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Jon Taggart
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.03.02 19:27:00 - [1]

Edited by: Jon Taggart on 02/03/2011 19:29:45
Good day.

I've been using the Logitech MX310 Optical Mouse for a number of years now. I liked the product so much that I purchased several to keep around in case they break.

Regrettably, I am fresh out copies, as my last one is having issues registering clicks or holding a click. I am having difficultly locating a vendor who still sells them though. Because of this, I need to locate a suitable replacement.

I am on the hunt for a simple, elegant, yet sturdy wired mouse. It doesn't need a bazillion buttons on it, as four has suited me just fine for a number of years, so if I can find one similar that would be swell. Somewhere in the price range of $20-40 would be preferable.

Any and all recommendations would be most helpful.

Thank you for your time.

Tar Xsix
Posted - 2011.03.02 19:45:00 - [2]

This one looks similar to your MX310, the buttons are in more or less the same place. It's also only 25$ CAD (will be about the same US).

Jon Taggart
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.03.02 19:49:00 - [3]

Originally by: Tar Xsix
This one looks similar to your MX310, the buttons are in more or less the same place. It's also only 25$ CAD (will be about the same US).

Good stuff. Thank you very much for the recommendation.

Applied Agoraphobia
Posted - 2011.03.02 23:15:00 - [4]


The Exploited.
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2011.03.03 06:44:00 - [5]

+1 MX518

Jan Kesler
Posted - 2011.03.03 06:59:00 - [6]

Originally by: Gabber359
+1 MX518

This, unless your hands tend to sweat.

The plastic they used to create this mouse is, forgive me, ****. If your hands sweat, more or less, the surface of the mouse will become really uncomfortable and will need a wipe every now and then.

Sidus Isaacs
Posted - 2011.03.03 09:46:00 - [7]

I have used my MX500 for almost 9 years now, its pretty decent. Mine eve has a visible red laser under it.

But I got a new G500 or something for my second laptop. It is also good.

Natasja Podinski
Posted - 2011.03.03 12:31:00 - [8]

microsoft comfort mouse 4500 holy **** 20 dollar supermouse!!

The Whitehound Corporation
Frontline Assembly Point
Posted - 2011.03.03 14:08:00 - [9]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.
A mouse for EVE players. No morals required.

Atropos Group
Posted - 2011.03.03 15:18:00 - [10]

i use that currently.

Jon Taggart
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.03.03 16:25:00 - [11]

Thanks for the recommendations guys, I really appreciate it.

Posted - 2011.03.03 16:35:00 - [12]

i'd reccomend going to best buy with a mousetrap and some cheese.

stickytape works too.

Marcus Druallis
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2011.03.03 16:53:00 - [13]

MX Anywhere Mouse. Amazing product.

Exotica Venture
Posted - 2011.03.03 20:49:00 - [14]

If you decided to splash out... try the Logitech G9 - best mouse I've ever owned.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.03.04 11:09:00 - [15]

Originally by: Sorilen
If you decided to splash out... try the Logitech G9 - best mouse I've ever owned.

This tbh.

Euphoria Released
Posted - 2011.03.04 13:38:00 - [16]

Happy user of the Razer Deathadder, good comfort and good price point tooSmile

Posted - 2011.03.04 14:17:00 - [17]

I'm still running on my Logitech M-UV98 ... well after it had some corrective surgery after it got sick Laughing
Personally, for an el cheapo, simple no fuss mouse, I'd recommend sticking to Logitechs.

The Logitech internals & mechanical functions are generally a lot more solid and better designed than the avg.
I've opened several mices over the years, and Logitechs are still my favourite.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.03.04 23:58:00 - [18]

Using a Logitech g500 here, absolutely no complaints. Tried the g9 for a short time but i couldn't really handle the slightly different shape... Guess i just got too used to the mx500 i had before the g500.

Solar Flare Trade and Production
Posted - 2011.03.05 01:27:00 - [19]

Just replaced my MX518 with a Razer Naga - its very nice indeed...

CCP Soundwave

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.03.05 03:44:00 - [20]

I've used for years. It refuses to show any wear at all, it's magnificent. This mouse has CCP Soundwaves stamp of approval. If I could marry a mouse, this would be it.

Cpl Punnishment
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2011.03.05 03:47:00 - [21]

Logitech Performance Mouse MX™ is what I been using. It Rocks!! way smooth too! It stays charged for quite a while as well.

Good Luck


Corozan Aspinall
Posted - 2011.03.05 04:34:00 - [22]

Yeah I too once got it in to my head that paying $50 for a farking mouse was somehow a good idea.

It was iirc a Microsoft Habu.

It was shyte.

I now use whatever I get free from the medical rep. They generally (suprisingly) make the pointer move around the screen and ****z.

Win. Rolling Eyes

Cygnus Zhada
Posted - 2011.03.05 10:25:00 - [23]

Joining the "MX5xx is the best mouse ever, it just works, never dies, fits very well in my hand and who needs new gimmicks anyway" crew. Had MX500, replaced with MX518 (500 wasn't dead yet nor needed replacing, I was just worried I'd never be able to find a new one later on).

Sadistic Retribution
Sadistic Empire
Posted - 2011.03.05 13:13:00 - [24]

Would recommend the Logitech MX Performance.

Also the guarantees on Logitech products is great. Recently had the MX Revolution for around 2years (used daily), one of the buttons on the left started to stop working now and then, told them and theyre now sending me the MX Performance mouse as a free replacement. And still keeping the original one.

So yeah, even if you dont get one of the ones above, would still strongly suggest Logitech from my experience.

Gavin DeVries
Posted - 2011.03.06 14:32:00 - [25]

LOVE my Logitech G500, and the G5 I had before that. Have thought about the G9, but decided not to risk it.


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