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Anarchy Unlimited
Posted - 2011.04.19 18:44:00 - [91]

Originally by: Meryl SinGarda
If there's one thing I've learned about the EVE community, it's that a lot of people have an... interesting sense of taste in women.

The same goes for RL, though, but I get what you mean.

You got a lot of style!

Irish Duff
Blackwater USA Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.19 18:45:00 - [92]

confirming i'm cute

Lexx Jonlan
Shadows Of The Federation
Drunk 'n' Disorderly
Posted - 2011.04.19 18:55:00 - [93]

Originally by: Yviene
Originally by: Akirei Scytale
Originally by: Yviene
I wouldn't call myself cute.

More like put a boot in cute's ass.

i'd say both. farking good job.

Originally by: Rosalina Sarinna
That is one of the most 'realistic' portraits I have seen yet.
Not plastic, good lips (possibly hardest thing to get right), good proportions, good pose, great lighting.
Very very good job.

Thank you, I appreciate the compliments since I find her to be a hit or miss with most people.

Well she's certainly a hit with me. Great avatar. Cool

Posted - 2011.04.19 18:56:00 - [94]

Cuteness will always be in the eye of the beholder..

That said, we're all getting better and better at using this new character editor.

Calathea Sata
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.04.19 19:27:00 - [95]

Posted - 2011.04.19 20:40:00 - [96]

i like my smile :P

Caretaking Sunofabitcch Quigglywobbl
Posted - 2011.04.19 21:08:00 - [97]

Oh yes.. another 1 :)... im beauty queen

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.19 21:14:00 - [98]

i like felicity blossom avatar i think that mixed with her strng and evil personality makes a guys dream. Too bad if its a he, cause them ill prob becoming gay.

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2011.04.19 21:24:00 - [99]

At first when I tried the new character creator, I didn't like it.
Because I thought, "I won't ever be able to make a nice looking face.."

After making this one though, I really began to like love it.

Yeah I kinda like the looks on "myself", gonna talk to the shrink about this. Razz

Posted - 2011.04.19 21:57:00 - [100]

I'm loving the ugly ones (especially the monkey one), great work!! :D

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