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Henricus Gaufridus
Angry Spaceships
Posted - 2011.01.21 00:36:00 - [151]

Originally by: Gun Hog

All that they said was they will allow ppl to redo their characters.

Yeah, I noticed. It'd be nice if I could actually create my character's new looks.

Posted - 2011.01.21 00:46:00 - [152]

Edited by: Adrasta on 21/01/2011 00:52:17
This whole project looks like a dissertation project for a bunch of IT students in an avg. UK university.

I would be embarassed to show this level of quality to my coleagues at work. But ofc MMO's historically required minimum effort from developers since the idi... customers I mean, will eat it anyway right?

Also noting a lot of undocumented changes in the patch which is while still typical of MMO's is considered to be rude and unprofessional in all other branches of IT business.

I still love how you guys beg for money on the charcter sheet now that is possibly the best change you've done, if only because it shows what you guys hope to achieve with this game :) (a cash shop very soon right? t4 for plex right?)

Also love how the dev blog once again babbles about future support. Truly this must be a mantra which is repeated in all ccp "new feature" dev blogs. So what happened to all things such as faction warfare, cosmos missions, "more" t3 ships/modules etc etc? (the list is long and I cba to recap it all)

I really wonder. I dare not mention Tyrannis expansion because I love being a tyrant to my little circles and squares its really cool. /irony off

Aren't you guys planning to nerf mother... sorry "supercarriers" again. Make your mind up. Do you want those supercapital accounts to be active or not already. I mean its your income in the end :)

Posted - 2011.01.21 01:51:00 - [153]

I can't find this anywhere in forums so I am probbaly just doin something wrong, but when I get into creator (Low shader as high bluescreens my system) I can't sculpt anything.

Pretty sure I'm doin it right, but nothing I do seems to change any features in terms of the sculpting.

Anyone else seeing this? Does being in low shader mean no sculpting? I assume not as haven't seen the comment anywwhere.

Ava Savant
Posted - 2011.01.21 03:16:00 - [154]

the only thing that i am personally worried about is being forced to recreate a character pic i spent hours on perfecting. There will be an OPTION that can be passed as to keep the profile pic currently applied correct? if there isnt i feel that it would be an easy and nessicary thing to add for those who spent hours fine tunning thier character as i did and dont want to lose it.

Publius Valerius
Posted - 2011.01.21 03:38:00 - [155]

Originally by: Ava Savant
the only thing that i am personally worried about is being forced to recreate a character pic i spent hours on perfecting. There will be an OPTION that can be passed as to keep the profile pic currently applied correct? if there isnt i feel that it would be an easy and nessicary thing to add for those who spent hours fine tunning thier character as i did and dont want to lose it.

I hope too... but I think its easy to make for CCP.

Marcus Gillian
Posted - 2011.01.21 04:06:00 - [156]

I don't particularly care for the new character creator for the following reasons:

1. Less variations in back rounds.
2. Far less hair formats and configurations.
3. No Tattoos. This sucks!!!
4. No other accessories besides glasses? Give me a break.
5. While some of my avatars improved the majority of those remaining are a far cry from their former selves, especially my Matari characters.
6. Clothing choices REALLY suck bad!!!!
7. The parameters of facial expression are far less than before.
8. No ability to move the eye focus/direction on it's own without moving the head.

It looks to me like a half ass job. You should have delayed deployment until you got it right. You gave us less choices and ability to create.

Lux Scindere
Majesta Empire
Posted - 2011.01.21 04:13:00 - [157]

Edited by: Lux Scindere on 21/01/2011 04:17:56

+1 Idea To showing a preview of the new portraits various compressed versions when finalising.

(if possible)

@daool try toggling the video settings whilst inside the CC, worked for me might work for you.
@marcus try clicking on the pupils you can move them <o>

Lusty Wench
Posted - 2011.01.21 04:33:00 - [158]

Edited by: Lusty Wench on 21/01/2011 04:43:03
Edited by: Lusty Wench on 21/01/2011 04:41:19
Originally by: i hatechosingnames
Edited by: i hatechosingnames on 20/01/2011 11:44:56
please please please add some more weird hairstyles...

i miss my psycho gallente hair style :(

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.


Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

This is not a coincidence!
I even put up with ****ty stats for years, just so I wasnt *another* fuggin caldari.

Phelix Maxx
Posted - 2011.01.21 04:39:00 - [159]

Edited by: Phelix Maxx on 21/01/2011 04:43:28
Originally by: Marcus Gillian

8. No ability to move the eye focus/direction on it's own without moving the head.

Actually, you can. When taking the snapshot, just click on the eye and drag, they most definitely move. Wink

Originally by: Marcus Gillian

2. Far less hair formats and configurations.
3. No Tattoos. This sucks!!!
4. No other accessories besides glasses? Give me a break.
5. While some of my avatars improved the majority of those remaining are a far cry from their former selves, especially my Matari characters.
6. Clothing choices REALLY suck bad!!!!

All that, however, I do agree with, as do most it seems. I can't wait for them to add tattoos again. It's a shame that those fun things didn't happen with this update.

Also, one suggestions that hasn't been mentioned:

How about letting us pause and save a character creation session so that we can resume and finalize later? Some of us don't have that many hours in a row to devote to tweaking characters. I'd like to take my time and create the character I want, but it would be nice if we didn't have to do it all in one sitting.

Frontier Explorer's League
Posted - 2011.01.21 04:50:00 - [160]

Originally by: CCP Caedmon
Thanks for the feedback.

I can confirm that Akaylah and Razin are right. The starting point for recustomization will be your character as you left him or her.

As for the undo bar, AKA the history slider, it wasn´t quite ready to be released. We plan to get it back into the character creator soon.

I am glad to hear this. However, I would like to extend the question out a little further. When we go to recustomize our portrait, will the portrait we finished with the 1st time, be our starting point? Because I would like to be able to change something as simple as the lighting without affecting in any way my body position/facial expression etc., I had those where I wanted them, just wanna change one details.

Posted - 2011.01.21 04:51:00 - [161]

I have a couple serious issues with the new character creator.

1. The sunglass are all the exact same frame and style. Wow! All this and no originality whatsoever in regards those.
2. No tattoos! What self-respecting Minmatar has no tattoos?
3. Hair color choices were VERY limited. No decent blondes, no oddball colors either.
4. I'm very saddened that my Caldari Achura looks so damned Japanese (no offense to Japanese women, but I've never been a fan). Her old character image had only a slightly Asian cast, but nothing I did allowed me to lose the epicanthic folds on her eyes this time. Boo!
5. We spend all that time working with the body and we don't get to even see it anywhere until the possible future release of Incarna? At least give us a full-body character capture so we can remember how hawt we made them before they turned into little busts.
6. No jewelry!
7. Really AWFUL drab clothing. Can we get some in-game rewards items that allow us to change our clothes, add tattoos, piercings, wild hair styles, etc. with Incarna? Maybe have a tattoo parlor and piercing shop, along with a hairstylist or three in each station?
8. I really wanted to make ONE of my characters a fat slob. No such luck. Capsuleers could very easily become such. Missed out on an opportunity there.
I could go on. Overall, I liked the experience of the actual editor, and we definately have some nice options. But it seems we lost a lot as well (like a purple hood for one of my guys? gone, no chance of that.)

Andreus Ixiris
Mixed Metaphor
Posted - 2011.01.21 05:15:00 - [162]

If you're updating at the weekend, CCP:

Please remove the race-lock on clothing and hairstyles. Let every race and bloodline have access to every hairstyle and piece of clothing.

Please, CCP. I and countless other players have been trying for three days now to get any kind of response from you about this. We just want an answer.

Posted - 2011.01.21 05:18:00 - [163]

Originally by: Gloredon

2. No tattoos! What self-respecting Minmatar has no tattoos?

"A Minmatar without his markings is not considered a Minmatar at all. Such a one would be as alien to the Minmatar as a universe without God would be to the Amarr." - Chronicles

Ironically this chornicle was released about the same time they said tattoo's wheren't gonna be in the first iteration Razz

The Initiative.
Posted - 2011.01.21 05:34:00 - [164]

Edited by: LeJen on 21/01/2011 06:28:20
-------:My Positive & Negative Thoughts About The New Character Creator:-------

Awesome. You guys have clearly put a lot of effort and it has certainly paid off.

I feel more attached to my character now, and I can't wait until I can see the fully realized version in later versions.

Very Intuitive! Without even clicking on the Question Mark for help I was able to manipulate the character without ever feeling confused.

Noticeable improvement in performance.

Although the clothing style felt like different variations of the same 4-5 templates, I think it was good to start out with.

For female models, there is an unmistakable Asian appearance I couldn't change very easily, no matter what I did.

Great Job on the hair. I'm loving how it falls around the character, especially for the female models.

The Braided hair style is masterfully done in my opinion. The best I've seen in a game, and certainly not of a quality I would expect from a game where most players spend their time looking at ships rather than actual faces or portraits.

For my particular race, bloodline, and gender of my Main character, (Minmatar, Vherokior, Female), I was really disappointed in the lack of a sufficiently dark complexion for the skin. It felt more like I was tuning the light settings rather than changing the complexion, and at the darkest settings it merely looked as if I just left the beach with a modest tan.

Even when I first created this character four years, I was still put off by the lack of darker choices; and now this new release adds salt onto the wound. Perhaps it has something to do with my chosen bloodline why only with my selection are those darker complexions absent. If this is the case, I seriously regret my bloodline choice today.

I believe a darker complexion, should be available for all bloodlines and even all other races, too.Please address this issue.

Thank You developers for all your hard work. I hope at least one of you sees, reads, and understands my thoughts & suggestions and considers them for implementation in some future release.

Posted - 2011.01.21 06:06:00 - [165]

Originally by: skye orionis
Confirmation Image needs to be larger - use the 512 pixel version, the avatar on my client appears with her eyes closed, but this was impossible to see in the snapshots.

Me too, I want a chance to redo it without paying >_< I spent an hour on it and now it looks like trash

Posted - 2011.01.21 06:08:00 - [166]

I want to be able to adjust mine again without paying, the closed eyes thing has ruined my entire portrait

Val Kaleth
Kippered Snacks
Posted - 2011.01.21 06:18:00 - [167]

The blog lies, all it asked me was SAVE yes or no, no example picture, and now my avatar sucks.

Rhok Relztem
CGMA Synergist Syndicate
Posted - 2011.01.21 06:44:00 - [168]

Originally by: Kalya Varr
Edited by: Kalya Varr on 20/01/2011 08:19:51
Edited by: Kalya Varr on 20/01/2011 08:18:52
Originally by: Wenzl
Originally by: Euphoriiia
Perhaps before you do this, you should make sure everyone can get into the creator? I still get stuck at 'entering character creator'...

Totally agree!! All this sounds really interesting, but I have no idea what everyone is talking about, because I too would like to create my character BUT CAN'T while I keep getting stuck at '"entering character creator". Somebody fix this please!

My pc still crashes in the character creator, on SiSi worked just fine.

and before someone starts about shaders, my vid card supports to 4.0

Originally by: Aetius Aurellius
Originally by: Henricus Gaufridus
Originally by: Gun Hog
When I try to use the creator, EVE just hangs and if left alone too long, crashes my computer :(

Am I screwed when the grace period ends?

No idea, seems like CCP is paying more attention to fixing the actual gameplay stuff first. I have no idea if they're bothering with the character creator issues currently (or ever) because it affects a small minority of players (ie myself). It WOULD be nice, however, for CCP to acknowledge that there is an issue on their end on this. I don't see anything on the latest patch notes in regards to char creator issues.

Have you tried ****ing around with your graphics settings, and does your CPU meet minimum requirements (ie is it SSE2 capable)? Some people have managed to wiggle their way through the char creator by repeatedly playing with shader and texture levels... but it's not doing the trick for me on either of my machines.

I moved all my settings to the lowest settings possible, with the same result...just hanging with the progress bar, everything else blank. Left it that way for 15 minutes, to no result.Rolling Eyes

Originally by: Gray Phantom
Originally by: qou vadis
Hi i noticed there were a couple of posts on the the enter char selection screen "hanging" i had this problem to start with but got round it by pressing esc key till settings window opens then clicking a few tabs along the top row ,and hey presto the char creator kicks in and u can get on and design your new toon Laughing

I had the same problem and fix on one of my computers!

This is ridiculous. There are still a LOT of players, myself included, who still cannot access the Character Creation, all with the same symptoms, yet CCP has not so much as acknowledged that there is a problem. My system meets the requirements to run EVE but without the new character portrait, sometime within the next few weeks, I, along with MANY others, won't be able to play because of this bug.

I've tried all of the 'remedies' and suggestions posted by others throughout the forums but none has worked for me. I've tried changing bios settings, graphics setting in my system and in the EVE settings; I've logged in with all of my system defenses disabled; I've let the hung progress bar on the black screen just sit there for over half-an-hour thinking maybe it was just REALLY slow loading; I've tried using esc and messing with the settings window; I've tried full-screen and various windowed settings and resolutions... I'm stuck. Many others are stuck. CCP has said absolutely NOTHING about this issue and apparently doesn't give a rat's a*s about this problem or about those of us who are experiencing it. WTF CCP? How about throwing us a piece of cheese and at least tell us that this issue isn't being worked on currently. Then we can at least move on to a game that actually works on our systems.

Kippered Snacks
Posted - 2011.01.21 07:02:00 - [169]

they should allow unlimited changes to portraits until the system works right.

harry varmint
Posted - 2011.01.21 08:37:00 - [170]

Yeah ,ccp ,implement all the forementioned changes,then perhaps only 0.3% of your subscribers would be able to run the client.

Makaio Gentilis
Queens of the Stone Age
Posted - 2011.01.21 11:44:00 - [171]

I'm still mad that my backdoor brutor can't have all that shiny make-up anymore. Why weren't these "signature" elements of the old portraits ported into the new system?

Posted - 2011.01.21 12:20:00 - [172]

Can I make a suggestion?

Include the picture sizes of the forum and in game local etc during creation. Quite often the image does not look at all what you expect it to when it is shrank down.

Annesta Khardula
Posted - 2011.01.21 12:49:00 - [173]

Since we have had a look at how our characters animate and we designed these characters from the head to the toes (even though only a bust is featured in the portrait), any plans on WiS being released soon thereafter?

i hatechosingnames
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.01.21 13:18:00 - [174]

BTW what happened to the option of changing the colour of underwear...

that even got a funny message in the original dev blog about the character creator...

Posted - 2011.01.21 13:22:00 - [175]

Edited by: Pingu on 21/01/2011 13:24:23
Edited by: Pingu on 21/01/2011 13:22:47
Real comment: more options needed.

Microtransactions? First poster looking for plex-for-*****-enhancement vanity add on x2.

(compensation effect for small **** irl ofc, tick

Megan Ryder
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2011.01.21 13:56:00 - [176]

I'm hoping that by then someone in the eve universe will invent hair dye as I was very disappointed in the choice of hair colour available.

Is there any reason why the colour palette was so small? I can understand limiting skin colour, though a greyish blue would have been nice for old chars, but why the limit on hair colour?

HUN Reloaded
Posted - 2011.01.21 13:57:00 - [177]

Absolutely non essential, pointless and ridiculus waste of assets, both of ccp dev workhours and user's hardware for handling it...
This game is everything else but changing clothes on one's avatar. There are bigger and way more important issues than this..


Posted - 2011.01.21 14:33:00 - [178]

Originally by: Annesta Khardula
any plans on WiS being released soon thereafter?

Lets hope not. What a waste of programming time that is and since its the student committee... oh wait sorry CCP I mean... releasing it, it is going to be ****e. As is everything they have done since apocrypha :)

Marcus JuniusBrutus
Posted - 2011.01.21 15:04:00 - [179]

Are all male Amarr supposed to have a hood? Although I did not add one, I am stuck with one for some reason and even the character re-editor patch only allows 1 of 3 options for me;

1. flesh coloured hood not up
2. all black face hood 2/3rds covered, no eyes and flesh coloured stripe at back of hood
3. all black face 50% hood covered, eyes visible, same flesh coloured stripe

Can we have a 4th option please - i.e. no hood at all.

Many thanks.

Evil piemaker
Posted - 2011.01.21 15:14:00 - [180]

Edited by: Evil piemaker on 21/01/2011 15:15:48
All these whine posts towards CCP reminds me why IT "support" is so much "fun". When people run out of things to whine about in game, they'll whine about having nothing to whine about ... You should just take a step back listen to yourselves ffs.

@ Adrasta: Why are you still here if everything since Apocrypha is ****e?

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