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Deirdre Morrison
Posted - 2011.04.05 18:52:00 - [1]

What is a good profession that i can jump start in and get skilled up quick enough to be able to make enough isk to buy a PLEX as fast as possible?

The GreenT
Posted - 2011.04.05 19:02:00 - [2]

This is a hard one. Depends. If you have an a**load of time, missioning might work (defintely one of the stongest in the long run). Trading can work, but its hard. Exploration can pay well, but its hit and miss.

Ninja salvaging, scamming and corp theft might be your best bet (though they come with a price).

Mister Rocknrolla
Posted - 2011.04.05 19:04:00 - [3]

Level 4 missioning and ninja salvaging are most profitable with low entry requirements.

Corcyrus Endymion
Elder Tribes
Posted - 2011.04.05 19:29:00 - [4]

Trading hands down.

LHA Tarawa
Posted - 2011.04.06 12:12:00 - [5]

I recently tried creating a new account to see if you can get enough ISK in the trial period to be able to buy a PLEX. I failed.

1) Can't get into a BC or BS on trial account.
2) Can't pull L3 or higher missions on trial account.

Probing down radar sites for decryptors and mission runners to get their salvage (and maybe their loot) I believe are likely to be the fastest ways to getting the cash needed to activate your trial account from PLEX.

Posted - 2011.04.06 20:04:00 - [6]

Originally by: Corcyrus Endymion
Trading hands down.

I want to emphasize Corcyrus's comment.

I have a trade alt on the same account as this character, my main. I paused my main's training for 2 weeks, and trained the trade alt up. I haven't touched the trade alt's training in months.

About a week ago I logged on, and bought about 200,000,000 worth of goodes. I sold all of these goodies for about 400,000,000 isk in less than a week later. In fact, over half my stock moved in the first 24 hours. Had I resold my stuff at my buy price, I imagine they would have sold instantly or close to it.

This means that, I made about 100,000,000 in profit in 24 hours on a character who has only about 2 weeks worth of trade skills. This also means that had I not trained any trade skills I still would have made a profit, just not nearly as much.

While this isn't typical, this isn't the first time I've made a huge killing in 24-48 hours in the months since I started playing trading games.

If you know what you're doing, trade can make you a small fortune in a very short time. If you have no idea what you're doing, you can potentially lose your butt.

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2011.04.06 21:06:00 - [7]

If you include things a buddy can do after paying the first month subscription, I would say trading, planetary interaction, (ninja) salvaging, and possibly exploration.

More ideas in the Making ISK guide.


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