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Julianus Soter
Posted - 2011.04.20 16:21:00 - [241]

No. . . when I attempted to log into duality, I hadn't modified the target of the shortcut. It went to Sisi automatically, and then the patch overwrote the duality client I had installed. Reinstalling duality client, modified tareet, will report when done. :P

Sader Rykane
The Dark Space Initiative
Revival Of The Talocan Empire
Posted - 2011.04.20 16:24:00 - [242]

Dropbear,is it safe to speculate that in the future that all UI functions in the captains quarters could be performed by the screens within the captains quarters? Lets say for, immersions sake, would it be possible to do everything within the CQ even after CTRL-F9'ing your own UI and removing it from the screen?

Nika Dekaia
Posted - 2011.04.20 16:26:00 - [243]

Originally by: Julianus Soter
No. . . when I attempted to log into duality, I hadn't modified the target of the shortcut. It went to Sisi automatically, and then the patch overwrote the duality client I had installed. Reinstalling duality client, modified tareet, will report when done. :P
Modyfying the shortcut should do the trick.

murf meh
Posted - 2011.04.20 16:30:00 - [244]

1. Initial Tutorials:
Rate the tutorials that explain Incarna navigation and Skills prior to the first mission description

N/A no free character slots.

2. Mission 1:
Rate the first Mission and the associated tutorials

N/A no free character slots.

3. Mission 2:
Rate the tutorials after returning from Mission 1 and the Objectives and tutorials of Mission 2.

N/A no free character slots.

4. Mission 3:
Rate Mission 3 and the associated tutorials

N/A no free character slots.

5. Captainís Quarters General Feedback
-- a. Rate the overall 'feel' of the CQ
-- b. Rate the Layout of the CQ


Even though this build has only been in the works since the beginning of the year (why you sc****d every other [insert expletive here] build over the past 4 years is beyond me) I am left with a strong taste of bitter disappointment in my mouth.

The controls are about as intuitive as a 1999 3d adventure game.

The visuals are vastly underwhelming for the performance, no matter my settings I was getting 15fps

It needs separate settings from in space or a way to default to blank screen, I get 45 fps in space settings turned up high res, but in station I am now screwed.
This has a direct negative effect on my game play, something which was promised not to happen.

Enriana Shlirapen
Posted - 2011.04.20 16:30:00 - [245]

- Camera is too low behind the character. Character model takes too much screen space.
- Please consider allowing first person view
- Please consider adding running
- Right click to activate is not intuitive. Hover = tool tip/highlight, left click = activate is.
- With the current features and slow movement of the character there is no reason for the player to be in the CQ. Everything can accessed faster with the old ui.

Julienne Poirier
Nonya Endeavours
Posted - 2011.04.20 16:32:00 - [246]

Edited by: Julienne Poirier on 20/04/2011 16:33:56

1. Initial Tutorials:

2. Mission 1:

3. Mission 2:

4. Mission 3:

5. Captainís Quarters General Feedback
-- a. Rate the overall 'feel' of the CQ : 3
-- b. Rate the Layout of the CQ : 3
(1-5 scale)

6. General feedback
- Need a run toggle key (shift) for faster movement.
- Indicator of what objects are interact-able, icon? bouncing when mouse over or transparent ring?
- Forums access point Wink
- Where is the bathroom?
- Its a start, gonna be great.

Posted - 2011.04.20 16:47:00 - [247]


DONT reduce the cliff!!! It is nice to have a game where you're not guided through everything.

Yuki Kulotsuki
Posted - 2011.04.20 16:48:00 - [248]

Only able to do the initial tutorial since my card really can't handle high shaders.

Skills Tutorial:
if you're going to make a popup to highlight the items section on the neocom, can you do the same for the character sheet? And other sections. The usage of the popups is a very nice touch but for the moment is rather inconsistent.

Additionally it might make sense to mention that the skills are already selected when you open the character sheet. It's possible someone will open it, click the skills button, see no change and be confused.

The transition from Skills to Pilot training mentions that the agents tab is highlighted however that is not the case. Needs fix.

Carola Kessler
Posted - 2011.04.20 16:53:00 - [249]

Reporting in as well:

First experience while using a fresh created char looks good do far except the known issues allready pointed out from others above me.

want to add that the first step to get used to Eve / CQ is understandable easily if the newjoiner to the game doesn't clicks away every window as most do LOL.

Logged in after inital test with fresh char with my main used Clone Jump to a nearly system Caused a crash.

Also still local freezes after a certain time frame causes Crashes as well so also the reported UI crashes from peoples above me.

While was traveling after logging backin from my Clone jump crash to the Emrayur system recognized missing Warp effect.

Alt Tabbing between Clients brings Black screen only Relog fixes this atm it seems.

Everything else i think got allready reported so far looking forward for the next patches and updates on Duality for improved CQ testings within the next five days.

Reporting out o7

The xDEATHx Squadron
Legion of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:01:00 - [250]

Looking at this video of CQ implementation on Duality I just can't understand why the ship-spin view was replaced by the balcony. I mean, all the hangar graphical assets seem to still be in the game, so both views could happily coexist (and still can).

Can someone please test the "load station environment" option in the game settings. Thanks.

King Pleasure
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:03:00 - [251]

1. Initial Tutorials:
2. Mission 1:
3. Mission 2:
4. Mission 3:

0 - I'm indifferent and testing them doesn't appeal to me. It's not something I'm going to use and as such, not something I'm going to spend anymore time commenting on.

5. Captainís Quarters General Feedback
-- a. Rate the overall 'feel' of the CQ
-- b. Rate the Layout of the CQ
(1-5 scale)
A - 3.
B - 4.

6. General feedback

Few things.

(1) Movement is not intuitive and breaks from the MMO third person norms and this isn't a good thing. There is a reason that AWSD + right click to orientate your character is the norm (as is both mouse buttons for movement). It works well, everyone knows how to use it and if you're trying to improve your newbie retention rate, giving them something familier to work with is a great way to make them feel at least a little at home. Also, it feels like shift should make the character run because the pace they walk at is glacial. At the moment I feel like I'm playing something from the mid 90's before these norms were established.

(2) As a result of the above, the camera doesn't feel very good. I hope it's not a different control set for the sake of being different. It's nice to be different but EVE is already very different and this isn't making the experience better.

(3) Lighting, everyone has touched on it. Way too dark. Since we're going to be living in these CQ's for a while, we may as well be able to see them.

(4) Let me spin my ships. It's great fun and somethign I'll really miss if we can't do it in the future.

Omar Bin Ghazali
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:04:00 - [252]

I can't spin my ship anymore?

Selune Virra
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:05:00 - [253]

...In short, we hope to noticeably reduce the "learning cliff"

hey now, that learning cliff has been the thing keeping me here. Don't go soft on us now, and turn EVE into a WoW knockoff CCP!!!

Posted - 2011.04.20 17:06:00 - [254]

Loving the feel of it, Overall a pleasent exsperiance despite the known bugs. Only real concern is that the room feels very barren/empty (over all abit dry) and somewhat small. which is not what i would exspect to attempt to build some contrast against the barrenness of space.

Few things that bug me :

the flicker of the monitors : if we can do warp travel i'm sure we would have fixed that by now. it makes looking at the screens frustrating
changing of active ship has no animation

Overall great work, and lookfoward tot he future iterations.

Nalha Saldana
Black Aces Military Academy
En Garde
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:08:00 - [255]

Overall i like it but it needs a lot of fixing.
Movement is a bit too slow, i dont want the character to run around but just speed it up a little.
The character is turning too slow, if this is our new station menu navigation needs to be quick.

Why arent chat windows transparent when you pin them anymore? I can barely see anything with my current ui setup.

Make me able to move with right mouse button pressed, thats how most people move in 3rd person mmos and will feel more natural to a lot of people.

Add a logout option to the bed =)

Avery Ann
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:12:00 - [256]

Check out EVE Report's writeup on the Captains Quarters... Pretty Pictures Included for those of you who don't like to read :P

Misaki Yuuko
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:19:00 - [257]

At some point I hope the hangar textures get updated. And high-poly hangar and ship models (and high-res textures for the ships) would be extremlly cool too. But won't hold my breath for the first release :D

Considering that this is the introduction of a big-part new graphic engine and the backbone for further development I know you don't have much to show, which is fine, and for being pre-alpha except obvious bugs and glitches I see it's pretty fine.

Great stuff.

Jean'Luc Pi card
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:19:00 - [258]

it's a bug: when you enter the character recustomisation and finish it, you cant rotate the camera anymore to move your char around. it works again once you undock and dock again.

Inner Fire Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:28:00 - [259]

Originally by: Nalha Saldana
Add a logout option to the bed =)

Brilliant idea.

<Picard>Make it so!</Picard>

Posted - 2011.04.20 17:32:00 - [260]

I never got to do the first missions as I've not been able to make a new character (and the character I'm using is in null sec). However, I did notice I was able to enter the CQ via the null sec Amarr station I was located near. I must say, it's pretty exciting to be walking finally.

A couple thoughts/things I noticed:

It looks really good (the textures inside the CQ that were rendered), and I'm sure it will look much better upon release. I noticed a bug with the main holo screen (the one with incursion info and all that) that after undocking from the station and redocking, that screen was no longer present. (Yeah null sec, i bet some bratty kids stole it). I personally would like to zoom out more from my character, I don't like it when I'm forced to be too close to the character I'm playing (I like to see the environment more so than the character). I would also like it if i could get rid of the UI elements upon docking instead of having to click the minimize button on the windows every time i dock(I'm talking about the station services, chat windows, etc.). I also hope that the area where it shows your ship will be closer, but as of now I just assumed it was a placeholder and it will be changed. Though it was cool to get some perspective on the ship sizes!

Anyways, was very awesome, and I'm definately looking forward to the polished version!


Posted - 2011.04.20 17:34:00 - [261]

i on purpose used some (smaller) random screen size (1362x859), otherwise with normal settings.

Some bugs/issues i noticed:

a) In character creation, when you use the "randomize" button, the new randomized values are not updated to the progress bar until one
of the related progress bars is changed.

b) When entering the captains quarters, the tutorial immediately opens with a dialog "1 out of 2" but in reality there is anothor 7 page dialog immeadetly after. and one after that (but this time the topic changes), but so why not put 1 of 9 in the beginning, because that what it really is?

c) when clicking the "items hangar"-button on the left, the hangar window opens under the popup. thus its difficult to find the skill you are looking for.

d) my char looks away from me from the start, maybe it might be more friendly if he/she would start looking outwards?

e) some character animations make my char jerky (specially those where hand/hands go up), making the char warp around 50 or so pixels left in the screen for the duration of the animation.

f) the camera usage is not natural, and its quite difficult to zoom out from your character. maybe some autocamera or just a larger room would help the issue.

g) character gets stuck. my char was behind the sofa, and when instructed to go to front of it (to operate some panel) the characater got stuck in the back corner of the sofa. (path finder issue?)

h) character keeps walking against a wall when clicking a spot on the wall

i) The mouse navigation for character does not work after undock/dock session.

j) char cannot run -> slow mobility

In tutorial mission (outer space)

k) if you zoom in space using simultaneous left+right click, and once you release your grasp, if the right finger was released last from the mouse,
then the right click context menu is opened. there should be some minor delay?

l) in tutorial, how to find the acceleration gate (i know you are instructed to look around), but by default you cannot see accelerator gate in overview, because the overview is not expanded enough

m) im instructed to click _triangular_ icon for boarding the ship, but the icon is square in its nature.

n) when instructing about the overview, the white "overview" helper indicator opens on top of the helper screen / aura conversation, thus hiding the button "next" which would hide the helper indicator / move to next step.

o) my capsule was left in space when boarding the tutorial ship, there is green row in overview, and even when i warp out, the distance to it is measured correctly. It also shows my char as the "owner" in the overview.

p) the tutorial "forgot" to tell you how containers are used, and where is your ships cargobay, thus taking the token from the station may not be trivial.

q) also "how to dock" was conveniently skipped, as it has a crucial step of "how to find your station"
specially since the word "station" is not mentioned in the stations name, and by default the overview is full of stuff.

BugraT WarheaD
Astromechanica Federatis
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:35:00 - [262]

Originally by: Zothike thanks to whoever posted that :)

ShockedOh Boy i'm an internet star :D

Well it's me, and you can see multiple bugs while entering the CQ (mostly a drop of texture).

I'm deleting a Character, waiting to get him to the biomass for testing the NPE now :)

King Pleasure
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:43:00 - [263]

CCP Dropbear = Awesome name.

Steve Thomas
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:45:00 - [264]

ok so far

Carbon is not compatable with the latest ATI drivers, needed to roll back to last years to keep characeter creation from crashing out.

virtual all movement is a pain to use)

Tutorial needs a lot of basic edits (for example how many pages are in each section, but you know about thoes already)

Random movemtents and odd "teliportations" in a lot of the animations but I think you know about thoes

there seems to be a lot of hiden objects (invisible walls or is it some of the lighing efects) that the camera is coliding into

Pathfinding is so bad I found it faster to undock and redock and try again.

thats not counting the reality that often you get stuck for no aparent reason

I Realy REALY want my character to have a flashlight. or night vision gogles. or something

several pages tend to pop under whatever is currently on the UI

occasionaly the UI seems to want to "restack" winows for no aparent reason

Posted - 2011.04.20 17:55:00 - [265]

First of all, this will most likely be a wonderful addition to eve, and with all respect for this being a beta, i still rate it as if it were to come on TQ tomorrow, so the finished version will most likely be a LOT better and i would rate it much higher.

Rating #1, for "Initial Tutorials": 1, Horrible!

Rating #2, for "Mission 1": 2, bad

Rating #3, for "Mission 2": 2, bad

Rating #4, for "Mission 3": 2, bad

Rating #5a, for "the overall feel of the CQ": 3, fair.

Rating #5b, for "the Layout of the CQ": 2, not very good.

General feedback, here it comes...

6 A) When i first see the character, i see the neck. Would prefer to see the face.

6 B) The character scratch his head and flap around his arms WAYY too much, almost like he got fleas or something, and when touching his hair, the hand sort of goes through the hair in a very unnatural way. He's also twitching alot, like he got a bad neck problem or something like that. It would be best if the character doesn't scratch himself in the head and twitch around so much, or at all.

6 C) The first window that appears, "Walking in stations", is too small. It can be made larger so there are no scrollbars in it.

6 D) WASD takes some "getting used to" i guess, but for some reason it feels better to use the arrow keys, maybe combined with WASD, to move around or to turn the character. It's so natural to use the arrow keys that it's annoying they can't be used.

6 E) When doubleclicking to walk, the character keeps walking and walking and walking and not really going anywhere, like he's on a treadmill, but really he's colliding with the sofa or a wall, and keeps walking.. Pressing S or somthing makes it stop, but would look better if the character would stop when he reach an obstacle.

6 F) The "station information" on the right side takes up WAYYYY too much space, 20% of the screen? In WIS, it need to get much smaller, it's simply too much in the way, and the station buttons need to be "tiny" by default, this entire thing need to be reworked a LOT, maybe make it a 30 pixel high horizontal bar along the entire upper part of the screen. In station, all these large panels just HAVE to disappear.

6 G) It's partially because i'm not used to the camera, but the character gets stuck on things way too easily when walking around. Maybe the quarters should have a flat floor instead, fewer things to bump into.

6 H) Related to "6 F", the menu on the left side gets too big, it need to be minimized per default.

6 I) The "main screen" is imo confusing when it's transparent and text sort of appears layered on the door behind, it should be moved to a wall, and after docking/undocking a few times, i noticed it is sometimes on, sometimes off, and i couln't figure out how to switch it on/off.

6 J) Why do the tutorial instruct to "inject" the skill instead of simply "train now to level 1"? When first entering the game, the character isn't training anything anyway, so "train now" will not puch anything out of the queue, "inject" and then go start the skill just makes it unnecessarily many steps to go through, imo.

6 K) I don't at all agree with "corporation recruitment" given such big position. New characters should stay in their school corp until having done all tutorials, and only THEN should this screen come active with that content.

6 L) "Planetary interaction" screen would also be very confusing to a new player. Get rid of it UNTIL the character have installed something on a planet, or at least until having trained the skill to place something on a planet.

6 M) "Warp drive active" on every action.. beta thing..

6 N) The camera is very jerky and sometimes zoom through the character, it needs a better lens, wider angle, allowing the camera to move much further away from the character.

... continues ....

Posted - 2011.04.20 17:56:00 - [266]

Edited by: IntegerOverflow on 20/04/2011 18:05:46
nice, nice - been in, walked around in my room for 5 min, and still don't know why captain's quarters should be anything else than cancelled.

update: ok, more constructive criticism:
first of all I understand it's way too early to play around with it. I consider it being a very advanced tech demo. actually I liked the way the character moved, good animation. of course, right-clicking while walking shouldnt disable wasd - but you know that, and it's not important.

concern: you didn't feel the scale at all. again, I know, way too early. but looking out of the balcony should have the feel deckard looks out from his balcony in blade runner movie. you just don't know how deep it goes down, how far the city reaches - stations should be the huge complexes which they are from the outside, also from the inside.

the quarters: ye ye, too soon to say, but what are quarters good for? I just dont get it. is it a large scale incarna test for you? give the captains quarters UNIQUE features. and don't just make functionality available that's easier to activate when outside of the quarters - seriously. that's a big fail in game design.

I'd say considering technology captain's quarters is on the right path. the characters are superb. the textures wonderful - and will be better. so I have no doubt that technology wise this will just get better.

so it's just about the content.

hey wait - isn't it always about the content - in the end?

Khalis Sanguar
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:57:00 - [267]

Edited by: Khalis Sanguar on 20/04/2011 17:58:39
I will rate full experience later, but I just wanted to bring this up now. When walking up the 3 steps that lead from the balcony walkway to the actual quarters, your feet go through the steps.


Edit: Also the initial loading from when you dock until your avatar appears on the balcony is very long on lower end hardware, testing this out on a laptop, ableit one that isn't very old.

Lady Spank
In Praise Of Shadows
Posted - 2011.04.20 17:59:00 - [268]

I hope that the speed and functionality of the station hanger as it is currently is not hindered by WIS.

This is not a rant but I expect you will get a lot of negativity of course. I think the WIS is fine and good (theres not much to be done but deal with it afterall!) BUT, I very much hope it doesn't increase docking, refitting, repair and undock operations.

Of course, any ship spinning nerf is likely to see bitter vets cancelling subs en-masse since it's the only activity they still enjoy Wink

Posted - 2011.04.20 17:59:00 - [269]

6 O) When the camera is zoomed in, it places the character on the left side of screen, i would prefer the center, or that the camera becomes "eye view" if zoomed in close enough to the character.

6 P) Pretending to be a new player that just logged into eve for the first time, i feel a bit trapped in the quarters, like .. "What do i do now"? Join corp and find an agent, but ... what now??

6 Q) Being used to eve, i'm a bit confused by not having a ship when i start. Before i found "Aura", i undocked the pod and then docked, and i got a rookie ship from insureance. "Aura" should be announced somehow, or the tutorial should open automatically.

6 R) "Sitting on a sofa" was not very easy to get working.. had to walk around the table and go from left side.. took some tries to make it work, the table is in the way or .. something, the stairs are too close or .. whatever, the character gets tangled into something there and it wasn't very easy to get that thing to work.

6 S) Getting off the sofa, i would prefer WASD or arrows here, not rightclicking to get up.

6 T) Hilarious bug here.. When getting up from the sofa, the characters .. hrmm.. "rear end" .. shines through the pants for a moment :) Doesn't look very .. proper :)

6 U) The belt buckle partially shines through the top wear (not tucked)

6 V) The ship model on the table is not "intuitive", looks like an insect, not like a ship model, not like first thing anyone would rightclick on. Would be better with a fitting screen dispayed on one of the monitors.

6 W) The "planetary interaction" and corp recruitment" images are a bit jerky and goes in and out of focus, that doesn't look good, give those a nice and stable image. Considering technoogical advancements from today and into the time of eve several thousands of years into the future, it would be amazing if televisions/CCTV's provide some ridiculous 1940's quality picture.

6 X) It doesn't really feel "right" with the eve-music playing in quarters, that music should imo come when undocking. While in station, there should be silence or some very different sound, station noise, noise from fans, winches, thumping, humming, whatever, anything that could be expected in a station, or some music that isn't so "spacy" as the current eve music is.

6 Y) The "Undock" button on the balcony rail, why not simply refer to the "undock" button at the bottom left of screen? Remove the one on the rail! It feels more resonable anyway that the character enter ship from the quarters, maybe by entering some room or stair or something, rather than jumping down from the balcony, or however he manages to get into the ship from there.

6 Z) After entering character customization from within quarters, i couldn't use mouse arrow to move camera around the character. Undocking/docking and it worked again.

..running out of letters here, so i start over with 7 ...

7 A) "Camera shake" .. YIKES!!! Why is that junk enabled by default? It's horribly annoying. Default it to "OFF", PLEASE!!


Posted - 2011.04.20 18:02:00 - [270]

7 B) Aura mission, finding the ship .. eehh?? Where is it?? Might be worth mentioning here that i am based 1 jump from a tutorial system, and i see a lot of new players asking questions, this is one of them. New players don't know what an acceleration gate is, they think it's a big TV-antenna, fancy space decoration, maybe something that will blow them up, or whatever, they don't know what it is. I see them fail that a LOT, they simply don't read the tutorials, because it too much text. To make new players understand how the game works, you must DRASTICALLY cut down on the quantity of text, they don't have the patience to read it, things must be more intuitive, they just click through it all without reading, close everything that's in the way, and then they ask all this in rookie help or local or wherever. How about creating a tutorial video? make it interesting, easy-to-understand language. I remember when i began playing eve what a barrier the language was, and it still is sometimes.

7 C) Board a ship floating in space?? WTH?? I wonder how many hilarious dudes that will sit in starter systems scanning for rookie ships, then go steal them before the new player gets there, just for LOLs.. BAD idea! The player should get his ship before he undock first time.

7 D) Warping to the chapel, the ship lands IN the chapel and bounce out of it at 1200 m/s.

7 E) Bug: When at the chapel, i see a pod 10000 km behind.. it didn't despawn when i boarded the ship, and it persist in the overview no matter how far away i warp from it. I tried go back and see if i could scoop up my own pod, but it wasn't THAT bugged.. tried target it, but that didn't work either.. :)

7 F) Picking up the token.. Again, by experience from being based 1 jump from a tutorial system, i fear that players will not know how to pick something up from a can, they will spam help channel like crazy about that! They need blinking lights and arrows here.. "THAT is a container"(arrow, blink blink) .. step by step, do this, do that..

7 G) Going to destroy a fuel depot .. I got a gun from the tutorial, but the gun needed a crystal which i didn't get before undocking, so i couldn't complete it, had to warp back and get a gun from the "insurance impairor", but then .. second time i warped to mission, that missing crystal was offered, now when i didn't have a gun to fit it to .. hrrrmmppff! -- Now finally back to the fuel depot .. Where is it?? New player confused, spamming help channel "HOW do i find the fire depotz?" -What "fire deoptz", oh you mean "Fuel depot" -yes maybe.. Someone respond, "click the big black egg" .. -what egg?? .. This is not good...
Shooting at the thing, it takes forever.. Why does the gun keep missing, ... oh, "distance".. what's that, can't i hit it from here? Help channel spammed again ...
Pirates .. the information text says "They should be close, and are marked by a red triangle both in space and on your overview." .. --TRIANGLE-- ??? Not found! I do see a couple of red SQUARES tho, do you mean them? .. aha..

7 H) Hilarious bug.. When you walk from the balcony towards the quarters, stop at the top of the stair and walk right or left very close along the wall, you will fall off the stair and down beneath the balcony. From there, walk out towards the station and you will fall off, down into the basement of the station.. and you just keep falling and falling, into darkness, forever. I could ofcourse undock, redock, and was back on the balcony again.

7 I) When i'm in the quarters, i still have to "leave ship" to repackage it. Have i not already left the ship? Maybe the menu should be rephrased a bit here.

7 J) Someone mentioned they could find a mirror, i couldn't see it..

7 K) alt-enter to switch between windowed mode and fullscreen, i ended up with only a black screen and had to close the client. I ended the test here.

Thank you very much for giving us this preview.

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