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Orb Lati
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.01.12 23:49:00 - [121]

Visually the new layout looks like its full of wasted space and oversized components.

Tres Farmer
Gallente Federation Intelligence Service
Posted - 2011.01.12 23:50:00 - [122]

Edited by: Tres Farmer on 13/01/2011 00:03:20
Originally by: CCP Alice
Unfortunately, I don't have any news or details for Assembly Hall and Feature and Ideas Subforums. Definitely open to hearing what you guys have to say or ideas for features you'd find useful though..

I'd go for a separate thread about those issues as the stuff that's being discussed here (like/dislike function, identity revealing via 'share' function) are more important than this.. imho.
edit: let me rephrase that, not more important, but timely they need a faster recognition and discussion. As by your own words you don't have anything special abut AH/FI in the book by now, so nothing will make it until the roll out anyway, so you might as well take some more time for crowd-sourcing/brainstorming and get better feedback on the matter.

So please give us a separate thread on the matter.. probably best placed in either F&I or AH themselves as sticky.

Marlona Sky
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.01.12 23:51:00 - [123]

Will there be a version that is easy on smart phones like the Androids and dumb phones like the iPhone?

Shoo Dae
Posted - 2011.01.13 02:38:00 - [124]

Edited by: Shoo Dae on 13/01/2011 02:38:38
I'd like to add my voice to the call for compatibility for mobile phone browsing. I do most of my forum reading on my Android phone via (yay Chribba!) It re-sizes well enough to make the experience bearable. The new forums need to do this... and degrade appropriately for similar devices such as netbooks and iPads.

Posted - 2011.01.13 03:32:00 - [125]

Originally by: CCP Fallout
Originally by: ArchenTheGreat
Please revise your censoring code. So I can write "**** Tracy sat in a cockpit of his ship and sip his niggardly cocktail" whithout any tricks. I can understand (for some extent) censoring **** or ***** or ****.

Maybe you should make your game 18+. It would not affect your sales in any way. Parents don't control what their children play nowadays. They all expect government/corporations to do parenting.

You have game with slavery, mass murders, narcotics. Is swear word really such a deal?

You can always petition and ask for words to be white listed, like cockpit and niggardly :)


Also, hoping new forums won't be crippled with lots of ****** ass **** like java/flash to cripple the simple act of reading and posting text for ****'s sake.

Far Ranger
Posted - 2011.01.13 03:35:00 - [126]

Improvement is always welcome. Some questions:
  • Will forum threads have permanent URLs?

  • Will new forum threads have identifiable threadIDs like current forum threads? (e.g., this one being threadID=1447090).

  • Will the new threadIDs collide with existing threadIDs?

  • Will those people who prefer larger typefaces be able to enlarge the text on the forum pages without simply enlarging the whole page? The sample images show small text.

  • It will still have the settings, but will the new forum actually save my choices for "view images" and "view signatures" from one session to the next? The old one certainly doesn't.

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
Posted - 2011.01.13 03:52:00 - [127]

Edited by: Nova Fox on 13/01/2011 04:29:38
Bullet Time! hope you picked the blue pill.

Format Options preserved? (ie color text)?
New post formatting options? (ie more colors)
New Post length?
New Repost Timer?
New Signature size by text?
New Signature size image?
Quick Linking to wikipedia option?
Linking to Myeve?
Sort posts by when created vs most recent reply? (useful in information portal)
Setting the number of threads seen per page?
Setting the number of posts seen per page?
How hard would it be for a person to make and reserve 20 or so posts for a very very long idea?

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.01.13 03:53:00 - [128]

So far, the main social feature I miss is my custom buddies list.

That was useful for seeing whether pve, or blops, or enemies or commercial groups were on. I don't rank people 1-10. Corps and people with pos/hangars do that. If you could re-implement custom groups/folders in spacebook, it would be almost half as useful.

Caldari 5
The Element Syndicate
Blazing Angels Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.13 06:37:00 - [129]

If you are going to have "Like" you need "Dislike"/"Hate"

Which is better a post with 100 Likes or 150 Likes, hard to tell until you find out the first one had 2 dislikes and the second 1000 dislikes.

Denny Haze
Bad Wolf Project
Posted - 2011.01.13 06:58:00 - [130]

Can I change my name to Mr. Regular?

Cyaxares II
Posted - 2011.01.13 07:21:00 - [131]

can we have a "jump to next dev post in thread" button?

Tiger's Spirit
Posted - 2011.01.13 07:31:00 - [132]

So, the old forum on will end ?

The Resistance Movement
Posted - 2011.01.13 08:18:00 - [133]

Edited by: Davelantor on 13/01/2011 08:21:39
Awesome :D

would be better with
For FID and As. Hall
+Not support

And maybe
+An other cloak whiner

options other than just "like"

The Circle
White Noise.
Posted - 2011.01.13 09:00:00 - [134]

CCP Alice, at least you could try to hide you goonswarm affiliation in your words ... seriously..

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2011.01.13 09:22:00 - [135]


But 'Like' and 'Unlike' ? Eeeeeewwwwww, is that even English ? Mad

Use 'Love' and 'Hate' please !

Or if that makes too many people cry use 'Dislike'.

'Unlike' is like something out of 1984 newspeak.

It crimethink doubleplus ungood !!! Evil or Very Mad

Btw...the CAD Forums have a nicely working rep system...might want to 'borrow' from there *nudge* *wink*

Posted - 2011.01.13 09:58:00 - [136]

Originally by: 1Of9
CCP Alice, at least you could try to hide you goonswarm affiliation in your words ... seriously..

hey look a tool



keep in COAD

CCP Karuck

Posted - 2011.01.13 11:11:00 - [137]

Originally by: dungabee

Now my question is when will CCP make EveGate as secure as the main Eve website? When I login to, it asks me a security question such as "type in the name of one of your characters". In EveGate you can login with the same details and see the answer to that very question.
This security question is completely redundant while EveGate doesn't have it.

Glad you asked :) Yes, Eve Gate v1.1 does indeed do this.

Posted - 2011.01.13 11:17:00 - [138]

i sometimes type the name of my character and it says its incorrect eventho im sure its right.

its kinda annoying.

on topic the new forums look rather cool. i might actualy use the search function now ^^

Captain DJack
Posted - 2011.01.13 11:41:00 - [139]

Looking good but please get rid of the "Like" crud. Pleasseee.

Tactical Knightmare
Posted - 2011.01.13 11:54:00 - [140]

Originally by: Captain DJack
Looking good but please get rid of the "Like" crud. Pleasseee.

They should add a dislke buttno.. and have the system work like sec status...

you can get trolled without DEV intervention if you are -10


Hel O'Ween
Men On A Mission
EVE Trade Consortium
Posted - 2011.01.13 12:28:00 - [141]

Originally by: Mashie Saldana
Will you update the rules for forum signatures, the old 24000byte limit was good back in 2003 when some people actually used dialup. Well we are now in 2011 so making that limit 3-4x bigger so we can fit transparent PNG files would be awesome. Keep the pixel limit as it is though.

And please don't forget the option to disable this nonsense.

I can't count how many hours of my life have been wasted while I was waiting for a forum's page to load, where everybody and his dog placed gigantic animated GIFs, hosted at some obscure file sharing site, in the signature.

Posted - 2011.01.13 12:45:00 - [142]

Looks like it'll be grand

Echo Mande
Posted - 2011.01.13 14:20:00 - [143]

Edited by: Echo Mande on 13/01/2011 14:30:14
Edited by: Echo Mande on 13/01/2011 14:26:46
Edited by: Echo Mande on 13/01/2011 14:23:16
Will it be possible to set personal defaults so that, for instance, we could see 100 posts per screen instead of 20?
Are multiple skins (including a 'minimalist' and a 'wide screen' one) available? The layouts that are seem a bit 'hollywood' (big buttons and text, little information).

Rhok Relztem
CGMA Synergist Syndicate
Posted - 2011.01.13 14:55:00 - [144]

The new forums look awesome but I do have a few suggestions (many of which have already been mentioned)...

  • Along with the Like button there should be a Dislike button. Same in Assembly Hall & Jita - Supported/Not Supported.

  • Colored text.

  • Options to set number of threads/posts shown per page.

  • In the editor - a text size option.

  • In the user settings - a text size option.

  • An option to set the shown date/time to your region as well as set it to military time or 12-hour time.

  • Longer character limit for posts.

  • An option to receive emails when a reply is posted to the thread and a time interval for those emails - i.e. immediately, once per hour, once per day, etc.

  • More Smilies - there are thousands of them out there, some really good ones, but don't just add some for the sake of adding some. Be selective and add some of the best.

That's all that I can think of atm but I would like to add... HOORAY FOR NO MORE TIMEOUTS!!!!! Very Happy (This is a perfect example for the need for more Smilies - there are dozens of them out there that would illustrate that Hooray much better.)

Posted - 2011.01.13 15:36:00 - [145]

Looks good!
So my question is...
How about subforums for other languages, such as German and Russian ?
Will such subforums?

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.01.13 16:06:00 - [146]

Oh my! Favourites, CCP? Wooohooh I love you!
I'm the kinda guy that frequents a lot of not so popular topics on popular sections (like recruitment). This will make it so much easier to know if there have been replies to threads buried way back on page something, that I otherwise would never see... especially if I get randomly logged out again or had forgotten about them. Thank you!

You guys are really at the cutting edge of forum IT. Wink

Tactical Knightmare
Posted - 2011.01.13 16:23:00 - [147]

Edited by: Skippermonkey on 13/01/2011 16:23:44


Association of Commonwealth Enterprises
Posted - 2011.01.13 16:46:00 - [148]

Originally by: Skippermonkey

My guess? Lucas gave them a call. Amusing since we've had an Ewok system in game forever.

Cecilia McMinerton
Posted - 2011.01.13 19:15:00 - [149]

I'd like to see a worm hole topic in the new setup. Disregard if done

Hirana Yoshida
Behavioral Affront
Posted - 2011.01.13 19:32:00 - [150]

"Lol" at changing images - guess legal didn't appreciate the workload pilfering images from outside the IP would give them Very Happy

So Eve Gate was an complete failure with very few actually using it after the buzz went away. Is this a way to hopefully make is useful again and thus justify the ridiculous reason for making it the default page in the in-game browser.

PS: Please add ability to block/ignore individuals, too many spammers around that add little of value and moderation can't solve it as they are not technically breaking any rules.

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