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Posted - 2011.03.15 09:52:00 - [31]

Originally by: Xavier Isaacson
Big post...

The money will be donated to The Red Cross at 31th of march, and if the international aid has solved the need for food and other supplies the money will be used at other areas where aid id needed. Red cross can do a lot more then supply food, that also offer medical support, find homes for chrildren who lost their parents, offer volunteers to do various type of clean up and reconstruction work and much more.

No matter how rich Japan is they can't focus the same amount of resources to help all areas, it's very likely that red cross can find somewhere to put the money to good use, and if the money is not needed in Japan they are going to find some place else it's needed.

Chesty McJubblies
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2011.03.15 10:44:00 - [32]

I agree with the OP. After all, this is the only possible way to donate to such acts of God.

btw, it was God's will, so please don't intervene with your petty monetary contributions.

Furb Killer
Posted - 2011.03.15 10:53:00 - [33]

Originally by: Alotta Baggage
Earthquake AND a tsunami? Good thing nothing bad happened to any nuclear power plants over there Shocked

Ten-thousands are dead, many more are homeless, clean drinking water is a problem, electricity is problematic, large parts of their coast is swept clean, and you seriously think the main issue is some nuclear reactor that is having cooling issues with some light radiation leaks? Just because that is the only thing that might have some small effects on other countries does not mean the Japanese should see that as the primary issue.

Posted - 2011.03.15 11:52:00 - [34]

Originally by: Jojo Jackson
As sorry I feel for the people in Japan but ...

this might sound harsh, I am tiered of all this "collection for XYZ" every second day :(.
And even more in GAMING forums. We are bombarded with such stuff at all medias (TV/radio/newspaper/people at shopping streats) all day long. Now it is Japan (which is sad for sure), then it's poor people in Afganistan, India, xxx-3 world land, Vulcan here, earthquake there, children who are used as modern slaves, random animal spezies.

Don't get me wrong, it's terrible what happens to Japan and the earthquake+tzunami is nothing anyone could do something against. But the problem with the Atom Reaktors is human made. Japan people wanted this form of energy, now they must life with the consequents. Everbody knew for a long time this energy is NOT save! (Biside the fact, that noone knows where to savly store the Nuklar wast).

I just can't hear it anymore EVERY DAMN DAY!
Every damn day somebody asks us to spend money.

I am from Germany. The hole world BELIVE we are super rich. This is WRONG!
Do you guys know, that in Germany life around 200.000 children, whos parents don't have enough money to buy food for every day?
Do you guys know, that in Germany life around 1 million people on streats as they have no job and can't afford a house?
Do you guys know, that in Germany a largh amount of people can't afford to go to a doctor when they are ill?

Sorry, it is terrible what happens to you :(

To many people asked us to spent our money for them :(.

Ask your super rich bankers from Tokio Banks!

In Germany, we have nuclear power plants too.. don't you watch the news?

The Old Chap
Posted - 2011.03.15 14:42:00 - [35]

Japanese authorities say they don't need the money. Yes Japan is a 'rich' country. But it's the citizens who got hit by the tsunami and need the help, real people who now have lost their families, homes, everything they ever had in some cases. That's why people are giving - not to the Japanese nation, but to help individual Japanese people who will need it.

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