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Hildagarde Shwarzfleisch
Posted - 2011.03.22 11:29:00 - [61]

This alt joining MisterVee's bomber group in 2009 was the most fun I've had in the game. It was an opportunity to fly the ships I loved the most and did not take much SP at all to fly. Collectively, a dozen or so bombers turned battleship blobs into ash and podded most of the pilots. Since then, some groups have been able to duplicate his efforts, while many more haven't and continue to pad the killboards of their "prey"

Planetary Genocide
White Sail Anarchists
Yarr Collective
Posted - 2011.03.22 11:30:00 - [62]

My first small gang fight. We had a gang of around 10 or so, mostly battlecruisers and cruisers (I was in a 1600mm plate Vexor), and we were in BWF camping a bubble when a hostile BC gang warped into us and lit us up. We ended up taking two losses in exchange for wiping out their entire gang and podding two of them (their entire gang includes the ones who got pods away and reshipped at a POS). Quite possibly the most fun I ever had with standard PvP.

A close second would be a corp theft that I pulled that took three days and netted me 1.6bil in ships, mods, and ISK for little to no effort. It was a bit more boring listening to that idiot of a CEO and dealing with his sh*t so the gang fights during my time in Caldari lowsec/nearby null were probably the best.

Oh, and the first time I flew a Tengu in a level 4 and destroyed the **** out of it. I've been around

Posted - 2011.03.22 11:36:00 - [63]

Gate camping in rancer.

Aderata Nonkin
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:11:00 - [64]

It's a fun read when so many people come into this thread exaggerating about their experiences in the game. Perhaps you should just write a book, I heard fiction is a bestseller these days.

I always have fun with my corp members (except one of them that for some reason doesn't show on the forum anymore).

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:15:00 - [65]

Piracy in 2007-2008.

Tomaso Yoshitome
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:15:00 - [66]

Waltzing into a wormhole, killing everyone, including a chimera, and helping steal 40 billion worth of tengus.


Posted - 2011.03.22 12:19:00 - [67]

it may not sound like fun to most, but i have to say the most fun I've ever had was when i was with my first corp and i organized my first mining op and we mined out 2 belts, we were using vent and just chatting it up.

Mordo Mordaeus
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:19:00 - [68]

There are so many nice moments in EVE.. :) struggling for my first battlecruiser then loosing it to a pirate next hour.. :) first solokill of a bald but stupid pirate, highsec griefing in my rifter... 0.0 roaming in nanogangs.. take a pick! I love this game to death ;)

Benjamin Hamburg
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:20:00 - [69]

As a new player myself, the thing I find the funniest is to kill older player...

With 7 mil skillpoint, being able to kill ships that I'm not even able to fly is a unmatched feelingTwisted Evil

Yesterday, a friend and me killed an Ishtar and a Phobos while we were only in Hurricanes (this ship abuses)... this were maybe the hotest fight I had. Finnaly another Hurricane got me...

Beside that, I love also purchase other players in my region of 0.0. I know the region by hearth. The funniest purchase is sadly not very glorious, but it was a Noobship that I purchase on 14 jump, passing by shortcuts that I knew and arriving before him at a gate, insta locked him with a Keres sensor boosted (near 3000mm of sensor res)... So yes, each kill that you have work for are fun, even the smallest of them.

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:22:00 - [70]

The Dronelands War...

Weeks on end with constant fleet battles where any moment we could (and eventually did) fall.

Posted - 2011.03.22 12:22:00 - [71]

The most fun I ever had was in low sec, flying around in small groups of 4-8, ganking people. Loved it... I also did enjoy the occassional gate camp. YARRRR!!

EntroPrelatial Vanguard
EntroPraetorian Aegis
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:22:00 - [72]

Originally by: TetraEtc
Gate camping in rancer.

Damn! Did you blow up my 1st Cane! Podded me to you swines!!!! ROFL

Posted - 2011.03.22 12:45:00 - [73]

Most fun I've had in EVE? When I played as curator for an in-house alliance tournament for my alliance. Everyone says I should apply for curator for the new Alliance Tournament IX coming up, because it sounded so legit. Very Happy

Also, the first time I was able to fly an Orca. I must have only been at most 2-3 months old. I couldn't even fit the ship, but damn was it awesome to fly in a ship 2-3 times bigger than all the other ships around you in a newbie mining corporation.

Ithica Nirobi Estemaire
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:51:00 - [74]

the most fun in my career is happening now Laughing
i thought i was having fun in high sec doing missions with corp fleets etc,

But going and living in null sec is by far the most fun and has made the game much much more interesting. always heart pounding stuff happening and nothing is predictable.

For those of you who have looked at the star map and wondered "whats it like all the way out there" the answer is its awesome nail biting action that never stops. (once you get over your inital fears of losing ships) but remember the key rule for null sec- ONLY FLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE (and then replace it again to go back and kick that pirates ass who podded you) -its all happened to us Very Happy

Posted - 2011.03.22 13:19:00 - [75]

For me it was in my early days of playing, when the first time i understood that i am trustworthy player in corporation.

we were living in wh (i was like 3 months old at that time). CEO and some other people helped me a lot and gave me Hulk as a present for actually achieving SP needed for it (i didnt know much about the game and wanted to become miner :D ).

It always feels nice when you see that people trusts you ;)

Dalorian Rinah
Posted - 2011.03.22 13:23:00 - [76]

I think my first time visiting Null was when i had the most fun. Either that or clearing for the first time, a C4 Wormhole with 3 tengus... now that was fun. I feel that your experience does get better, you just need to use your brain sometimes when your starting out. Don't take anything out of yellow cans and in Jita... don't look in local.Very HappyWink

XFX Cookie
Posted - 2011.03.22 13:52:00 - [77]

I had the most fun in the beginning, now its just long lvl4's, long skills and all that, sometimes boring, but still fun.

The Fated
Posted - 2011.03.22 13:57:00 - [78]

ninja mining arkonor in 0.3 in a probe
ratting in 0.0 in a rifter
getting my first stabber
encountering 99% resist scorps in my stabber and surviving by ABing out of range
getting our rifter bpo stolen
finding a miner II bpo and helping crash the miner II market.
testing out the revamped jag in low sec
command ships
frig and cruiser corp/alliance tourneys
the people

Posted - 2011.03.22 14:32:00 - [79]

A few occasions come to mind!

  • In a carebear corp, we once decided to find a hub system and rid it of all its asteroids, belt by belt. The op took roughly twenty-four hours. Miners who came in after us wondered what the hell was going on.

  • Back during the early days of the drone regions, I joined some alliance mates into a roaming op, with nothing but an interceptor to contribute. Along the way, we found a transport ship, destroyed it, I managed to kill the pod, and then we waited for an extra inty pilot to come around and fetch the loot since the unfortunate transport ship had dropped... half a billion ISK worth of goodies. :D

  • Drunken ice ops. 'Nuff said!

Dorian Wylde
Posted - 2011.03.22 14:34:00 - [80]

Originally by: Bartholomeus Crane
Originally by: CCP Navigator
There have been so many experiences in EVE which just raised my adrenaline, made me laugh or got me excited. Some of these, in no particular order:

* Getting your first battleship after spending so long saving up and training skills
* Living in Curse during the height of The Five. So many random small fights as well as huge operations of taking down large starbases with Battleships only.
* Warping to a belt and finding your first officer, blowign it up and then hurrying to the can while all the time checking local and hoping for a super pay day
* Coming to my first Fanfest and discovering how many other players had the same excitement about EVE that I did.

I see:
* Battleships and their fittings are dirt cheap because the EVE economy is buggered up by oversupply and lack of demand. So the thrill of saving up for it is gone, with not much thrill in waiting for skills to complete.
* Blobbing is the order of the day (and is boring) and small gangs are hotdropped all over the place, in Curse or most everywhere else in 0.0. And sov warfare means a lot of blobbing, shooting structure and waiting for endless timers. Not a lot of thrill there left either.
* Sanctums and ratting in general is just a mindless repetitive way for earning Isk and crossing fingers and toes for perhaps the chance for an officer kill through the sludge and drudgery of it all is not very thrilling either.
* Fanfest is turned into a festival of spin and broken promises over the years, and the thrill of meeting guys who play the game I can do at the local wateringhole as well.

All this sounds rather like the thrills of years past. So, gramps, the question is: when was the last time you actually played this game? Do you get a lot of thrills and excitement out of moving those extractors around a little?

Sigh ...

For a new player, which is what he was talking about, a battleship is still expensive, and a major milestone and accomplishment.

Not going to get involved in another blob whine. Bringing more people than your enemy is basic tactics.

Not thrilling for you maybe. Just because you don't like something, or fail at it more likely, doesn't mean everyone feels that way. Ratting is a good source of income, and the randomness makes those of us who don't enjoy being spoonfed everything appreciate it all the more. Random is fun. Predictability is boring.

Fanfest sucks for those of you who are dumb enough to go into it thinking they're going to reveal major secrets, or sign ironclad promises about what they talk about. Fanfest is about celebrating the game. If you don't enjoy the game, which your post makes clear you don't, fanfest is going to suck for you. Do the rest of us a favor and stay away, don't ruin it for the rest of us.

More dev's and CM's need to post like Navigator. It's good to see what other people enjoy, despite the killjoy ******s like Bart. People like him are simply baffling, if the game is so terrible for you, stop playing, and leave the rest of us who can find enjoyment in it. We're sick of your whining.

Bruce Destro
Posted - 2011.03.22 15:24:00 - [81]

when i first started playing, nobody helped me or my friend. the tutorial was lame and we skipped it. after a few months i started can flipping, following around a character named Menod Pentor. after i got bored of that me and my friend found some 0.0 with bc or the rare bs rats and had a blast making a million isk after 10 mins of fail pew pew. was great fun as we snorted powdered gatorade and about sugar-killed outselves. ( we were still in highschool)

Atomic Geese
Posted - 2011.03.22 15:36:00 - [82]

Edited by: AnonyTerrorNinja on 22/03/2011 15:46:40
I once shot a man in Rancer just to watch him in 720p.

Also, small-scale station warfare before the majority of EVE felt that the only way to play was to outnumber their opponents by 2:1, where people had the decency to not use ECM if their enemies weren't using ECM and roaming of 0.0 where a bubble wouldn't prematurely end a fun evening.

Ammad Tankian
Posted - 2011.03.22 15:41:00 - [83]

The most fun i had is a difficult question for me.

I think when i first came to 0.0 at 1.5million SP with 0isk and just a poorly fit ferox to my name was actually fun. It was the unknown of 0.0 that made it fun for me, sure i lost that active tanked Ferox within a day though (yes, active tanked in a fleet fight)

I would have to place it more on when we as IRC fought Razor/MH for a month up in CE. Sure i lost almost all of my ships and spent so long in the poor house afterwards, but reclaiming all those systems made it worth it in the end =) It makes victory so much sweeter when you give so much for it.

JOKAS Industries
Posted - 2011.03.22 15:41:00 - [84]

Originally by: My Postman
Most fun.....

When a ninja looter first met my cloaked arazu. Oh and even more funny when a ninja hops into your recon part 3 mission.

What's funnier is saving the station in "Damsel in distress" with a few HP while you're salvaging. Someone warps in, shoot station. boom = lulz.

Maximillian Brion
Rigel Enterprises
Posted - 2011.03.22 15:46:00 - [85]

Edited by: Maximillian Brion on 22/03/2011 15:48:51
The month doing LVL 3's, couple of weeks doing lvl4's with a corp mate in our low skill fits, both of us trying to save up for BS's. Laughing First war dec on our corp and the thrill of the hunt. :) PVP with friends in general is fun for me... :)

Oh, and running around around Molden Heath dodging piwates. :)

Atomic Geese
Posted - 2011.03.22 15:49:00 - [86]

Originally by: Josefius
Originally by: My Postman
Most fun.....

When a ninja looter first met my cloaked arazu. Oh and even more funny when a ninja hops into your recon part 3 mission.

What's funnier is saving the station in "Damsel in distress" with a few HP while you're salvaging. Someone warps in, shoot station. boom = lulz.

1. wait for them to steal from you
2. pop their frig
3. pop the building
4. receive biomassacon

Antihrist Pripravnik
Scorpion Road Industry
Posted - 2011.03.22 16:13:00 - [87]

In my training past it had to be when I finished training for a Falcon. Not because it's an ECM boat, but because it was the first ship I got that could warp cloaked.

Posted - 2011.03.22 16:16:00 - [88]

im only now approaching 6m sp but ive had fun since really early onVery Happy
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.
This is pretty much how my first month or so went lol but im getting there slowly and enjoying it more and more lol :)
Plodding around doing my own thing i often find a rewarding as going out with the intention of podding someoneTwisted Evil
And even when i do take a step back from going off to fight a war or engage in a home defence operation to go mining or ratting its nice to see how my activity on something even as possibly boring as ice mining feeds back into the game Smile
Mine for a a mach....sell mach...mach pilot goes and kills lots of npc's.......gets money...buys another ship...pods lots of pplTwisted Evil and i contributedCool

Posted - 2011.03.22 16:27:00 - [89]

Definitely my first SB kill in W-space. 3 of us got 2 Hulks and an Osprey. Except one of my corpmates accidentally mwd'd into the blast radius and lost his ship =/. It was still great watching the bomb fly towards its target though.

Ashley Sky
The Eleventh Commandment
Posted - 2011.03.22 16:28:00 - [90]

Being an ore thief during the heydays of jetcan mining.

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