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Posted - 2011.03.03 08:35:00 - [1]

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[CSM6] Dreipniir : Fresh Meat

Q: Are you doing this for a free trip to Iceland ?

A: Hell yea! All the free snow you can eat and volcanoes trying to kill you, who wouldnt want that ?

Who am i in EvE ?

I actually think i have been around since the start, ofcourse i have had my ups and downs and battles against the never ending "learning curve of doom".
But until this point ive seen pretty much all of what is to be seen. It is a huge universe, but a very narrow path.
Ive been both victorious in my goals and had my share of epic failures, Ive tried the high sec "carebear" life massing my wealth by missions and trade and ive spent parts of my futuristic life in 0.0 trying to make your life suck even more. ( cmon, who doesnt love those explotions, and the feeling of blowing up 1.5 bill of someones ratting Tengu? )

Who am I IRL ?

My name is Per Stengård, im 27 years old and im freezing my ass off in sweden.
I can´t say that i have eny fancy pants game designer skills but what i can say is that i might have a fresh mind about things, my Real work is actually being a Saddlemaker/leather crafter, so i work to create new things most of my time and also too see that it gets 100% perfect..
I have also tried alot of different games during my mmo years and ive seen most of em fail for the same reason....Content.

SO to get to the point.

Goals during csm 6 ?

First of all im not going to promise you enything else then my hard work to try and make a difference.
CSM is a sounding board, not somewhere we can demand change, its just a polite request.

So, most games ive followed thrue the years all go down the same road, when the players start questioning the content, the game creators starts creating new content, new expanions.
Sadly leaving all the old content and areas untouched and unfinished.

What deserves most? PVE or PVP ? my point is that both sides needs to be fixed, as all other games the player base is balanced between the two, for pvp, yes ship balancing ofcourse, all ships should be vital to a fleet, at this point its all drake blobs or the "FOTM" Maelstroms. wheres the love for all the ships?
In pve... doing the same missions all over and over or afk mining or whatever you want to do, it needs to be adressed .

There is alot of questions to be answered, and over a forum like this its insane to even try, im open for ideas, im open for conflicts.

Im sick of seeing EvE fall into the same deep hole that all others are.
Why wont they fix what they allready have ?
CCP has one hell of a game but they need to slow down, and look back at what they have.
Fix the existing content before implementing more.

Sure Incursions was a nifty idea, but can the systems handle it ?
Live events ? AWESOME!.....200 or more pilots in same system and it goes down the drain.
Fleet fights.. it would go faster doing the fighting in paint <.<

To end it, all i say is fix what you have, dont leave it lying in a dark corner.


Exotic Death
Posted - 2011.03.03 18:54:00 - [2]

Agreed that ccp needs to turn their car around and see whats in their tracks Laughing

Greedy Slave Girl
Posted - 2011.03.05 07:41:00 - [3]

good luck m8


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