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Posted - 2011.04.11 17:28:00 - [1]

The key tinhg to rmemebr is taht poelpe are lzay, epescailly gmreas. So tkae agdvtanae of taht and yl'uol raceh yuor fnicnaail galos. As the syanig geos buy low and slel hgih. Lrean to svruvie in low sec. Hvae a vraeity of isk srcuoes, in ptraciural pvsasise oens. Do waht you wnat, wehn you wnat and dn'ot let ohtres dcittae the way yuo paly.

Hvae Fun!

Irani Firecam
Posted - 2011.04.11 17:30:00 - [2]

Cool story, bro.

Swag Co.
Sandbox Bullies
Posted - 2011.04.11 17:33:00 - [3]

posting while drunk is dangerous to others health

Pandorum Research Incorporated
Posted - 2011.04.11 17:34:00 - [4]

Stuffed Smoked Salmon Balls
For 6 people

4 ounces smoked salmon
Packet imitation crab chopped into 1 cm pieces
Bunch of basil stemmed and chopped
3 shallots or a smallish red onion peeled and chopped
1/2 head of garlic peeled and crushed
3/8 cup of olive oil
2 heaped desert spoons of mayonaise
2 x 1 inch of fresh ginger grated
Sushi rice about 1 cup (cooked and cold)

Salt and pepper to taste.
Place smoked salmon into scoop leaving overlap. Mix all above ingredients except for the salmon in a bowl with a little zesty Thai dressing. Fill ice cream scoop with this mixture. Fold over overlapping salmon to close. Then twist Seran Wrap, tightly, making the salmon into a ball. Refrigerate for several hours. Mix zesty Thai dressing in a small bowl with a few pepper flakes. Serve in a pool of Thai Dressing with thinly sliced cucumber.


Steve Thomas
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.04.11 17:35:00 - [5]

Edited by: Steve Thomas on 11/04/2011 17:35:24
shes no more intoxicated than the typical EVE developer at Fanfest 2009
which, unforutnatly explains a hell of a lot of whats happend recently

Yuki Kulotsuki
Posted - 2011.04.11 17:36:00 - [6]

Intoxication would result in at least some dropped letters. This is just a poor attempt at a word scramble.

Inner Fire Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.11 17:40:00 - [7]

I think the OP had just read something similar to this.

Kijo Rikki
Point of No Return
Posted - 2011.04.11 17:42:00 - [8]

This is the story of how the human brain can still read a paragraph even if every letter except for the first and last are arranged randomly. Even while severely intoxicated, presumably.

Posted - 2011.04.11 18:23:00 - [9]

Edited by: Sariaphe on 11/04/2011 18:23:39
It was atclauly form tihs atrilce


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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