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Akira Hiroshima
Posted - 2011.03.08 01:43:00 - [151]

How about this:

An anchorable module not unlike a pos. it would act as an 'arena'. can be configured thru a management window like a pos for details such as number of ships allowed in, of what type, of what corp/alliance, sp, size of the arena, type of battle etc, what happens to u if u go outside it, what u can do inside it, targeting can be enabled or disabled as a toggle by one or all parties or whatever, could even use a system of entry fees straight from participants' wallets and use bounty-style system to split winnings to the victors blah blah blah or even rights to assets or resources...this could also be configureable ofc...the details of configuration options could be endless but just giving some ideas here.

there is ur fair/handicapped fights within a still believable sandbox environemt, and surely not hard to program. it of course would not represent half the thrill of (nor serve to replace) real pvp (hunting, ambushing and general current realistic sandbox style dynamics etc) but real pvp shouldnt be fair or predictable, that's just not realistic or sandbox style, and i think the way pvp happens at the moment is a realistic representation of real life, real war, real fights, in a real environment for real reasons (not to say the whole current pvp interface/implementation/etc could not be revamped to be a lot more slick)

this mustv been mentioned before but i dont really trawl the forums too often. just my 2 pence here as to how to solve the problems talked about.

Sraik Doubter
Posted - 2011.03.08 04:14:00 - [152] guys realize that EP is totally trolling you, right?

That said, I think that his premise that folks tend to avoid PvP in eve is completely correct. I disagree that this is an issue that can be "solved" with a game mechanic. As in RL, some folks like to fight for the sake of doing it; most do not. Eve is no different; change of the type proposed comes only at a social level. Encourage PvP just to do it, foster an ethic in other players that supports it; only then will you see the changes in behavior that you are looking for.

Good to see you still are hanging in there, EP. Best wishes.

Eternum Praetorian
PWNED Factor
The Seventh Day
Posted - 2011.03.08 13:05:00 - [153]

Edited by: Eternum Praetorian on 08/03/2011 13:07:36
Originally by: Bumblefck
I might suggest you try popping NPC haulers; unless you've already done this, Mr. Troll, I highly doubt you've done everything EVE has to offer

The only person I am trolling is Bubmlefck, I am finding it amusing to completed disregard his posts and watch him continue to make stabs at me until I give him some kind recognition that he is making them. Wink

. . .

Beyond that, I am not trolling anyone. If you hopped into a ship and talked to random people in game, you will find that 90% of all people whom you encounter (of all ages and careers) wishes that EVE had some improvement to it's current PVP system, it's incentives and/or it's fleet structure.

The only reason why these forums do not reflect this trend, is because of the unending epeen measuring of "Internet Tough Guys" who choose to smash any idea that gives them an opportunity to look like hot **** inside of these troll dominated forums.


Waves @ Sraik Doubter YARRRR!!

Jennifer Starling
Imperial Navy Forum Patrol
Posted - 2011.03.08 13:21:00 - [154]

Originally by: Eternum Praetorian
If you hopped into a ship and talked to random people in game, you will find that 90% of all people whom you encounter (of all ages and careers) wishes that EVE had some improvement to its current PVP system, its incentives and/or its fleet structure.

I definitely agree with this.

Andrea Griffin
Posted - 2011.03.08 14:57:00 - [155]

Alliances can control great swaths of space in null-sec and they fight for control over the resources there. Moon goo mostly, but at least there is a reason to attempt to expand your area of control.

Low sec and high sec need something similar that will encourage people to get out and pew.

Corporations should be able to control individual systems in lowsec - fix the Faction Warfare system and expand upon it. Perhaps set it up so that the only people who can anchor towers in low security systems are those with positive standings towards the owning corporation (but this would not offline existing towers). This would encourage people to interact in multiple ways.

Corporations, and perhaps even individuals, should be able to fight for control over high sec stations - the benefit being that you get a cut of all the station services that are used (repair bay, market orders, cloning facilities, etc.) if you have a "controlling interest" in the station.

Can you imagine the explosions in Jita? Very Happy

Basically, take what works in null-sec (sov system aside), then scale it down as you move up in security.

Posted - 2011.03.10 23:39:00 - [156]

Edited by: CamoMark on 10/03/2011 23:40:31
Can you Imagine the lag in Jita? The whole system would implode, and people from all around would gather in Perimeter to mourn. All of the lost ships and modules would damage the economy beyond repair for months, even years. And many people would rage quit over their lost items. Note that I am trolling. Anyway...

Almost every aspect of EVE has at least one flaw, many of which are serious, CCP has a lot of work to do to fix PVP, And then they will have to face almost every other mechanic of the game. It sounds hopeless.

Eternum Praetorian
PWNED Factor
The Seventh Day
Posted - 2011.03.12 03:10:00 - [157]

Revived Topic.

Some of these ideas were good.

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