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Posted - 2011.04.22 16:47:00 - [1]

We engaged with a drake outside the station, and then he suddenly disappeard, his mate warped in with a fation cr, we all got blown up... Im wondering how the drake was disappeard, docked?
Very Happy

Daneel Trevize
Posted - 2011.04.22 16:58:00 - [2]

Edited by: Daneel Trevize on 22/04/2011 17:04:33
It certainly looks like he deagressed, only did 9%/a few vollies damage to your rupture if the KM is to be believed. At least you're still up iskwise thanks to their ishkur 20mins before :)

Bait drake is bait, try not just rushing into full tackle range until you need to/have seen what backup's coming. With your frig friends you might have given that vigilant cause for concern if you switched dps, but he does have a nice 90% web.

Posted - 2011.04.22 17:15:00 - [3]

Thanks dude~
How many secs or mins will he be allowed to dock.
Would that be the best way if all of us deagressed and docked once the facion CR came in?

Millie Clode
Insert Cool Name Here
Posted - 2011.04.22 17:20:00 - [4]

Aggro timer is 60s

Daneel Trevize
Posted - 2011.04.22 20:50:00 - [5]

Unless you're all buffer, a good Vigilant fit should melt you all in a minute, especially if you're not making his life harder with neuts. Normally you'd kite a blaster boat or try mess with its tracking if you're caught up close, but it's a pirate faction cruiser with an effectively old school web so it actually hits hard, and you're in a t1 cruiser and some frigs, so it's fight or flight, no deagressing.

I'm not sure how new you are either, but if your frigates aggressed on a station(or gate) in lowsec I think you might find they died to sentry guns.

BlackSite Prophecy
Posted - 2011.04.23 15:10:00 - [6]

Hey guys,

I have a question too, whats with this aggro timer in FW?

If i aggres, i have a 60s flag on me, which does not allow me to dock or jump to another system?

Thanks :)

Mara Abraham
The Tuskers
Posted - 2011.04.23 17:35:00 - [7]

Good day:

As far as I know the aggro timer is the same in all security space systems. While I try to avoid station games, if you do get involved in them, I find it best to get off station if the target docks.

That way if they pull out something you cannot handle, you can warp to a safe, bounce your time out, and then dock yourself or exist the system.

Thank you.


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