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Alonzo Harris
Posted - 2011.03.10 15:05:00 - [31]

Originally by: Michael J Fox
Edited by: Michael J Fox on 10/03/2011 14:25:06
edited to cut down on flamage.

Originally by: Bartholomeus Crane
hrills of years past. So, gramps, the question is: when was the last time you actually played this game? Do you get a lot of thrills and excitement out of moving those extractors around a little?

Sigh ...

paying a sub for a game does not equals you own the people that make/run it. Its a brave CCP employee that dares to make any kind of post round here these days and tbh posts like yours aren't making that any better.


Posted - 2011.03.10 15:16:00 - [32]

Agreed, GM's and Devs should talk more on here.

Get off Facebook!

Lord Tempist
Council of Lords
Posted - 2011.03.10 15:51:00 - [33]

Chasing AAA through Catch and being chased by AAA through Catch right before they pushed IAC out of the area. Also sieging one of their POS's and then being forced to retreat before we could crack it was exciting. Total mayhem for about 24 jumps and drunk as hell the whole way.

Hard Rock Mining Co.
Territorial Claim Unit
Posted - 2011.03.10 16:50:00 - [34]

I have a few.

1. Before Stations were in 0.0- (Even NPC ones) We used to set up big giant secure container waypoints in space at deep safespots- and ferry ore back and forth in Badgers or Iterons to Empire space. I remember running from a m0o gang for about 20 systems in a cruiser with nothing but mining lasers on it- I had lots of bookmarks and I remember for about two and a half hours running for dear life- made it to empire safe but I can't help but think I could have had a more productive two hours if I just would have let them pod me. Then again, a 5 million isk cruiser was a way bigger deal back then. \

2. Playing station ping pong in the South before Capital Ships existed, or POS- Just huge fleet battles shooting stations back and forth into contention... that was pretty fun for a while.

3. The serpentis Titan event about 4 years ago- Before Caps again. Getting shot in the face with a Tech II Large Railgun from a roleplaying NPC Battleship before Tech II had been released- I have the honor of being the first guy Tech II Weapon...

I have to say that overall I think that "back in the day" before people became ridiculously rich and before RMT and Botting and L4 empire missions kind of skewed the market, it was a lot more fun back then because losing ships meant actual loss, and skill was way more of a determining factor than numbers when it came to winning. Fleets were WAY smaller, there was no Caps or Supercaps, and sometimes the outcome of a battle depended on the range your ammo was loaded, and what optimal you warped in ant and whatnot. Loadouts were way different too- You could have Cruise Kestrels, Torp Blackbirds and all sorts of cool variations of loadouts with missiles because they just worked on an m3 variable instead of certain launchers only being able to fire certain missiles.

Space Mermaids
Posted - 2011.03.10 17:07:00 - [35]

EvE died for me after the Dominion patch. I haven't enjoyed it since. SP were never really a part of the factor. I figured out very early that nobody is invincible and SP just make you more or less colorfull in what you bring to the stage. Pre-Dominion, NRDS was a real aspect of EvE in Providence and I miss NRDS. Even now in the biggest blob of EvE and while I am loyal to NC and have no illusion they could never run anything but NBSI I miss NRDS. PvP meant more when I had to pick and choose what I shot at. I had to actually think about where I was and who was around me.

Cash and Cargo Liberators Incorporated
Posted - 2011.03.10 17:34:00 - [36]

I had lots of fun doing highsec wardecs with a group of friends. We worked together extremely well, and had all sorts of fun going after the people who thought they were safe because they moved 20 jumps away, or fit a full rack of WCS. The three best moments I can remember are:

Chasing a single person over 10+ jumps, giving up and sitting afk in the system we gave up in for a bit, then coming back to find him afk on a gate the next system over.

Some wartargets who smacktalked hard as we kept ganking lone members insisted they could take us in a "fair" fight. Eventually we engaged them in their system with ~6 of us vs ~10 of them plus neutral RR. They primaried our tackle rifter, which speedtanked them for a full minute as we killed their dps ships. After we killed all of them with no losses we successfully baited and killed their neutral RR as well.

Suicide ganking as a group in between wars. We'd sit the ganking and loot scooping ships in a .5 system on the jita<-->amarr route, with two people scouting for worthwhile autopiloting haulers 1 jump in opposite directions. Once we got setup we'd chat away on voice comms for a few hours and gank haulers, either until we got bored or ran out of sec status.

Posted - 2011.03.10 17:40:00 - [37]

the most fun...hmmmmm

getting war decked by a 1 person corp (owned by a 4 week old noobie who 'wanted to see what war was like') and seeing wich one of us could insta pop him

that was a blast.

But, the day I was the most excited was when I finaly stepped foot into my first command ship.

I love my Absolution Laughing

Qanael Radlari
Morior Invictus.
Velocitas Eradico
Posted - 2011.03.10 18:13:00 - [38]

I think the biggest thrill for me was having command of a 100+ person fleet dropped on me after our leader got podded, since I was secondary FC. That was quite a lot of adrenaline. Flying logistics in fleet ops is also really intense.

Catocalypse Meow
Posted - 2011.03.10 20:07:00 - [39]

Easily the most fun was the first few days, then month of Red vs. Blue 2. Never found that magic again, even on this alt that has far more SP than my RvB main.

Most fun I've had in any game ever tbh.

November Corporation
Posted - 2011.03.10 20:13:00 - [40]

Hmm, doing anything for the first time tends to be fun, even if its a huge blobfest. I've managed to stay entertained for a pretty long time, so a lot of things come to mind. One that stands out is making a 2 hour trip to the ass end of Period Basis with my friend. This was long before Exodus, back during Gemini and Castor. So no instajumps/warptozero, no shortcut jumps, no smuggler gates, no warp drives, no player stations south of Gehi (Khanid). Almost no one ventured more than ten jumps in, past 1M4. We went something like 35-40 jumps and found awesome NPC spawns, fields rich with Arkonor and not a soul in sight. There weren't even any player cans on scanner to show evidence of anyone having been there before.

We got a crazy idea to move the entire corp down there, set up 100+ cans and see how long we could survive in a place where you couldn't get ammo or repairs. A colossal effort. Ofc, everyone thought it was absolutely insane and didn't go for it, but the adventure was fun.

I had similar fun when Apocrypha came out, because it was the first time since the first couple months of the game when you could get lost in deep space no one had been to before, and see things no one had seen before, all the while dealing with incredibly hard logistics. I think stuff like that is really what people expect when they see what the game is about but know nothing else.

Bartholomeus Crane
The Crane Family
Posted - 2011.03.10 20:24:00 - [41]

Originally by: CCP Navigator

Honestly? The Op was asking about the most fun that people have had and, to be perfectly honest, fun is what you make of the environment you are in, how you interact with that environment and with the people who share it with you.

There are no doubt a lot of people who just love running level 4's or Incursions while others enjoy holding huge amounts of systems and massive fleet warfare. Others just like getting on EVE voice, running a mining op and chatting with their friends.

P.S, I also logged in as recently as today and I still have fun in EVE. Thanks for asking Smile

Yeah, and the point was that you had the most fun with things that were fun several years ago. Nowadays? Not so much fun anymore.

So the question was, and is, if you still log on as recently as today, and still have fun in EVE, why is that that list of most fun things you found in EVE is all about things that were exciting years ago? Why isn't there anything in there about what is supposed to be exciting and thrilling (if CCP's missives are to be believed) today, or introduced recently? Like PI? Or hell, FW (this list predates even that!)?

But I guess we both know the answer to that question ...

Yes, even I used to have a lot of fun in EVE, mostly with the same type of things you did, but with the lack of iteration on all those exciting things, of late, well, not so much anymore.

P.S. Don't forget to say hay to my, no doubt, many fans in the office for me ...

Terianna Eri
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.03.10 20:53:00 - [42]

Originally by: Bartholomeus Crane
P.S. Don't forget to say hay to my, no doubt, many fans in the office for me ...

I very much doubt anyone at CCP has even the slightest bit of concern for you, and find it humorous that you think yourself that important.

Most fun Ive had in EVE was just yesterday actually roaming Cache in 2 vagabonds, trying (successfully) to peel kills out of a 15 man fleet.

Ana Vyr
Posted - 2011.03.10 21:10:00 - [43]

For me it was exploring my first wormhole system, and then subsequently rescuing some corpmates who came in without probe launchers, and finally losing my covops on the exit to the guy who came in hunting us...I got all of them out safely though.

Pod Liberation Authority
Posted - 2011.03.22 09:53:00 - [44]

Epic frigate action.

Posted - 2011.03.22 10:10:00 - [45]

Going into a 3:1 or 4:1 outnumbered fight, 100 vs 300-400 and by K/D ratio, Win in the end.

Daniel Whateley
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:14:00 - [46]

the most fun ive had in eve was when i was a newbie player and i found a 100 mil isk implant in a level 1 mission then got scammed for the first time, but the best part of the capsuleer path is the start when you get in that ibis as a new character and its all new to you and that ibis seems awesome at taking out that random rat :) that was the most amazing moment and when a condor or merlin actually seemed like the best ship in the game and now that ive been playing for 1 year now and have 15 mil sp the first ships i had access to are the best still :)

Thirum Aninoda
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:22:00 - [47]

Most fun moment was somehow my first solo fight i had in a low next to syndicate ... must have been a year ago.

I went out with my pvp-Ishkur and roamed for about 2 hours without any targets. But suddenly i realized that i was chased by 2 Rifters, both of them with the same age as me. So i looked for a chilled and large Low 2 or 3 jumps from my position. I found Odamia and warped to a spot next to a planet that would be easily found by them. As I setup and prepared, the first Rifter jumped into the system and found me with in 2 mins. As soon i locked him, his friend jumped in. I already fired with my Blasters on the first guy and waited with the drones till the second guy came in. Drones out. Overheating weapons, hardener, repper and tracking disruptor and closing in for the first guy. As i went into structure the first popped. I switched target and wanted the second guy, but somehow i didnt realize that my Scrambler was burned out because i accidently overheated it also. As soon as he got into Armor he disengaged.

My puls was somewhere around 140 and i was grinning about my first solo kill.

Posted - 2011.03.22 10:24:00 - [48]

3 occasions come to mind:

1) Day 1: Realizing that as an avid gamer, that I would have to really up my game to understand all the dynamics of the game (which I still don't)

2) When a buddy and I ventured in to lowsec for the first time ever in 2 cheaply fitted cookie-cutter pvp Rifters. We got an officer spawn at a belt and my mate got a Dread warp scram from the drop. It was our very first glimpse at the possibilities of lowsec. We then proceeded to get popped by a T3 that just happen to be in the same neighbourhood. We also realized the potential dangers of lowsec that day.

3) My first trip in to a WH with my Myrm. The sleepers were tough and for my mostly only lvl 3 skills (T1 armor reps at the time as well) I couldn't do much. On my way out I got shot in the face by a really really really fast Dominix who neuted the crap outa me and then chewed me up with his drones.

Odd. Most of my most fun times I have had, have actually been while loosing ships. I guess it gives me something to work towards. Like "Hey! I should try that next time!"

There is always something new to learn in Eve :)

Artificial Rhonda
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:24:00 - [49]

stealing ships in a belt with an orca...

same as pvp.. you're leaving some poor slob in a belt in his/her pod with a confused look on their face..

cept you get to sell their ship.. ..on market or back to them! :)

Nila Talluc
New Eden Freelance Logistics Inc.
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:27:00 - [50]

Originally by: Daniel Whateley
the most fun ive had in eve was when i was a newbie player

I have to agree there. Started back in 07 when there were no waypoints or career builders to hold your hand and lead the way, it was all new and exciting! That got to be the most memorable parts of my time in Eve.

Second part got to be when I joined up with ATLAS Alliance. To get to learn the way that 0.0 warfare was handled and the constant excitement of always being on your guard made it loads of fun.

CMD Bileena
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:43:00 - [51]

I'd have to say one of my favorate fun moments thus far would be catching a corporation during a pos setup. They had just put up the tower in a class 1 wormhole. Currently only had tower, ship array, hanger and one turret which was anchored but not online.

I waited until the guy doing the setup left to do a run in his hauler, then switched out to from my bomber to my Harby. I incapacitated the turret, then setup a medium bubble in the line from his pos to the wormhole he was using.

Twenty minutes or so later he returns, being totally not used to wormhole space or combat he didnt check dscan (as expected) and flew straight into the warp bubble. Popped his hauler which was full of turrets and fuel. I podded him and quickly used an alt to in a Crane to pickup the loot. At about that time a corp mate was just arriving in a falcon.

Over the next two hours the corp decided to send wave after wave of small groups of ships to defend their pos, each one would land in the bubble, get ECM'd by my corpie and popped by me... Was a great Sunday afternoon on Eve.

EntroPrelatial Vanguard
EntroPraetorian Aegis
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:47:00 - [52]

Out of a great many high points-

Getting suicide ganked in my 1st rettie, then guilting the culprit into buying me a new one-even tho it was insured! (we're still mates & I even recruited him to my corp! lol)

My 1st solo kill-getting jumped in my cane by 2 vagabonds-wasting one of them & putting the other one n flames, before having to run myself as I too was on fire! I was jumping up & down at that point I can tell you I was so happy!

Lately-a few days ago while in a WH with some corpies & blues, 5 of us-4 bc's & 1 bs, getting jumped by a large fleet with SERIOUS firepower, getting out of the warp bubble & warping around like **** so I didn't get caught & not being able to reach the wh entrance & knowing everyone else was dead or dying & STILL making it it out alive! That was SUCH a rush!

Worst moments-any time losing a ship you've worked hard for-especially the 3 bill one *cries*

Yet other high points when you think you MIGHT lose something extremely pricy, get get away *heart pounding & sweaty palms* Swearing you'll never be in that position again, until you inevitably do! Laughing

Azami Nevinyrall
Fly Drunk
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:48:00 - [53]

Hydra Reloaded took over Tama, a corpie and I decided to take them on in Stealth Bombers. Needless to say we didn't last long, but we were laughing our asses off...

Majesta Empire
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:55:00 - [54]

Going out in a navy raven and a mega with a mate one night thrashing some missions all while rather drunk :)

im mrmessy
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.03.22 10:55:00 - [55]

Most fun... probably the slosh op last weekend
Originally by: Goonswarm Wiki 'slosh op'
A Slosh Op is where alcohol is mainly mandatory. There are generally set rules for drinking, but common choices are for every kill, every death, ever jump past a certain distance (50AU), anything that seems like a good idea at the time. Cheap and disposable ships are a good plan, a dictor, and DPS cruisers. Also, if you have people who have insurance running out on their BS, this is a great opportunity! Of course, with alcohol around poor judgment abounds, so if you start drinking early, it's a perfect time to bring out that Navy Megathron.

we went head first into a larger force of Russians after telling the NC to go away
Originally by: The Mittani
how could you lose a fleet to IRC

The Old Chap
Posted - 2011.03.22 11:02:00 - [56]

Ahhhh the good old days...

Most memorable kick was successfully running a gatecamp set up by the legendary and much feared mOo.

Still get a rush when hauling in lowsec and you get multiple blinky reds straight after jumping.

Muppet Ninja's
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2011.03.22 11:04:00 - [57]

Watching my drones to hit only 1 time every 15-20 min,and looking at my own wreck,at %68 armor inside my ship which is dead.

Isn't it funny?

Ilsa Schnee
Posted - 2011.03.22 11:14:00 - [58]

Going alone through the gate with my geddy to face 2 abaddons and a zealot. Slowly alining to the next gate making sure they lock on and aggro and then call on the rest of my gang and open up. I even survived.

djenghis jan
Posted - 2011.03.22 11:22:00 - [59]

I had the most fun flogging my slaves...

Posted - 2011.03.22 11:29:00 - [60]

some time ago me and a few corp mates decided to play a little challenge. we all got 10 million, bought ships, and went to do lowsec plexes. just to see how easily we could make money. funnily, we all bought vexors.

after 2 hours and a dozen radars and low plexes, which the vexors were ideal for, we made some 90m isk, we found the jackpot, a 6/10 plex. so we happily warped 3 vexors in and started clearing the sites. checking dscan, getting the npc bs at a range youre safe at while keeping drones on them, dodging the other BS as they got into there optimal, and all the time chatting around on teamspeak. and man it was hard work.

local remained empty or just passing people, so we chatted more and got more comfortable. we moved to the last room, took down most of the BS and then a harpy warped in. he locked the 1st vex while we all set our drones on him (warp out? nah. its just vexors). he took the 1st vex out, then the 2nd, and then my vex. well done him :) excellent night and it ended as it should in eve. we werent paying enough attention and died because of it :)

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