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Mistress Feanor
Posted - 2011.01.13 16:33:00 - [1]

As the title says i am for auction , Skills

- Can fly JF and Phoenix (JDC4)
- Can fly tengu ( offensive/def lvl 5 , rest 4) also good missile skills and support skills
- can also fly hulk and orca if u suddently decide u wanna mine or do some indy stuff
- +3 implants and 2 JC`s scattered around
- positive wallet
- -0.03 sec status but that shouldn't be a problem , will be delivered in empire
- will be in NPC corp soon
- i receive isk and sale will follow all rules stated by ccp

Starting Bid : 6 B
Buyout : 8B
First person who buyouts gets the toon
Auction closes on 17 January at downtime, or whenever i get a buyout or a bid that i like. Reserving rights to cancel auction at any time.
Post offers here please since i am not pretty active ingame with this character.
Any questions, email or post here
Let's see some bids!!

Jasmin Soulscream
Posted - 2011.01.13 19:07:00 - [2]

7 bil b/o

Living Zombie
Posted - 2011.01.14 06:14:00 - [3]

8b b/o

Mistress Feanor
Posted - 2011.01.14 09:38:00 - [4]

i'm at work now, will check post and complete auction later today when i get home.

Mistress Feanor
Posted - 2011.01.14 15:17:00 - [5]

online now , ready to receive account name for transfer

Mistress Feanor
Posted - 2011.01.14 15:44:00 - [6]

isk and account name received, toon transfered
Transaction Succeeded

Posted - 2011.01.14 15:45:00 - [7]

how do i know it has been transfer?

Mistress Feanor
Posted - 2011.01.14 15:56:00 - [8]

you should have received email from ccp on the email u used for that account, i think

Posted - 2011.01.14 16:40:00 - [9]

i havent received an email yet.

Posted - 2011.01.14 19:12:00 - [10]

everything is good. character is going to be in my account in 6 hrs 25 mins. thanks.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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