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Posted - 2011.04.23 08:47:00 - [1]

New service for broking of betrayals and double crosses.
Access to characters, accounts or external to eve universe services (such as external to eve voice server) will not be brokered. Only in game asset access, standings or information will be brokered.

Basics of buying and selling bad deeds:
#1 reputation is important when your trading lying. You are required to pay a deposit when buying (at time of enquiry of availability of a service) or selling (at time of placing a betrayal for sale).

As you gain trust the % deposit required will reduce. Trust need not be based on a character but may be a unique reference id to support building of trust for those who may use multiple or disposeable characters.

Basic Services
General Introduction Service - paid for by buyer, held in escrow for 24 hours. If both parties happy, 50% released to seller, 50% retained as brokerage fee. Minimum contract size of 100m isk.

Real Time Double Blind Outcome Contract - both parties wish to remain anonymous, negotiated action to be delivered within a set time period of a pre-arranged communication on an unsecured and open forum. Escrow held for 24hours after action. Pre agreed verification of action successful execution. 80% of fee paid to service seller, 20% retained as brokerage. Minimum contract size of 200m isk.

Custom Contract - by negotiation. Brokerage fee will scale up or down depending on attention required and risk of failure of contract.

Betrayal Sellers
1 - in game mail me with service, price and corp / alliance you will betray for isk.
2- Information of who you are will not ever be sold unless you agree to this as part of terms of the final contract.
3 - Specify if you are able to provide this service at a specified date+time or on command (will be done typically through a pre-arranged forum post from a disposeable alt)
4 - State time period you ensure service is active upon its commencement (i.e. standings change - that it will last a minimum of x minutes /hours)

Type of services that a market will likely exist for -
voice communications credentials to a specific fleet / alliance / corp
Alliance or corp standings changes
POS password
Jump Bridge password
Acceptance of a recruitment application

Betrayal Buyers
1 - ingame mail with alliance or corp you wish betrayal of
2 - time period you wish contract to be open for (1 week is a good start)
3 - do you want this a secret or open contract? (You will not be identified, but if not secret the basics of the contract will be published to see if it attracts interest)
4 - any special conditions for screening a sellers genuine access / truthfulness
5 - as merely submitting a request can give you valuable information on market availability of potential betrayal by members of a corp or alliance (i.e. your own), you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of 20m. This will be deducted from any brokerage fees.

Note Well
Lying to the broker will never be tolerated and never forgiven. Isk cannot buy you back a reputation. Circumstances changing are forgiveable in execution of a contract, but misrepresentation of access or possession of information is not. Should you ever speak to the other party, what you do or do not tell them is not the brokerages concern.
The brokerage does not provide any guarantee beyond negotiated verification of outcome. Failure by one party to deliver the verification within the agreed time voids their rights to escrowed funds.
Truth or untruth outside of an agreed verification is not the brokerages concern and will not have any bearing on release of escrow.

General Advice
In animals lying is regarded as a sign of higher intelligence. Lying about lying - by appearing to be sincere and honest - is a common pattern. If your buying or selling lies, the person you are dealing with is comfortable with lies. Be mindful of double cross and what information you give away before you get what you want.

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