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Dalmont Delantee
Shiloh Technologies
Posted - 2011.04.22 09:55:00 - [481]

General comments (waiting on bio mass):


a) 3.5
b) 3.5

6) I'm in agreement with a large number of people on here:

1) Do not remove the ability to spin our ships - I don't want to see the arse end of all my ships
2) Walking feels bad head pointing one way and body going another...
3) Camera position I don't like....directly behind or First person and let us zoom out a little
4) The monitors are under used, more info!
5) dark - more light

Otherwise, good start....need more stuff though and I want to be able to move my ships!

Laechyd Eldgorn
Posted - 2011.04.22 10:21:00 - [482]

Edited by: Laechyd Eldgorn on 22/04/2011 10:23:21
I took a peek and few suggestions:

- TAB key should highlight useable objects
- I suspect and hope right click menus are mostly for testing, because it feels useless to have something like enter/exit sofa there :). We should be able to use most objects by clicking I suppose?
- moving mouse over character or any object should "highlight" it.
- need more light, or at least option for it. Now I was having like half black screen. I like dark world, but I also like to see textures.

- I like more interface when you use WASD and screen turns with character. Using this where you turn screen and character turns with screen feels weird.
- zooming is totally weird. I suggest have different mode for that sidezoom, if someone really wants to use it
- boobs (yeah totally srs here), they look like balloons about to explode. I am beginning to agree with jiggly boobs.

Aineko Macx
Posted - 2011.04.22 10:25:00 - [483]

Edited by: Aineko Macx on 22/04/2011 10:37:44
5. Captainís Quarters General Feedback
-- a. Rate the overall 'feel' of the CQ
-- b. Rate the Layout of the CQ

I have no clue why you want a rating for something that is clearly still early alpha. But, since you asked:
It feels horrible on all levels.
- Graphics are bad, low res, shadows are blocky, lighting creates weird artifacts on faces, making your character look like some monster, performance is bad, camera movement is not smoothed which promotes motion sickness
- Controls are dreadful, its hard to make a character go where you want, collision avoidance is non-existent, the char is stupid and keeps walking against the wall, movement is slow and inefficient

Even with all those things fixed, I fail to see how the CQ would make a superior replacement for the simple yet functional menus. Whoever thought that spreading out things you need frequently is a good idea needs to have their head checked (yes Torfi). CQ is a time sink disguised as immersion feature.

Dennie Fleetfoot
Posted - 2011.04.22 10:47:00 - [484]

Ok guys. I know you've been working very hard on this but I've got to honest with you.

I wouldn't even describe this as an alpha beta. I tried for two hours to get the cabin but got nothing more than a black screen or half a hanger view with what I assume was a zoomed in section of wall on the other half. I did all the solutions that were suggested, none worked.

The tutorials however worked. And they are an improvement but a lot of what was being asked of a new player is still too high a learning curve. That can be remedied very simply however. Many of the tutorial boxes where flashing up in very inconvenient areas of the screen, getting in the way of other open boxes.

I would suggest that before any tutorial of flying a ship happens, a new player should be introduced to an overview tutorial, explaining how boxes can be resized and pinned to a spec that the player is comfortable with. Also the actual overview itself was showing everything, very confusing for a new 2 year vet like me nevermind a new player. It also didn't show the enemy npcs. It was only because all brackets where turned on that a new would see them to target them.

The tutorials are better but the forced running before a player can walk has only been reduced to a brisk jog.

For reference my laptop is a HP Pavillion DV6 With a dual core AMD Athlon X2 QL65 2.10Ghz CPU with a ati mobility radeon HD4530 512MB

Newo Snave
Posted - 2011.04.22 11:39:00 - [485]

Adding my 0.02ISK to the thread...
Movement buttons are good; I approve of being able to walk toward the camera so I can see the face I spent time designing

Screens need to be configurable - I want to have, say, jobs and market on the wall and my character sheet on the table

Also the screens should really zoom in to a a CQ-ified UI rather than popping up the same old in-space overlay window (maybe we can have the spiffy 3d targeting views from the videos in this expansion as well? and a pony?)
Everyone else has already complained about the path finding and collision detection so I guess I don't need to mention that again...

Double-click to interact by default would be good; right click to sit down is weirs, and movement controls should make you stand up and mive instead of making you click to stand up first.

The hangar ought to show your active ship closest to the balcony, and you should also have the ships you have in station visible (unless you're a pack rat and have more than will fit of course).

Tutorial is better. Needs some more indicators about what to do next when you get back to the station. And having to pick your ship up from somewhere floating in the void is... odd. Especially if you log out of the station before you do the first tutorial, because when you log back in again you get a rookie ship from Pend Insurance before you know what that's for...

Technodyne Ltd.
Posted - 2011.04.22 11:46:00 - [486]

Originally by: CCP Tanis

5. Captainís Quarters General Feedback
-- a. Rate the overall 'feel' of the CQ
-- b. Rate the Layout of the CQ
(1-5 scale)

6. General feedback
- In your own words, please provide general feedback for the new CQ/Tutorial experience. Also feel free to give us any comments, concerns, suggestions, and problems you encountered.

Just my ratings and feedback so far on the CQ. I have not lokked at the new tutorial, yet.

5.a: 5/5
5.b: 4/5

The CQ and my visible and moving character have drastically changed the feel for me. With CQ my character is now more real. I 'm now controling and playing my character in EVE and not doing some stuff "just as me". Don't know, hard to explain for me. I hope you understand what I mean Very Happy
Some other things (probably already mentioned by other players):
- the room is a bit too dark, even though it is a Minmatar room
- some of the "smaller" ships (battlecruiser and smaller) could be moved a bit nearer to the balcony, they look very small to some extent

I think most of the bugs and non-functional things are already mentioned numerous times, so I'm not going to spread them out, again.

Just my 2 cents Cool.

Logan LaMort
Posted - 2011.04.22 12:29:00 - [487]

Please, PLEASE CCP consider putting in a another zoom level.

Basically, a first person perspective, which is easily doable by moving the camera position to the avatars head and and removing the avatar from client side view (To prevent clipping).

NOTE: I am not talking about a first person shooter perspective. Just a perspective that removes the entire avatar from view and positions the camera at the head level of the avatar, to make navigation much easier. No first person models, animations or anything else changed. Navigation would be exactly the same.

Seriously most third person games have this feature, it's has great usability. Either to help navigation through narrow/small areas or to help see things close up in detail without the view being obstructed by your avatar... you know like the monitors in our quarters.

To quote a maker of another popular third person MMO:
It was a decision made early on not to include a first person view and to design the game around using a third person view only. We of course allow you to zoom all the way in, and you're welcome to play that way; however, it's really mostly only intended to capture screenshots.

We're not currently planning to implement a fully 'functional' first person view like other games may have, aside from the large undertaking it would be to implement correctly, it just isn't part of the original design of the game. We prefer the game to be played from a third person perspective and the environments and encounters are designed around that preference.

For once CCP, stop guessing at what people want and actually make some options available for users.

Bayushi Akemi
Posted - 2011.04.22 12:38:00 - [488]

I hope this thread or something similar will be posted in the test server(s)' forum seeing as this is a test server thing and not having an official feedback thread there is weird

Grady Eltoren
Aviation Professionals for EVE
Posted - 2011.04.22 13:08:00 - [489]

Edited by: Grady Eltoren on 22/04/2011 13:09:59
My feedback agreeing with others and some of my own:

1) First off - great job so far!
2) Monitors are under used like others stated - more info through interfaces is better as it helps tech imersion. Maybe same info through all screens but difference being your character is sitting vs standing, etc. which is what people really do - choose what position is most comfy.
3) Love the balcony
4) Not a fan of having a captains quarters in EVERY station - that is a HUGE imersion breaker for me. Maybe it is intended to be like a hotel room? Generic? Then I could see it maybe. But I would perfer I think paying rent (isk sink for you!) to have quarters in the stations I am BASED at. Other stations I think you should just dock to hangar view. This also has the effect of giving more "specialness" (haha) to the Capt. Quarters.
Have generic in all stations but pay to have one or more special ones you can customize like you can your character?
5) The contextual menus I think should be a bit bigger (maybe different font) when there is an action available. Like the small and hard to use ones in game I find them annoying. I know no-one wants to obstruct view but the easier/bigger they are to use the quicker I can move my mouse/click and BE DONE thus making it DISAPPEAR!!


Rez River
Posted - 2011.04.22 13:21:00 - [490]

Tutorial window show on top of hanger window, when asked to press the hanger button.

Selecting Aura agent from the agent list, I was not sure if the tutorial window was aura, either it was not show or I forgot it should show in the same window.

Press the undock button on the guard rail: Can not left click on it, we have to right click and select from the menu.

Ship moment:
Right click triangular icon? should that not be square?

After entering the rookie ship my capsule stays in space.

I bounced of the chapel after warp in, at 15km of the can.

After moving to the chapel of athra I did not get a window that I should take from the can. It just said click in space and cntrl-space to stop.

After selecting warp to station I was bouncing against the chappel a couple of times until I could align to the station.

I had to logout for a moment after accepting a tutorial mission. when I got back in the game again, the aura window was gone.

After selecting the right tutorial for this mission "fitting" I finished till the end of that tutorial and undocked from the station. Now I do not know which tutorial is next. (The mission is still in the journal). tutorial continued after I got in the first room of the mission.

No tutorial on how to travel to the academy at tash-murkon prime? I have to figure out how to warp t something in the overview (Stargate) and use it.

The amarr factory outpost is nice, I like the warp in and out of the npc ships. Sad that there are no capital ships, because you won't see those very often. empire is allowed to have capital ships in highsec. as they own their cyno jammers.

Carli Zandrya
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.04.22 13:33:00 - [491]

Originally by: Aineko Macx

It feels horrible on all levels.

Originally by: CCP Tanis

!*! Please bear in mind that this is NOT a final/stable build, expect there to be bugs! !*!

Hans Crow
Posted - 2011.04.22 13:50:00 - [492]

Originally by: Cratana
while the couch looks very odd in the environment. Seriously, a COUCH?

Consider it a homage to John Rourque. Smile

Seriously, though, I don't think sitting devices will really change even thousands of years from now. For as long as humans have butts to sit on, the only thing that will change is the materials used and how much lumbar support will be in the design. Look at a chair found in the ruins of Pompeii and you'll see what I mean.

Cyriel Longinus
Posted - 2011.04.22 16:19:00 - [493]

Originally by: Arnar "CCP Zulu" Gylfason a.ka. "Mr. Awesome Accent when saying Awesome"
Hopefully, because people are way too afraid of losing their ships. The one thing we noticed was that in any other game you start out as an avatar in a very safe, secure environment. That's just something people are used to and it's something they expect when they go to a new game. Being able to identify with an avatar gives you more connection and flattens out the learning curve just a little bit. In some aspects, it is definitely targeted at easing the transition for new players into what is essentially very new to everyone who tries out EVE. This is not like something they've played before, so giving them a hint of home in that is an important thing. - Another interview with CCP Zulu at

Someone will be podded. When they do, will they "load" directly into their CQ?

I read the above comment by Zulu and thought perhaps Incarna could possibly use a CRU (Clone Reanimation Unit) to complete a basic circuit of continuity.

New Guy Player dies after meeting Joe Black in a violent fatal encounter. Then awakens in a secured private medical room, the CRU that facilitates immortality. Tim Veteran, who expired in a epic incident elsewhere, is reborn in fresh hairless skin to wallow in shame as Aura's words float in ear saying "you just died, homie! ... you just got knocked the fuuk'd out!" or use the room less tragically to "Clone Jump" and to perform any available "Neural Remap" and clone maintenance.

Initial deaths are scary till the player separates identity from ship and embraces the concept of immortality. A little CRU room could further ease that transition or I suppose it could continued to be explained with Aura and lines of text.

(but this is Incarna)

Cory Sopapilla
Kiroshi Group
Posted - 2011.04.22 16:48:00 - [494]

WTB soundproof walls when in Amarr stations. The chanting will keep me awake at night.

Yulinki Atavuli
Caldari Investment and Security Industries
Innovia Alliance
Posted - 2011.04.22 18:02:00 - [495]

Edited by: Yulinki Atavuli on 22/04/2011 18:03:54
I haven't tried the Alpha yet. but, from what i've seen from videos and comments i've read these things do need to be fixed. keep in mind i love the CQ that it will be but these things should be fixed to quiet the veterans that are afraid of Incarna.

customizable movement keys

option to have the current station UI (just the UI but still load in your CQ) still there.

and yes... since people are soooo serious about it. allow people to spin their ships.

have the ships in the hanger closer or to actual size in comparison to the avatar.

you should be able to zoom in all the way so the camera is in front of the avatar's face.

the rest are things you know about and will probably fix before launch or right after.

Posted - 2011.04.22 18:36:00 - [496]

Edited by: Raid''En on 22/04/2011 19:58:49

edit : at this point it's not a wall of text, it's a declaration of war xD
feedback is on 3 posts, i tried doing tutorial like a noob, took lots of notes doing it, and rewrote it here.

(sorry if it's full of typo, for wall of text it become a bit too obvious english is not my mother tongue :/)

some more feedback after testing with a new character yerterday, i took notes on live to be sure not to forget anythng
i tried to do the mission while thinking like a noob who say nothing
be careful : wall of text

1. Initial Tutorials: 2.5/5
Rate the tutorials that explain Incarna navigation and Skills prior to the first mission description
(1-5 scale)

1st impressions + moving ;
* as said before we need easier controls to move our char.
* also you must do something so that noobs won't have all the interface at 1st, cause it's ridiculous ; the guy will see tons of buttons, while nothing is explained to him. if you can hide interface of player, do it here. if not think about a way to do it.
the best thing would be having no interface at 1st, and button appearing one after another only when the turorial explain what it is.

skills ;
* you don't tell we can directly train to lv1 whil injecting. if it was a good idea to only tell him to inject so he see the whole system, don't forget to tell him he's not forced to open the skill queue.
* you explain him how to put 4 hours of skills, nothing say he will think to refresh before login off / doing something else. suggest him what to train for the whole 24h, even if he change the plan after it's better than him thinking later he forget.

2. Mission 1: 3/5
Rate the first Mission and the associated tutorials
(1-5 scale)

* when i as doing it i didn't saw the agent tab blinking. i had the station pannel minimized, so maybe it's that, but don't forget he may do the same.
* there is nothing here or later explaining how to use the journal pannel. or if it's said, it's not enough. if the guy close the npc chat and is lost it's the end, he need to know where he can see the mission.
* people and place and journal are blinking, may help him find back, but, as later, there's a problem about your level of informations ; there's thing you explain step by step, and other not at all. not good. saying a word about what are people and place, and what is the journal is better. even if it's obvious, it would be more in line with your other help.
* the missions seems a bit ridiculous for me ; we are doing our graduiation while we may have a character looking 50 years old... and i don't even talk roleplay...
* here's he say to undock from incarna, but as i said before, the interface is visible, so i'll say there's a good chance the guy already saw an undock button... and the worst : how the hell he can now WHERE is the baclony ? he didn't read the devblog. it's not obvious. and the control is ridiculously small and hard to find.
* so he's leaving... but you didn't explained him the interest of CQ here, he don't even know he can right click on objects here
* undock ok, and now i warp ? think about it ; 1st thing he will want to do it to LOOK, to see this new world, swith the tutorial about the camera, the hub and all to here, and tell him to warp LATER. it's way more logical
* like before swith things ; explain him the overview first, and after tell him to look for the stargate. it's not wow, there is not "stargate" written on the stargate, he may have issues finding it.
* also may be time to explain him that anyone can kill him
* here i had a bug ; the tutorial didn't checked i was on the ship before continuing. he may warp on pod from here, and as it's a deadspace may be a pain for him to find how to get back. make sure the tuto chec he board the rookie.

[see next post]

Posted - 2011.04.22 18:39:00 - [497]

Edited by: Raid''En on 22/04/2011 18:50:03
* as anyone said, as it happened to me the 3 times i did the missions ; BUMPED to 20 KM >_<
and btw you never explain him what bump is, and why it can be ****ing hard to warp when you're near an object. i had lots of collisions issues when trying to warp on the 3 missions.
* saying the station is a container is not for sure a good idea... it's a bit strange... maybe after he will try to loot the noob station
* BUG i looted the object and the tutorial moved to the next step, without letting me read the rest of the previous page...

* i come back and dock. right clic to the agent to open conversation ? WHY ? tell him to double click it ! why would explaining him something more complicated ?!

3. Mission 2: 3/5
Rate the tutorials after returning from Mission 1 and the Objectives and tutorials of Mission 2.
(1-5 scale)

* so fitting... don't forget to explain him the fitting tab on space, which he have access too won't let him switch modules. you only talk about the station, but he will see the fitting screen is available in space also
* he told me to undock, but not what to do after. and he didn't explained us the journal before...
* talking ammo ok... wait show info ?! there's tons of **** written here, so either you explain him ALL, either you don't talk about it at all !
* you forgot to tell him lazer have inifinite ammos...
* got collision issue with gate here, took 2mn to warp... not the type of thing a noob like... he don't know that stopping warp and moving is the solution, don't forget that.
* fuel depot is not on the basic overview you know... may be hard to find it... and btw you never tell him about "adding to overview" option, while it's pretty useful for missioning
* you tell him the closer the better to hit, okay i did it. you know the gun don't hit at all at 0m right ? you didn't told him there were also a MINIMUM and being too close was not good.
* so there's bad guys appearing... wait you make me warp on an ambush ?! and now yo'ure explaining me what they are ?! it's NOT obvious they can't kill me you know, and text is LONG here, i was wondering if i had to activate my amor repairer when seeing my shield lowering, and i'm sure he wil be scared.
* don't forget to tell him about "orbiting", cause by approching you're too close to hit. also tell him he can lock more than 1 target at the same time, it's not obvious.
* wrecks are not visible on overview, may not be obvious for him that it's the white things. also tell him that yellow are NOT good. my first pvp death was on my 1st day, 1st mission, 1st hour of playing when i began eve ; some idiot was putting yellow wreck on the normal one to be able to kill noobs this day. may happen to everyone, and not a good thing...

Posted - 2011.04.22 18:50:00 - [498]

Edited by: Raid''En on 22/04/2011 19:53:02

4. Mission 3: 3/5
Rate Mission 3 and the associated tutorials
(1-5 scale)

* tell him that the white icon ships are friends.
* the tutorial say we have learned how to use "set destination" while it is NOT the case. and while it is needed...
* moreover he say that the way is so on the "yellow" marked thing. yerterday there were a yellow container on the station grid, during a sec i though it was the stargate.i know it's not, but maybe they will try.
* right clic on the stargate ? another time you tell to do complicated things ; just tell him to use the overview to jump.
* after jumping there's a ****load of things on the basic overview... and tuto don't remember what we have to do here.
you said at a moment that you would repeat tuto to make sure the guy know what to do, so do it until the end then.
* "look at" here... okay but ; they are not real ship, so talking "show info" is bad ; thy do'nt have real infos. moreover there's a lot of them warping in and out, meaning not possible to "look at" them. say it. take lots of time when we begin eve to understand this
* make sure he know where to jump back after he have looted...
* mission completed ; text mistake, it's witten "you have gratuation" isn't it "you have graduated" ?
* he says we got new clothes... where ? didn't saw them on the recustom option, and anyway you didn't explain him what recustom is.
* aura say he will be back soon, so we retry to talk to him and ...nothing. but worse, i got a "talk to me later", a noob will think he will have another mission later, which is not the case here

* after ? what do to ? tell him that next step is to talk to tutorial agent.
* and this tutorial agent don't seems like one at all when looking at the mission he offers :/
* and what about others tutorials ? the guy don't know much about eve at this moment, he needs more, and clicking the Ui tabs open nothing :/
* i have still my token of submussion, what to do with him ? on most MMO if you have a misison item it have a use... on eve not. but it's totally not obvious. happened to me also when i began even, i waited 2 years to delete it, as i though it was obvious it had a use... so tell him it's something without use, or make the mission taking it.
* btw we loot shield stuff on the tuto rats, not sure it's a good idea

5. Captainís Quarters General Feedback
-- a. Rate the overall 'feel' of the CQ 4/5
-- b. Rate the Layout of the CQ 3/5
(1-5 scale)

hard to tell here as it don't feel the same given how you see it.
CQ is very buggy atm, mostly the dark ligh making it horibble for most of people as we don't see much things... and moreover it have no use, and is hard to move on given the current control.
as said before think about adding use, with the tab giving visual info for example, without a need to click anywhere, just by looking.

6. General feedback
- In your own words, please provide general feedback for the new CQ/Tutorial experience. Also feel free to give us any comments, concerns, suggestions, and problems you encountered.

see before.
CQ need a lot of works. not enough user friendly. no use, while needing lots of ressources. too soon to give an opinion here. and i doubt you can finish it in time given the current advancement state.

for tutorial, as i said there's problem on how it feels ; either too much things, either not enough. and mostly not enough fluid ; there's moments you give step to step infos, while at others time nothing.
there's lots of things missing, and lots of things to add after it.
btw it took me 75mn to finish the tutorial from a newly created character, it's pretty long, given than moreover you didn't do anything after finishing it... :/
i may have taken the role of the 200% noob too much, but still, lots of things to change.
hey maybe you could simply ask your wife what she though about it ? if she don't play eve, i'm sure it would be a good idea.

Posted - 2011.04.22 18:53:00 - [499]

Edited by: Raid''En on 22/04/2011 19:56:00
tdlr ;
tutorial seemed cool at first glance, but when i redid it with a new char, and trying to think like a new player it didn't feeled good at all. try being fluid, currently you're not.
CQ is too bugged now to really feel if it's good. but if you add some visual information, it can become an useful feature.

Revenent Defence Corperation
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
Posted - 2011.04.22 20:21:00 - [500]

1. Initial Tutorials:
Rate the tutorials that explain Incarna navigation and Skills prior to the first mission description

2. Mission 1:
Rate the first Mission and the associated tutorials

3. Mission 2:
Rate the tutorials after returning from Mission 1 and the Objectives and tutorials of Mission 2.

4. Mission 3:
Rate Mission 3 and the associated tutorials

5. Captainís Quarters General Feedback
-- a. Rate the overall 'feel' of the CQ - 5
-- b. Rate the Layout of the CQ 4

6. General feedback
- In your own words, please provide general feedback for the new CQ/Tutorial experience. Also feel free to give us any comments, concerns, suggestions, and problems you encountered.

Personally I would like to see customisation of the modules avaiable or what what screen shows even if it invols paying isk for such modifcations station specific as a ISK sink.
Camera is a bit sticky same for the double click it does not work to well yet. I would love to see some personal stuff for tables as well buyable like planet holographs of choosen planets or ships or logo's.
Moving the ship around a bit would still be cool due to always looking at the back of the ship is a bit boring.

Otherwise great job so far hope we can see it sooner than anticipated

Posted - 2011.04.22 20:38:00 - [501]

havent tried the tutorials and stuff, seems most people have covered that anyways.

but i will add that i'm stuck in limbo, half inside of the ship hangar without an avatar, unable to access the CQ.

it's kinda frustrating.

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2011.04.22 21:18:00 - [502]

Originally by: tiger****
havent tried the tutorials and stuff, seems most people have covered that anyways.

but i will add that i'm stuck in limbo, half inside of the ship hangar without an avatar, unable to access the CQ.

it's kinda frustrating.

same thing here, I'm just a floating camera

Blind Man
Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2011.04.22 22:18:00 - [503]

Originally by: MotherMoon
Originally by: tiger****
havent tried the tutorials and stuff, seems most people have covered that anyways.

but i will add that i'm stuck in limbo, half inside of the ship hangar without an avatar, unable to access the CQ.

it's kinda frustrating.

same thing here, I'm just a floating camera

this happens to me if i turn on AA.. so if you have it on turn it off and see if it works

Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2011.04.22 23:01:00 - [504]

nope I have it off : (

Vahz Rex
Posted - 2011.04.23 00:09:00 - [505]

A Bit of feedback. Graphics crashed to black screen when I resized the window and moved to 2nd monitor. Had to relaunch.

* Please make up your mind, is it the 'Skill Queue' or the 'Training Queue', just stick to one or the other. Us eve vets know what you mean but to a new player it's just going to confuse (maybe).
Also, you say once a skill is injected you can right click on the repair skill in your list of skills and select Train Now to Level 1, and I only saw two options if the 'Open Training Queue' is open which are:
Add to Front of queue, or add to end of queue. If you close the training queue you get a different right click menu. Maybe incorporate that into the tutorial. You show how to drag a skill why not also include the alternate right click menu with an ' to schedule training to level 3. Or, you can right click...'

* Agents tab did not highlight for me

More later..

Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2011.04.23 04:58:00 - [506]

I'm going to assume (and REALLY HOPE) this is an alpha version of captains quarters.

Was cool to see my character
Cool to see my ships scale
No longer load then normal while undocking

Untextured (Probably b/c of alpha)
Very Small!
Not even a quarter functional yet.
No so- WARP DRIVE ACTIVE - unds yet.
The little... I don't know what to call them that bring up the fitting menu are incredibly unnoticeable.

Where did my pod go?
This took three years?

Hidden Agenda
Deep Space Engineering
Posted - 2011.04.23 07:19:00 - [507]

Is this already over ? The duality installer no longer works 'time out while downloading'.

Unimatrix 0.1
Posted - 2011.04.23 07:42:00 - [508]

Here's a small clip of my quarters Laughing

Hidden Agenda
Deep Space Engineering
Posted - 2011.04.23 07:57:00 - [509]

Originally by: enterprisePSI
Here's a small clip of my quarters Laughing

Thanks for doing that, I was planning on making a little clip myself :).

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1. Initial Tutorials:
Rate the tutorials that explain Incarna navigation and Skills prior to the first mission description
2/5. Way too many buttons. Far too many opportunities for people to go off the tutorial rails.

2. Mission 1:
Rate the first Mission and the associated tutorials
2/5. The mechanics stuff is decent, I guess, but I can't get over why there's a newbie ship floating in space...

3. Mission 2:
Rate the tutorials after returning from Mission 1 and the Objectives and tutorials of Mission 2.
2/5. I'm not even sure that would feel like any sort of challenge to a new player. I never even had to engage my repper.

4. Mission 3:
Rate Mission 3 and the associated tutorials

5. Captainís Quarters General Feedback
-- a. Rate the overall 'feel' of the CQ
-- b. Rate the Layout of the CQ

6. General feedback

New player stuff:
You're still hitting people with a lot, very fast. I rather liked the beginner mission I got hit with back in the day, featuring all the different stuff. Maybe something like hitting an asteroid for a cycle, and using the ore to unlock a gate. I kind of lost track of what I was supposed to do. That shouldn't be possible for a new-player station. If people log out and back in, they get a noob ship anyway, so putting that in the mission is kind of pointless.

The room is really dark. Still, it might be nice to familiarize players with the station before kicking them out. OR, you could just go and start players in space! Put an space-agent in, have it give the first mission. Then, they can dock and start more tutorial stuff.

FPS (or over-shoulder) view. UI view. Please please please pick just one, the hybrid is far less than optimal. You even play Doom 3? Remember using the reticle to hit buttons on panels? Do that! That said, the engine seems to be working well enough.

One of the things I HATE is having to dock, do something simple, then undock, and sit and stare for a good 15-20 seconds until my ship finally makes it into space again. Having nothing to do sucks, especially if there's no good reason for players to lose the control.

Just general bugs, anything that grabs focus seems to disable the camera control by mouse. Random weirdness with the character creator not selecting before I spam clicks, and it somehow forgot which hair I picked.

General #2:
Aura needs a face or something. Something vague and hologram-ey if necessary, but... something!

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