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Posted - 2011.04.16 01:12:00 - [61]

Edited by: Kesshisan on 16/04/2011 01:12:24

I'm an aspiring industrial pilot. I've recently got my Production Efficiency V. My profile on EvEboard. I've recently discovered Solitude for all my researching needs. Currently I've been working on getting what BPOs I have up to perfect (or 1/2 perfect) ME.

One of my short-term goals is to be able to manufacture T1 battlecruisers and battleships via my own BPOs. I have the isk to buy 1 or 2 of the ship BPOs, but they just wouldn't be worthwhile to me at my current stage in EvE life. If you have any ship BPOs, even frigate and cruisers, researched or not, I would be very grateful.

Good luck to you on your future endeavors!

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:14:00 - [62]

Princess Boobyhead
I made it by trading mostly first, some lvl4s as well

RiskyFrisky 50
look like you shold not be short on isk, but for your pvp activity, here is some isk

Aus Mote
if u running missions, then you don't need the isk :D when ppl say they can do 40mil/hour they are doing it in tengu or faction bs also they are taking into the consideration of the LP into account

Gibbs Adoudel 70
70 mil send to your friend

Joe Null
haha good one

Hertz Sabezan 70
good luck with your FW pvp

interstella stargazer 70
yeah lvl1 is no good, try to get to lvl3 asap if u can

Astenion 50
I think can you manage ok, keep grinding them

Marconus Orion 50
I expect that ship to be named in my honor

Franklin Delano Roosevelt 50
Mr President I just 5x your wallet

Tanya Tarajaka
Yes i appreciated your concern, I am concern about this as well, but seeing how I build up over 3 years of assets and how I loose them hopeuflly will deter me from coming back. This is a very hard step for me to do.

Michelle Devereux 25
I don't want to give you any money because you are on the right track, but here is something for the trouble

MotherMoon 100
I hope you are telling me the truth, helping uni and all, if you lie, burn in hell for this

Xyla Kador 25
sorry I can't help you, this is part of learning experience, you should have see me the time I lost my 3bil cargo to suicide ganks, but I recovered and so will you, here is something for the trouble

Bloody Mary DeVain 50
good luck to your friends

Miilla 50
here is someting to help you with your escape, don't go too far

CraigGamerPsycho 70
I feel sorry for yoru situation, i hope you are not lying


Kryptos Sanguar 60
good luck, welcome back

Aoki Ayumi 50
take a break like me.

Julyan Fox 70
i love new players enjoying the game.

On another note, I need to go sell some assets, so taking a break gathering more isk first.

Loki Feiht
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:16:00 - [63]

is this for real?

Interrobang Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:16:00 - [64]

Confirming TSX01 has deposited 50 mil in my wallet.

Thank you for the funds, they will be used well.

Hertz Sabezan
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:24:00 - [65]

much appreciated, cheers!

Posted - 2011.04.16 01:24:00 - [66]

Edited by: Emolaz on 16/04/2011 01:27:58
cyas mate, goodluck in the realworld haha!
:) have fun!
was good knowing you :)

Julyan Fox
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:28:00 - [67]

Tsx01 donated me 70mil, 5min after I posted.

Thanks a lot!

Aldus Kavaren
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:36:00 - [68]


I started playing EVE very recently and feel that I have finally found my online home so-to-speak. However, it is a difficult place to get started, and I am currently grinding away at mining so I can get the ships I need and get them outfitted to be able to run the missions I would like to (I just got my first cruiser miner & don't even yet have a mission cruiser).

I will certainly continue on with EVE whether or not I receive an isk donation, but I feel that some to help me get outfitted a little better would most certainly make my playing experience much more enjoyable in the immediate future.

Aldus Kavaren

Shayla Gnu
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:38:00 - [69]

Hi TSX01

As you can see from EveBoard, I am getting low on liquid ISK.

And my hanger is almost empty. I also have less than 5B worth of BPs in research :(

Set me up brother! I can barely afford to build any jump freighters at the moment. Most annoying.


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:39:00 - [70]

Can someone help me by writing a good header and advertise contents for my pilots for me to put on character bazaar please

the sooner i sell them the sooner i get the isk to give away. Evamail me what u got please.

Amaya Kulotsuki
Destry's Lounge
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:42:00 - [71]

I'm probably the poorest pilot in my entire alliance. I don't have much time to devote to eve and what little I do is usually spent flying with my mates. In my first week I went to low sec because I knew I didn't want to be a carebear. I've never actually run a mission higher than level 1. Stumbled around in a very small pirate corp for a year or so until we got picked up by BDEAL. There I started making a lot of friends and flying more often. When the corp moved on, I stayed with the alliance.

I've never really been able to afford much. The most isk I ever had was after selling a PLEX when I won some money on an IRL bet. I don't have a great K/D ratio because I fly logistics. Occasionally I go on roams where standard ships are just given out but usually it's support for me. It's a fun role being able to help other people out and logis are almost fully reimbursed which means I can fly them in fleets and not have to rat for hours to buy a new one. The very first logi I ever flew I won in an alliance raffle. I can't even afford to buy a ratting BS so the anom nerf to our pocket (zero sanctums \0/) hasn't even effected me yet.

Even if you're staring at a tower for two hours (after an hour of jump bridges) listening to durrhurrdurr or dbrb, there's something to it. Knowing that those trolling, sperging, rifter flying drunkards are right there with you at 3am because it'll ruin someone else's day is all the encouragement I need to log in. I heard about eve because of the GHSC heist. I joined eve because of the BoB disband. If I have to I'll fly a tackle impairor into a sebo'd alphafleet if it has the slightest chance of tipping the scales or just ****ing them off. But it'd probably be better if it was a rifter or even an inty. Every once in a while, it's fun to fly something that shoots back.

Mirima Thurander
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:51:00 - [72]

Newer player, been around about 6 months now, lived in a WH doing scanning and managing a POS( see screaming at them thay need more fuel) for the small corp i had joined while i trained skills, got bored of the WH, so now im trying to get into building things but just haven't got the isk to start getting some BPOs and such (mostly building large ammo and selling it in mission hubs)

beyond doing all that i afked alot

short version

Kryptos Sanguar
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:52:00 - [73]

Originally by: TSX01

Kryptos Sanguar 60
good luck, welcome back

Confirming that I recieved 60mil from TSX01. Thanks a million... Or 60 million rather Very Happy

Licentia Totus
Posted - 2011.04.16 01:59:00 - [74]

Hi Tsx01! I signed up to eve last year and absolutely loved my first month until i ran out of (real) money to continue subscribing! I found a good corp who taught me a lot and helped me when i needed it, i tried so hard to save for a myrm but found it very hard to get that sort of isk! luckily someone from my corp built me one for a relaxed price, i was over the moon, they told me that if i trained the skills for a fitting they would loan me the money to fit it so i could go on ops with them, after weeks of building my skills and excitement i finally had the necesary skills for my fit! Unfortunately i then found out that the said person had left Eve for a while an had resigned his executive position. I was Bummed!! Just after this i realised i wouldnt be able to continue subscribing and had to leave :( Now im back on and have the finances to keep subscribing!! (wooo :D) but im a bit stuck 'cos i have this empty myrm but no money at all for the fitting, i really want to get back out there for some pvp and missions but i cant even afford a turret Embarassed Embarassed All i want is to be able to fit my ship with the necessary gear and get on with my life in eve because at the moment im stuck as i cant get much isk as i have no equipment on my ship to do missions. Im pretty much a noob at eve aswell and would like a nice fitting to give me some confidence. So if you can help me out id be extremely grateful, it would really help me get back into eve.
thank you


Lirael Dyrim
In Bacon We Trust
Posted - 2011.04.16 02:00:00 - [75]

I need a job lot of Exotic Dancers. Those ladies don't come cheap and my hangar gets chilly at night.Laughing Much obliged.

Pr1ncess Alia
Posted - 2011.04.16 02:02:00 - [76]

I never play but I do cruise the forums. This leads to never having isk.

If you gave me isk, maybe i'd go play? Let's give it a shot. I'm game if you are.

Lhur Mobiusarr
Posted - 2011.04.16 02:02:00 - [77]

Hey ! I got the perfect skills to fly an Arma navy for pvp but I need some cash for that, little short right now, can you help me with that ? Thank you very much and have fun irl :)

Danger Girl.
Posted - 2011.04.16 02:18:00 - [78]

Edited by: Tekedo on 16/04/2011 02:19:41
Hello, I am Tekedo, currently grinding standings to be able to run the epic pirates arcs.

My character - my new main - is only 25 days old at this point, however I have played EVE before and that is why I have the necessary knowledge to venture into 0.0 as soon as I finish training for Interceptors and Assault Frigates. What I am lacking apart from SP is money of course. Cool
One thing I had forgotten about is just how many basic skillbooks you have to get when starting out - at least the learning skill removal really helps here!

Like you do now I quit two years ago and gave away everything, too - not publicly but to a couple of in-game friends, who appear to have quit themselves by now. Laughing

In case you are wondering: I don't regret this decision in the least even if I was lured back in by the New Characters. In fact starting over gives me a fresh perspective and I enjoy myself completely so far. If you ever decide to come back I bet you'll have the same experience. But give it plenty of time!

So, what would I like?
Well, anything will do, really, but if you have some Hawks, Harpys, Crows are even a Raptor lying around I'll gladly take em off your hands.

Kai Loom
Posted - 2011.04.16 02:34:00 - [79]

Hi, kinda feel awkward posting this but I could use all the help I can get. Only really played for 2 months, first month was to a war dec'd corp, the other, a random month in 2009, I love the game just need a little helping hand setting up. Anyway, mucho love for being altruistic.

Amber Accelerando
Posted - 2011.04.16 02:43:00 - [80]

Dude you gave Miilla 50, he's the biggest scammer out & prolly one of the wealthiest players of his age!

I will graciously accept 50!

Good luck in the future :D

Very Happy

Posted - 2011.04.16 02:46:00 - [81]

Edited by: Valiermox on 16/04/2011 02:46:53
I might as well throw my hat in the pile, and see what comes out.

Hey, Val here. Year old player who turned from pvp to mission running in the past couple of months. I started out loving this game, and it hasn't waned at all since I started that fateful May afternoon. I'm not still too good on making isk, but I'm doing what I can with my dumb missions.

Good luck to ya pal, hope life treats you nicely and fly safe out there. Peace

edit: I know you say mission runners make good money but with still not so good skills its a bit tough. Plus I forgot to mention I'm still short on my plex. Laughing

JC Anderson
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2011.04.16 02:59:00 - [82]

This is very cool of you to do.

I believe it's best put in the hands of newer players and won't be asking for any myself. But just wanted to comment on the fact that it's nice to see you devoting the time to doing this for those who need it.

Ronan Astrum
Murasaki Mining and Manufacturing
The Paganism Alliance
Posted - 2011.04.16 03:04:00 - [83]

I'm trying to skill up for a Rorqual and need to purchase Capital Ships and Capital Industrial Ships, as well as a Mining Foreman Mindlink. Anything you might be able to send my way to assist in my endeavours would be greatly appreciated.

Suicide Funtime
Seppuku Unlimited
Disciples of Crom
Posted - 2011.04.16 03:14:00 - [84]

I may not be a new player myself, but over the past year or so I've run a corp to help new players learn the ropes, get their feet wet in some pew pew, and go off to more experienced corps with more experienced players. Any isk you might send me would go directly in the corp wallet to help get some new recruits on their feet (and yes, to pay for lots and lots of wardecs YARRRR!!)

Corina's Bodyguard
Posted - 2011.04.16 03:15:00 - [85]

Hello. I'm a struggling teenager who can barely make enough money each month to pay for this fun (for me) game.

In game, I'm a little bit of everything. And I don't do anything very well.Embarassed
Especially PvP. I really fail at that (but love every minute). I don't have a killboard, but you might find me on someone else's as a target.
While I need over 100M to make PLEX for next month, just 50 would be great help.

I would post with my main... but I can't figure out how to switch characters on the forum (same account).EmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassed
So for reference, she is Corina Jarr.

BTW: I like what you're doing. Spreading it out so that many others can have it a little easier. And who knows. maybe in ten years you will come back, start over, and see someone you helped as a major business tycoon.

Posted - 2011.04.16 03:17:00 - [86]

I am not brand new but am definitely still feeling the pains of earning money. Currently I am spending all of my time mining (blech) in hopes that once school gets out and I actually am able to pay attention to the game, I will have enough funds to go out and have some fun. I've done some missioning, but I really want to get in to PvP. Obviously, earning isk mining is... somewhat tedious, to say the least, while from what I hear, losing isk while PvPing is remarkably easy. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted - 2011.04.16 03:20:00 - [87]

Edited by: Yviene on 16/04/2011 03:22:51
I used to play eve back in 2006, at the time I didn't quite know what was what and ended up quitting after about four months. My friends kept playing however.

I kept in touch with them, they kept talking about EVE, and a month and a half ago, I decided to give EVE another shot. So far I don't have my own source of isk, my friends have set me up with some skill books and I've been training them while sitting in a station most of the time. I like the idea of the game, I want to fly small ships and have some fun pvp'ing in (what my friends call unorthodox) ships like a Merlin or a Caracal. Right now my life takes priority so I'm just training skills until I can really enjoy the game. But when that happens, I guess I'll be kind of stumped since I can barely afford a ship as is.

Kinta Huron
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.04.16 03:22:00 - [88]

I lost my Maelstrom in a mission 4 days ago, I dont have ISK to replace it so I stopped playing till I figure things out, a little ISK would be a real saver right about now.

Posted - 2011.04.16 03:29:00 - [89]

Seen you going to give everything away, including your character. I like the name of it and it seems older than me, can i have it? I can even give you some isk for it...

Atra Hasis
Posted - 2011.04.16 03:30:00 - [90]

I am an Industrial player who likes to mine and occasionally mission. I have made a decent living off of mining and a bit of missioning but I would like to get into manufacturing T1 mods and ammo very soon and then going into T1 ship manufacturing. Some extra ISK would help me get a few BPO's to play with.

I love EVE and I love Industry.

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