Magazine feature, all ISD/CCP News articles on our Corporation and a full overview of our Corp and missioning system.

If interested, register on our website ingame at and we will grant you access to our mission agents. If you wish to take advantage of free ships and equipment and additional bonuses as well as corp only campaings and missions, then our doors are open.

Simply apply to join our corporation the next time you dock and become part of a corporation in the Minmatar Militia with the only player built missioning system in EvE.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Posted - 2011.05.04 10:48:00 - [7]


Solar Nexus is still looking for capable soldiers to send to the battlefield. Please take a look at our recruitment post.


Norse'Storm Battle Group
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2011.05.04 11:35:00 - [8]

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Norse’Storm Battle Group (NS-BG) is looking to grow and we need you!

We are becoming a well established corporation and continue to grow daily. Currently based in the Querious Region, K-JO26 Constellation, we cover almost every aspect of EVE, including but not limited to Mining, Industry, Missioning, Exploration, Low-Sec/Null-Sec Roaming, and downright good times. Our home system is a quiet one and along with everything mentioned above we offer a ship replacement program in corporation.

Arrow ”What do you really have to offer and what are your goals?"

Miners - Orca support in High security space and Rorq support in 0.0 space, constant mining ops, and a retriever program. While we look for dedicated orca pilot’s, we still will have plenty to mine in 0.0 and Highsec. There is money to be made here. Our corp. requires allot of minerals for ongoing manufacturing and we are more than willing to pay miners to get these minerals for us. We are looking to offer excellent refining and an excellent pay system. On top of all this, if you show yourself to be a dedicated miner and learn the required skills, the corp. will give you a Hulk free of charge. We need our miners and we take care of them.

Explorers - The area we are based out of K-JO26 Constellation is rich with both signatures and anomalies. There are also 8/10 and 10/10 Plex’s in the area. We will be constantly scouting out new wormholes and could use pilots with great scanning abilities.

Mission Runners - On a daily basis we run missions ranging from levels 1-5 and we also have several plex’s in the area. Whether you are just starting out in level ones or are pushing into fives, we have a place for you. Also, anyone is welcome to come along on higher level missions regardless of current ship or current SP. All we ask is that you follow direction, shoot smart, and bring a ship fitted for combat.

Our Corp Members - We are a community to every definition of the word. Our future member base will be multi-time zone. TS3 voice server is set up for Corp/Alliance. use and members are encouraged to take full advantage of it. Humor is a must within our ranks. As far as advancement within the corp. goes, the sky is the limit.

Relocation - If you decide to join us and have allot of assets at your home base, not to worry, we have dedicated haulers that would be more than happy to transfer all your belongings to are null security station.

Skill Books - Need help? Just ask. (No Capital Books at this time)

Scheduled Corp Ops - Yes, we do schedule ops as a corp. And we are built on working together to meet our long term goals. No, they are not mandatory. Norse’Storm firmly believes that real life comes before EVE.

Ship Replacement Program - Yes we do have a Corp. ship replacement program in effect.

Arrow "Alright then, what are your requirements?"

We are looking for active pilots of all ages, SP, and experience. Are you new to the game and kind of lost? Not sure what you want to do? Just need some help getting your footing? We are the place for you. Are you a veteran who is set in his/her ways and just looking for a new home? We got you too. We only ask that you can use TS3 and have a mic.

If you are interested in joining or have questions contact

- Kellax (CO)
- Theminster (XO)
- Lord Arkhos

Norse'Storm Forums: Link

or join channel "NSBG-[PUBLIC[/b]"

And as a recap, we are looking for:

★ Miners
★ Haulers
★ Mission Runners
★ Exploration Pilots
★ All Purpose Pilots
★ Manufactures

Come check us out!

Phelan Lore
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.05.07 06:48:00 - [9]

I have gotten some neat offers. But I am still interested in what other offers may be available before I make a choice. I would like to pick the best corp for me that I feel I will fit in for a long time to come.

Anyone else?

John McCreedy
Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2011.05.08 00:32:00 - [10]

Full sub-cap ship replacement, **** loads of targets and PvP 24 hours a day. What else could a PvPer possibly want?

Imma Killue
Posted - 2011.05.08 22:41:00 - [11]


We See Dead People, Est. 2007, is a smaller corp, but we are all about hanging out on ts, having a good time while playing the game. At the end of the day that is really whats important, having a good time, with a group of friends, right?

If it moves, shoot it. If it moves again, pod it. If it doesn't move, loot it!

WE SEE DEAD PEOPLE is an old school, new tricks Pirate Corporation that has been bringing death to Eve since 2007. We are a well-rounded corp which dabbles a little in everything. Plenty of pew pew going on every day, from roaming gangs to fleet ops. WE SE believes that the corporation should work for its members, not just its members working for the corp. Put your application in today!

Things we have done in the past, and will continue to do: Hold Sov space, WH Exploration, Pirating, PVP, Fleet Ops, Build Capital Ships, Make fun of Leindo on comms. Hell, we might even mine.

To apply you MUST...

Have at least 8 mil sp
Heavily US TZ
Provide your limited API key and User ID
Be an active player, if you aren't, do not bother applying.
Be able to use voice comm, TS3.
Understand that eve is just a GAME, yes GAAMMMEE.
Speak and type clear understandable English
Able to take a joke (especially if its you)
Have a good sense of humor
Know how to act in a fleet

Things you might do in corp:
- Hold SOV Space
- PVP Ops
- WH Exploration
- Mine, Haul, Rat
- Logistics
- Make fun of eachother on comms, or in corp chat.

Join our public channel ingame: We Se Friends

We are always looking to take on some new people, if you meet this criteria feel free to apply!


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