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Cpt Syrinx
Posted - 2011.04.14 17:38:00 - [61]


  • My cellphone

  • Chilli Sauce

  • Pack of cigarettes

  • Empty coffemug

  • Very small ashtray

Select: *Chilli Sauce*

Bring em on!

Lucious Shakiel
Posted - 2011.04.15 12:06:00 - [62]

Alotta Baggage
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2011.04.15 12:45:00 - [63]

Originally by: Lucious Shakiel
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Honestly, I see something like this happening with that Razz

Sikander 2
Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2011.04.15 12:54:00 - [64]

I ended up with my flute ugh

Other, slightly further away choices are:
  • bag full of pennies (could work as a cosh)

  • empty box of raisins

  • 20 sided dice (could distract them with a nice game of D&D)

  • Box of screwdrivers

  • Two wrist watches and a pocket watch (could use the pocket watch to strange a zombie, maybe)

  • Vaseline

  • Cable tie (useful for tying up zombies)

  • Tube ticket (ah hah! i can get the zombies onto the London transport system and they'll never arrive! RESULT)

The Whitehound Corporation
Frontline Assembly Point
Posted - 2011.04.15 12:56:00 - [65]

A bare wall.

Awesome. What is better than to smack a zombie's head into the nearest wall? Only the floor, really.

Deliverers of Pain
Posted - 2011.04.16 11:58:00 - [66]

Let's have a look. There are a few items to choose from as my desk is always pretty... yeah whatever. I got here:

- pencil
- my cellphone
- a half full can of body spray
- 3 lighters (2 empty unfortunately)
- chewing gums

well... won't help me much guess I'm screwed. If i were McGyver sure I could use that to build a cruise missile with a nuclear warhead...

Carebear Evolution
Posted - 2011.04.16 12:19:00 - [67]

A piece of concrete wall Cool

jason hill
Clan Shadow Wolf
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.04.16 12:31:00 - [68]

Originally by: R'adeh
Condoms...I'm so dead Neutral

rofl ! you going to **** them to death ?Very Happy

Razorback Industrial
Posted - 2011.04.17 15:36:00 - [69]

Edited by: simocast on 17/04/2011 15:36:29
I've got a lava lamp, I'd watch your back.

Alec Freeman
The Dark Space Initiative
Revival Of The Talocan Empire
Posted - 2011.04.17 16:33:00 - [70]

Bleh i need to clean up my room. Choices choice

1. an old dell keyboard
2. Numerous games and there cases
3. A hammer (geus its my lucky day)
4. Piece of paper
5. A philips scredriver
6. The plate from last nights dinner

Euphoria Released
Posted - 2011.04.17 19:19:00 - [71]

Long blade Kookaburra Kahuna, heavy of course.

Zombie apocalypse or not, every Englishman of note should be prepared for cricket. They can cry "BRAAIIIIINNNNNN" all they like but they will be getting square cut to zombie nirvana.

Calathea Sata
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.04.17 19:48:00 - [72]

Posted - 2011.04.17 21:44:00 - [73]

It pointed at my gun locker( I'm assuming I can use anything i want from the inside?) so I'm happy with that.

IF it had pointed to the right side I'd been in big trouble, because that one points to a stack of post-its....

Jhagiti Tyran
Muppet Ninja's
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2011.04.17 22:28:00 - [74]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Thats my weapon, its not so bad as its fairly chunky and made from dense ABS plastic so you can swing it from the cable and it would do enough damage to crack a skull.

The problem is how long the cable would last because if it breaks you would have to hold it and use it like you would a brick and swing it like that.

The Resistance Movement
Posted - 2011.04.18 11:22:00 - [75]

1- Traffic Cone
2- Permanent markers
3- Cake
4- Framed picture of a baseball bat
5- My Ego

Eternal Frontier
Posted - 2011.04.18 15:06:00 - [76]

A green, rubber, bendy ruler.

It might actually not be too bad. That is, if it was metallic. And sharp. And pink.

JC Anderson
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2011.04.18 15:13:00 - [77]

Posted - 2011.04.18 17:51:00 - [78]

My choices.

  • Bottle of Southern Comfort

  • 2 x External Hardrive

  • TI-89 graphing-calculator

People consistently underestimate how deadly a glass bottle can be.

Atomic Heroes
The G0dfathers
Posted - 2011.04.18 19:10:00 - [79]

My co-worker is not an object you bastard!

But I'll more, than happily use her.

Mad Hermit
Wayward Alliance
Posted - 2011.04.18 21:26:00 - [80]

Answering again, from work this time. Blindly reaching around the the I-beam to my left and grabbing the first object I find myself wielding a crowbar.

**** yeah, that's more like it! Time to crack some skulls! Twisted Evil

Alexi Komanov
Posted - 2011.04.19 21:54:00 - [81]

2 inch pewter Buddha figurine, rolling papers and pencil

Posted - 2011.04.19 23:33:00 - [82]

Edited by: ZenSun on 19/04/2011 23:35:30
1. Toe clipper
2. Strawberry smelling highlighter
3. Stapler
4. Very thick law book
5. Pint glass

Covert Kitty
SRS Industries
Posted - 2011.04.20 05:45:00 - [83]

Your face, but from the looks of it you beat me to it.

Miniature Giant Space Hamsters
Posted - 2011.04.20 07:07:00 - [84]

A Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Jar Shape Surprise.

Cam Clarke
Suddenly Ninjas
Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service
Posted - 2011.04.20 10:36:00 - [85]

Immediately to my left is a S&W .38 revolver with ammo, superglue, broken Warhammer 40k crap, and the TES3 Construction Set disc. But obviously I choose the fleshlight knockoff that's there too.

Posted - 2011.04.20 11:04:00 - [86]

Bottle of Mac B water, hm...thats a problem

And why the fk do you have a jack-o-lantern in the middle of april?

Heroltior Ghedonia
Posted - 2011.04.22 08:53:00 - [87]

I got another as I am at work right now... The targeting system used for a Predator Drone. Better yet, the Drone itself to hunt down and kill zombies en mass.Twisted Evil

Logic Luke
Posted - 2011.04.22 11:19:00 - [88]

A lamp :(

Gun Hog
Posted - 2011.04.22 15:12:00 - [89]

My choices:
My joystick
The battery backup for my computer (UPS)
My headphones
My scanner.

I am going to have to go with the joystick.

Tiberius Amzadee
Posted - 2011.04.22 15:31:00 - [90]

Oh hell yea! My steel-toe boots to kick ass and chew gum. However,I ran out of gum last night.

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