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Posted - 2011.01.20 04:00:00 - [1]

2009 Mac Pro OSX 10.6.5

Download client, made two copies. Ran through avatar creation on two of them just fine, entered game, all is well.

Tonight, ran through avatar creation on third client (only program running). Went through creation process, all good, entered game and went to windowed mode. Computer froze with both monitors flashing and most of station environment loaded.

Couldn't force-quit, alt-tab, etc, nothing. Hard-shut-down the machine (hold power button until it turns off).

Now my Mac won't start up at all.

I get startup chime, some hard drive clicks, then spinning wait icon under grey Apple logo forever.

I booted off my Snow Leopard install disc, ran disc utility, no problems. Pointed to the HD as startup disc, zapped PRAM. Mac won't startup at all, still spinning icon under grey Apple logo.

Any ideas appreciated. Should I reinstall OS?

Vint Rotach
Posted - 2011.01.20 10:48:00 - [2]

If you're techy enough, and have bits available...

I'd put in a temporary drive thats not doing anything, disconnect your regular drive and re-install the OS on that. At least that way no danger of loosing data and it'll prove if its a hardware or OS install problem.

Alternativly. Did you do 'verify disk' ? or Verify permissions? with the the disk utility. Vaguely remember they do different things.

Other options, what external devices do you have connected? USB/Firewire etc? Pull those and try again?
There is a keyboard combo on start up to clear cache (cant remember what). Or single user mode and do the fsck?

Posted - 2011.01.20 22:35:00 - [3]

Did both verify and repair disk and permissions, no avail. Ended up reinstalling Snow Leopard off the CD (and so I need to download a million updates, now), which "fixed" the issue. Man. Never had software bork my computer like this before. Hoping it was a fluke.

Thank you for your response.

Posted - 2011.01.20 22:42:00 - [4]

Between the release of apocrypha, and that of Tyrannis, i've had to re-install my mac no less than 23 times, and the only thing that permanently "fixed" it, was to buy a new mac. i hope this will not be the case for you.

Nose Todos
Posted - 2011.01.21 15:34:00 - [5]

holy cow,
this really makes me scared...
CCP please comment this!!
My MacBook Pro is 9 month old and I really don't wanna have any software on it that may can damage my system.

Posted - 2011.01.22 11:26:00 - [6]

Edited by: Elroachio on 22/01/2011 11:29:07
If your getting the grey apple loading screen etc, then I suspect your HDD at fault or theres some OS file corruption going on on the drive.

First try resetting PRAM - opt+cmd+p+r (keep all four held down as soon as you power on your machine, Keep held down while your hear your mac bong at least twice - I always go for three!);


Try Safe Boot if that fails then;

Boot from Install DVD and Verify your disk, if still no joy then;

Install from the DVD again, it'll replace the OS files but everything else (apps/personal stuff) will be intact, just make sure you reinstall the latest OSX combo update before doing anything else.

After that replace your HDD Sad

The Crimson Torrent
Posted - 2011.01.22 14:15:00 - [7]



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