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Posted - 2011.01.07 15:28:00 - [1]

does anyone know a good fit for a dominix running lvl 4 missions solo

The Black Ops
Posted - 2011.01.07 15:56:00 - [2]

Either you're trolling or you haven't looked further than your nose is long...
Try or

K-H Light Industries
Posted - 2011.01.07 15:56:00 - [3]

This is what I use:

5x 350mm Rail II's with various ammos for range
1x Drone Link for 77km drone range

3x Cap Recharger II's
2x Omni Directional for Sentry Drones

1x Imperial Navy LAR
3-4x Hardners depending on the mission
1x DCUII of Magstab II depending on the mission
1x Cap Power Relay II

1x Sentry Drone Damage Augmention I
2x Aux Nano Pumps

5x Sentry Drones
5x Medium Drones
5x Light Drones that are all mission specific plus a flight of Grade II's at all times.

It can tank pretty much any L4 mission and if I don't use the guns it is cap stable with just drones. If I use the guns I get more DPS, but also feather the LAR as needed. Can tank almost 1k DPS if you go max tank for Guri/Sansha missions and can pump out close to 600 DPS or more if you add mag stabs instead of hardners and what not. Have been using it for damn near a year with no changes.

Zhilia Mann
Tide Way Out Productions
Posted - 2011.01.08 01:04:00 - [4]

Posted - 2011.01.08 01:13:00 - [5]

That's pretty much the way to go unless you want to be afk while running them. There's still some room for improvement, once you get comfortable with the playingstyle, such as adding some omnidirectional tracking links and going dual sentry damage augmentors.


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