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Rhen Ayase
Ma'asei Merkabah
Posted - 2011.01.12 23:15:00 - [1]

Edited by: Rhen Ayase on 12/01/2011 23:22:47
So about me: i had a break from eve for half a year (a little after the patch with PI) and now i rejoined, my old corp is kinda dead (because they all stopped playing eve in the last year to half a year ago too).

i have 50 mil sp, mostly jack of all trades:
* ability to fly an amarr freighter
* can use any t1 non capital ship, also all amarr t2 ships except battleships
* t2 cruise missiles (ye olde stealth bomber), torpedos (ye new stealth bomber), autocannons (machariel) and all medium lasers (zealot, absolution)
* i have fleet command and an armored warfare mindlink (armore warfare specalist 5) also can i use legion or damnation for getting most out of it. all other warfare spec skills are at 3 (the passive ones at 5 of course)
* covops skill at 5, also cyno skills, astrometrics and torpedo skills, for any use.
* i have industry and science skills to be able to produce t2 ships (made most of my money with zealots). scrap metal and ore refining skills, and also some mining (not exhumers though)

things about me, or what i am looking for:
* for rp reasons a corp should be pro amarr, or at least not pro minmatar/gallente. my standing from carebearing also make me unable to use those highsecs ;)
* one of my goals that would be neat would be to grind rep with the angel cartell, allthough i have not much idea about 0.0 and pvp, one reason i would need a proper corp.
* i prefer to fly in squads or fleets (one reason i skilled up leadership that much), so dont expect me to grind my way up alone, i get bored pretty fast than (just a corp channel doesnt make a difference to actually flying togather)
* i dont have a mic, but i can join ventrilo or ts3. but i am not perfect with listening to english, so clear commands are better (but then again, i can write and read fine, i guess)
* i am most of the time accessible with msn or xfire for quick ops (except than i am sleeping, also sometimes i am distracted with rl and would need up to an hour response time, but i guess thats normal :p)
* i only have one account and even dont play any alts on that one (even in other mmos i focus on just one char) except for a jita alt for price checks between jita and amarr

i dont have problems with piracy, 0.0 or lowsec... still i would prefer highsec, i am not that great of an active pvper (another reason for my leadership skills: start warfarelinks, boost my team and survive), also i wont do anything alone in 0.0/lowsec, so if a corp offers me that they should be very active too (including enough ops so i can buy plexes once a month).

if a corp is interested, please contact me preferable with evemail or xfire:rhenaya

Tribuo Quod Victum
Independent Faction
Posted - 2011.01.13 01:44:00 - [2]


Aodha Khan
Posted - 2011.01.13 09:07:00 - [3]

Check out our recruitment post and get in contact if interested.

MM Recruitment

William J
Posted - 2011.01.13 11:31:00 - [4]

Hi there pilot o/

I might have an interesting offer for you:

Virtual Empire Vanguard

Plz check us out and hopin our public channel VIV Lounge for more info.

Virtual Vanguard...great corps great chances!!

hope to see you soon in game for a chat.

William J


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