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Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.04.10 08:13:00 - [151]

Originally by: Vincent Athena
Trace log done, crash replicated, bug report submitted, came back "known issue".

Over a month ago.

yet they still say servers show nothing when it pays their bills.... er, when we sustain losses due to said glitch

Posted - 2011.04.11 09:25:00 - [152]

STILL happening as of 11/04 in the new Incursion patch. Yay! Eve for Mac remains horribly broken. Joy.

Lizzie Lefthand Marstolt
Posted - 2011.04.13 11:43:00 - [153]

Seems like latest patch fixed "CTD after jump" for me! Finally!

Vincent Athena
Posted - 2011.04.13 19:39:00 - [154]

I just tested my "CTD when doing PI" bug. Its seems to be gone as well. 1.4.2 appears to have fixed it.

Apollo Eros
Posted - 2011.04.13 20:14:00 - [155]

Wanted to add I was experiencing this issue. I ran eve repair tools and cleared cache issue is resolved.

Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2011.04.19 09:05:00 - [156]


I've had 0 (zero!) CTDs with the latest patch! And I've done a few hundred jumps in the past days.

Thanks CCP!

Posted - 2011.04.21 09:52:00 - [157]

STILL happening, though less often. Just now Eve crashed as I started to jump, and restarted itself. Weird...

Posted - 2011.05.06 18:07:00 - [158]

Amazingly the crashes to desktop seem to have nearly gone. In the past couple weeks I've only experienced one such crash which is a huge change for the better.

Here's hoping they don't come back as they have in the past. The current Mac version still lags behind the PC version in performance, but it is now fairly stable and quite usable. Please CCP, keep it that way :-)
I've been burnt in the past, but if I never have to return to Boot Camp and the PC version of Eve, I'll be a much happier player. I might even start up another account now Eve for Mac's future seems brighter... still, I'll see how the next patch goes. As I say - I've been burnt in the past by CCP.

Either way - my appreciation to the devs responsible for the recent improvements. Cheers!

Posted - 2011.05.07 08:35:00 - [159]

That said Eve for Mac just crashed to desktop as I was jumping tonight... *sigh* Well, the frequency is still down...

Posted - 2011.05.07 19:00:00 - [160]

I would be happy with a crash to desktop.

Since March, my Eve client will freeze and lock up my system, I need to power cycle with the manual button, nothing else works (key combo force quit or tab out does not work). I will freeze in station, in fleet, on gate jump, or looking at items in station. In other words, doing almost anything.

Any advice to at least avoid the manual system shut down? Is there something I am missing that prevents me from using the force quit option?

I have done a clean Eve install twice. I have cleared pref and cache on Eve in between clean installs. I have cleared system cache on my iMac, reset and repaired disk permissions. I have power cycled my router at home (fiber optic connection). I have run Eve in 'windowed' mode. I have turned off the GL function in Eve preferences, reduced graphics to low across the board. I use vent for voice, I have turned it off, I have always had Eve voice off. Yesterday I booted my iMac with the hardware test mode--nothing found broken on my system. Nothing works, and after a few months I am frustrated to the point of installing Windows 7 and using bootcamp to access the Windows Eve client.

Because eve by nature has consequences, I cannot play the game risking a system freeze when gate jumping in low sec or trying to run in a PVP fleet. I am ok with a few weeks of problems, but it has been months now.

iMac 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB 800MHZ DDR2 SDRAM with OS X 10.6.7
Nvidia Geforce 8800 GS with 512MB VRAM

A final note, I have searched the Nvidia and Apple sites for driver updates, I could not find any that are advised or in beta for my card. Apple usually includes graphics drivers updates in OS patches, but I was wondering.

Posted - 2011.05.09 11:53:00 - [161]

Sicne the latest patch Eve ctd's every 5-15 minutes. How do I run eve repair tool? Maybe this will help. I have never had issues with eve and mac's before but now I cannot play.

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